Ditch the Scale: 6 ways to measure your progress that doesn’t involve your weight

Focus is important. Think about archery, you will only hit what you’re aiming at, so what you’re aiming at is extremely important! If you’re looking to get healthier there are a lot of ways to measure your progress, and the scale is only one of many ways to see how you’ve progressed, and honestly It isn’t even the best resource. Being healthy is a lifelong journey, and even if you have weight you want to lose eventually you’ll lose any extra weight and if the scale going down is the only thing motivating you then you’ll have a big problem! Not to mention a scale obsession can easily lead to cutting out too many foods and eating too few calories because you “need” to see that number on the scale, and in the end all you’ll end up doing is hurting your body. That’s not healthy!  Then sometimes you’ll be losing weight and then all of a sudden your body decides it needs to rest and recharge, you stop losing weight and pretty soon you find you’ve gained everything back all because the evil little scale didn’t say what you wanted it to.


So, focus is important! Focus on being healthy! If you have extra weight, if you focus on getting healthy and stronger the weight will eventually take care of itself. Scale obsession doesn’t lead anywhere good!


Here are 6 ways to measure your progress you may not have thought about!


  1. What do your meals look like compared to a few months ago?

Seriously, this one is huge! If two months ago you were eating sugary cereals for breakfast but today you are eating healthier options, that is a huge measure of success! Refined carbohydrates are not a healthy breakfast options, but if you’ve moved from that to eating oatmeal with blueberries, or eggs and bacon in a wrap, you’ve definitely made some great steps in the right direction!

2.Do you spend most of your time shopping the perimeter of the store?

It’s not a secret any longer, shopping the perimeter of the store is much healthier. In the perimeter there fresh fruits and veggies, dairy and meats. The center aisles are mostly filled with sugary sodas, cookies, cakes, and a variety of other not-so-good-for-you foods. If most of your food is coming from the perimeter of the store you have made tremendous progress!

3.Do you feel more energetic?

A lot of the time people want to get healthier so they’ll have more energy, so why focus on the number on the scale when in reality energy is what you’re looking for? That’s crazy! How are you feeling? If you’re having great success with the first two ways to measure your success you are probably feeling great! Refined sugar may feel like an energy boost, but in reality it slows us down and steals our energy, if you’ve cut done just on refined sugar alone you’re probably feeling very energetic! Having more energy is a great sign of improved health!

4.How do your clothes feel?

If you’re exercising and weight lifting this is a huge one.  The scale may not budge but if you’re clothes are fitting better you are definitely losing fat even if you are not losing weight. Keep in mind weight training will help you build muscle, and for a lot of people during a period of time they will lose weight at the same rate they gain muscle, the scale shows no difference but in reality there has been a HUGE difference!

5. Is it easier to say “no” to junk food?

Don’t underestimate this one, if it is easier to say “no” to junk food your mind has truly started to think differently and you are appreciating the all of the benefits of your new, healthy lifestyle! Also, if it is easier to say “no” to junk food you’ve probably been away from it long enough to realize it never tastes as good at it looks!

6. The scale may not be going down, but are your weights going up?

If you’re weight training pay attention to your weights! Maybe you started doing bicep curls at 10 lbs, but now you’re doing them at 15lb! That’s a 50% increase in weight, you’ve gotten so much stronger! Maybe the scale is going down or maybe it isn’t, but if you’re weights are going up that is a great sign you are getting stronger and healthier!


There you have it, 6 ways to measure your progress on your journey to health that does not involve the scale. I hope this helps, leave a comment below if you have any questions or would like to see a specific subject in the next blog post!


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