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My Trim Health Mama Experience: For the Crazy-Fit People

So, you may have heard about this new “diet” called Trim Healthy Mama. I’ve had two separate experiences with this eating plan, one was fairly unsuccessful and the other has definitely shown promise! So, lets start at the beginning. The … Continue reading

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No Stress Allowed

I just wanted to do a “traditional” type of blog today. Talk about my thoughts on life and reflect on things I’ve learned. It’s funny, something really hit me today. Stress is bad! Yeah, we all know stress is bad, … Continue reading

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Whole Grains: Your Friends!

Eating whole foods has become a little bit of a fad lately, which is good and bad. The good is that whole foods are GOOD for you, the bad is that everything that claims to be a whole food may … Continue reading

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You Are Not Fat

You are not fat. I will say it again, YOU ARE NOT FAT! Sure, you might have a big dress size, but you are not fat. Do you believe me? I’ve been doing strength training lately and I caught a … Continue reading

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Don’t Diet

Don’t diet! You can go off a diet, you can “cheat” on a diet, dieting is not the answer. Everyone talks about a lifestyle change, which is part of the answer, but the idea tends to be nebulous, what exactly … Continue reading

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