Turbo Fire Review

For anyone who came to the 2012 Skinny 4 Jesus Bible study or has followed me on Facebook you know that around 90 days ago I started doing an exercise program called Turbo Fire. I promised you I was going to let you know all about it, so here is the info!

First, Turbo Fire has a lot of kickboxing style to it, which I loved. It also has HIIT training. Yes, I spelled that right, HIIT. It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Basically those workouts are shorter and for about 1 minute you work as hard as you can and then you get the rest for one minute. I absolutely loved those work out because you GET TO REST. They actually have a set time for you to get a drink of water and wipe the sweat off of your glasses. Plus you only have to go as hard as you can for 1 minute, even I (not being in the best shape) could give 1 minute (of course after you rest you do it again)! There are also longer cardio video which are very kickboxing-like, and very enjoyable. One of the things that is AWESOME about this program is the music. The music drives you harder than you would have gone otherwise.

One odd note. I am a musician and singer/songwriter (for those of you who didn’t know) and I respect how music and lyrics effects you mind and body. There is one song which is so catchy is sticks in your mind all day. One problem, the lyrics aren’t exactly what I would call glorifying God. So, being the lyricist I am, I rewrote it. The lyrics were “I’m a bad girl, break my like the law” which I changed to “I’m a good girl, working for the Lord.” I know, I’m bizarre, but I refuse to call myself a bad girl. It’s Skinny 4 Jesus 101: You are what you say you are (AKA Week 3 in the Bible study).

There is also strength training with resistance bands as well as a core workout and a yoga workout. I will be honest and say I hated the yoga workout but I did it anyway. I may have hated the workout, but my body loved it, and the body gets what the body wants.

In my opinion this workout would be great for people who:

  • Get bored with exercise easily (I can raise my hand for that one)
  • Has hit a cardio plateau
  • Is serious about getting into shape FAST
  • From moderate to advanced exercise levels
  • Interested in boxing or martial arts
  • Are tired of feeling weak (nothing makes you feel strong than a jab, a cross and a roundhouse!)
  • Want to incorporate consistent exercise into their lifestyle

With that said, this workout is horrible for people who:

  • Have serious, limiting shoulder injuries (there is A LOT of shoulder work)
  • Make excuses
  • Don’t want to work hard
  • Don’t want to change their daily life and thought processes (you won’t be able to finish the 90 challenge without changing you life and your thoughts!)

I will answer the question right now because I know it will come up. What about people with bad knees? If you follow her instructions you shouldn’t have a problem. The trainer, Chalene Johnson, is very considerate about people’s knees and instructs you on proper form for keeping your knees healthy.

Also, don’t be too afraid that you aren’t fit enough to do this program. You can moderate the exercises as you need too so you don’t have to do the jumping, jumping jax and burpees the way you are accustomed to. There is even someone to follow if you want to modify any of the moves. Obviously you have to be in shape enough to move around but so many times we think that in order to do fitness programs we have to be fit first… but doing exercise programs is how we get fit.

So, what are my final thoughts? God used this program to help my immensely! Every morning I would wake up and pray that God would pull me through, and He did. He used it to build my faith, further understand what it means to be adopted as Sons, and much more. I can remember the trainer said at one point when you’re punching to get angry (the trainer is great, this is probably the only negative thing she said during all the workouts), so I got angry. It was the next day when I was doing the workout and getting angry while pretending I was punching the devil I felt God speak and say “Are you doing this because you hate him, or because you love Me?” I answered “Because I love you.” God’s reply “Then why are you letting hate for him motivate you instead of love for Me?” That led me down an interesting journey and I ended up writing a play called “The Greatest Power” to help other understand why love is more powerful than hate. In other words, God taught me a lot in this workout!

If anyone is interested in the program, feel free to contact me. I enjoyed it so much I became a Beachbody coach so I could help guide people through the same process that God guided me through! Just make sure you contact me first because if you order it off the website I have no control over who is assigned as your coach! I’m not sure what my next Blog will be about, feel free to leave me suggestions!

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