Having a hard time quitting sugar? This might be why!

Looks cute and harmless, right? Think again!

Unless you have been living in solitary confinement the last few decades you probably know that refined sugar isn’t healthy to consume in mass quanities. Lots of people are working on cutting down their sugar intake, and some elimating it completely from their diets. I had some huge problems with this in the past until I listened to a lecture on the Internet a few years ago. Honestly, I cannot remember who did the lecture, I wish I did know because I’d love to thank them! If anything I say sounds familiar and you know who did the lecture please let me know so I can give them credit.

The lecture said that there are three types of people who consume sugar. The first one is the “normal” person. I kind of hate calling them “normal” because no one is normal, but for the sake of respect for the person who did the lecture I will stick to the script. The first “normal” type eats sugar, finds out it is not good for them, and reduces how much they eat. They enjoy sugar in “normal” quantities and everything is great. Oh, how blessed it must be to be “normal”!

The second type of person is called an emotional eater. Probably many people can relate to that and have been in that situation at one time or another. An emotional eater will feel stress of anxiety and turn to food for relief. There is hope for the emotional eater, they can seek help from a friend or from a professional and find other ways of relieving stress that is more helpful to them and they will end up like the “normal” person; eating sugar in normal quanities. They can have some ice cream or a piece of cake every now and then and be satisfied and life is good.

Emotional eating comes from stress or anxiety, of course we don’t eat things like carrots or spinach, its more like cupcakes and candy! Try Philippians 4:4-7 – “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Gods got your back!

Then there is the third type of person, the addict. No one likes to hear the term addict and

When you are addicted you are pulled or drawn to something, and it usually isn’t good for you. It feels like it has a hold over you, and it is your master.

possibly when you think of addicts you’re thinking of people addicted to drugs, or gambling or other harmful acts or substances. Well, I hate to say it, but sugar can be one of those substances. Usually they start out as an emotional eater but things go one step farther and they get addicted. There are many things that take part in addiction, there is the mental aspect but there is also the physical aspect, your body craves it! When I heard about this type of person I could immediately relate. When I had sugar, I couldn’t just have one cookie, I needed all the cookies. I couldn’t have a spoonful of ice cream, I needed a pint. It felt like sugar was pulling me towards it. Cutting back never worked, and heaven forbid someone gives me a cookie it felt like I had to start all over again!

With all this bad news there is one thing I am pleased to say! There is hope! For the “normal” person and the emotional eater they can eat some sugar every now and then and he fine, they not feel deprived as long as they have their treats every now and then. For the addict it is a little bit different. The addict thrives on obstaining from sugar altogether. This made so much sense to me when I was listening to the lecture! It was like a lightbulb went off in my mind! If I had a scoop of ice cream I was not satisfied at all, in fact I felt deprived because I couldn’t have what I wanted. But if I didn’t have any at all, after a while I didn’t miss it and I didn’t even notice it. For me, or other addicts, having small amounts of sugar made me feel deprived and it would send me body into craving sugar more and more. I can remember having so many arguments with people about this, especially with my husband. In the past he thought I deprived myself too much, until one day he bought me a pastry and saw the downward spiral it caused in my eating. The entire day it was just one sugary treat after another. It was not my finest day ever, but at least I didn’t have to continually explain sugar addiction to him anymore.

In my case, the only thing that I had that reaction to was sugar. I could use stevia in a cake I’d make and not only would I be satisfied with a normal portion but I wouldn’t feel like eating everything in the house. I finally started to feel normal! One quick switch, I just changed out sugar for stevia, and that urge to eat sugar faded away. Everything I’ve heard, read or experiences about the subject says cold turkey is the best way to go. Get that sugar out of your system so it doesn’t have a hold on your anymore. This worked for me!

You’re probably wondering, do I ever eat sugar? Well, sometimes I do. I have some ground rules. First of all, I eat sugar very infrequently. I’ve done several “no sugar” clean eating challenges on the Internet and they are super easy for me because I just don’t eat the stuff that often. Also, when I do eat sugar, it is what I find satisfying. I do not find one piece of chocolate satisfying, that is ridiculous. I do not find one or two cookies satisfying, again, that is ridiculous to me. However, I can eat about 1 cup of ice cream and be okay. Sure, it’s not the ½ cup serving they recommend but it’s sure better than the 2 cups I would have eaten years ago. Also, I avoid pastries like the plague. I will have them every once in a while for special occasions but I have them at night because even a few years later having certain pastries sets me up for some sugar cravings that are very hard to fight.

I hope this article helps you! Feel free to share this with anyone. That lecture I listened to really changed the way I do so many things. I don’t deprived anymore, I feel happy. I can say no to candy and cookies! I never thought I’d ever be able to say that!


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