Whole Grains: Your Friends!

Eating whole foods has become a little bit of a fad lately, which is good and bad. The good is that whole foods are GOOD for you, the bad is that everything that claims to be a whole food may not be.

Take whole grains for example. Yes, there are a lot of cereals that claim to be whole grain cereal, and for the most part they are, but does that mean they’re good for you? No. Lucky Charms and Trix are labeled as “whole grain” and they are filled with sugar and a bunch of other garbage your body doesn’t been. Kashi sells some pretty good whole grain cereal, but you really have to read the ingredients list, don’t just depend on the label “whole grain” meaning “good for losing weight.” The idea behind eating whole foods is to eat food that way God made it, not enriched or stripped of anything.

Then we have whole wheat pasta. Sounds good, right? Personally, I prefer whole wheat pasta over the other stuff. But not all “whole wheat” pasta is whole wheat. You really have to read the ingredients in the label to see if your pasta is truly whole wheat. If it says anything besides “whole grain wheat” then chances are it is a blend. Also, beware of the word “enriched.”

Again we have the same problem with bread. So much bread is made with a whole wheat blend that is half whole wheat and half enriched white flour (enriched white flour IS NOT a whole grain. It is a grain that all of the nutrients were stripped out and they left all of the fattener behind). Read the label! Read the ingredients!

So, what you can take from this blog? Don’t trust labels, trust the ingredients list. Starting to adapt a whole foods diet is a great way to live, your body will thank you for it. It’s eating foods as close to the way God made them, and that’s a good thing!

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  1. Audry says:

    OR, better yet, eat things that don’t have ingredients lists!

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