Bowflex Selecttech Review

I’ve been doing a pretty intense weight lifting program for the last month. Luckily, for my birthday I received a pair of Selecttech weights! I’ve used them for a while now so it’s review time!

First thing to understand about the weight is they are NOT cheap. In fact, they are the opposite of cheap, they’re quite expensive. However, they do replace several weights, so when you consider how much you’re getting they do have good value, especially if you are looking to weight train. They are VERY heavy, I got the ones they go up to 50 lbs, so each one totaled weighs over 50 lbs. But the advantage to these weights are you can “dial” the weight you want to use and when you lift the weight out of it’s holder it is what you dialed. On mine the lightest is 5 lbs, but I can do 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, etc. This is great for me because I’m just starting out with weight training and the lower amounts go up in 2.5 lbs increments, so there I will be less likely to over-strain my my muscles and cause injury.

So, the question is, are they durable? Well, the weight say “Don’t Drop” right on them. I haven’t dropped them and I haven’t had any problems. I have set them down a little harder than I would have liked to, but they still look fabulous and I don’t have any problems with them. They still dial the weights in just fine.

So, do you need Selecttechs to do weight training? No, free weights will work just fine. However, if you are SERIOUS, and I mean SERIOUSLY SERIOUS about weight training, this is something you should consider getting. Not only are they a good value for what you get, but they are also an amazing SPACE SAVER.

I was very serious about my weight training when I started, and I still am serious. Weight training is a routine that I am adding to my exercise and I plan on doing it for life. Not only does muscle burn fat, but it has been shown that lifting weights increase bone density. Plus, muscle just looks nice, and nothing feels quite as good as doing a bicep curl at 20 lbs! Oh yeah, I can also pick my husband up, that is kinda fun too!

One last note. Ladies, don’t you be afraid that you will “bulk up” when lifting weights. The ladies that “bulk up” lifting weights do so on purpose, and have to follow a specific training and eating plan, they didn’t get that way by accident.

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