My Trim Health Mama Experience: For the Crazy-Fit People

My favorite cookbook, lots of healthy comfort food recipes in here!

So, you may have heard about this new “diet” called Trim Healthy Mama. I’ve had two separate experiences with this eating plan, one was fairly unsuccessful and the other has definitely shown promise!

So, lets start at the beginning. The end of 2014 I was desperate, like, super desperate. I have a fairly modest weight goal, I’m a big girl and I’ll always be a big girl (it’s a bone structure short of thing), but I really need to lose some more weight to help me get to other physical goals. So I had lost 120lbs but I haven’t been able to get past there. I gain some, lose some, but never get past the 120lb loss.

So, at the end of 2014 I decided to buy the Trim Healthy Mama eBook. I won’t lie, it was ridiculously expensive. I mean seriously, it is an eBook, the overhead for an eBook is minimal no one is expected the pay $40 for an Ebook for goodness sake, but I was desperate, so I caved. At that point I seriously had no money, it was a bit of a struggle to buy that book, but again, I was DESPERATE. I read the book and here is the basic premise:

  1. For fat loss you must include protein at every meal and snack and you must seperate your “fuels” (AKA don’t have fat with your carbs, or carbs with your fats. There is a little lee-way here for some things but not much. Having carbs? All you get is 5 grams of fat, thats it. Having fat? All you get is 10 grams of carbs. It’s slightly more complicated but not much)
  2. Carb meals only have 45 grams or less of carbohydrates
  3. Don’t have large amounts of super sugar fruits (bananas, grapes)
  4. You really can have whatever you want as long as you make it with approved ingredients. Want cheesecake? No problem! Heck, I added Lily’s Chocolate chips to my cheesecake!
  5. Eat around every 3 hours, you have to wait AT LEAST 3 hours before going from a carb meal to a fat meal, or vice versa
  6. A meal with protein and both fat and carbs are considered “crossovers” and are not good for fat loss. Children and marathon runners need these things as well as people looking to maintain their weight.

This is a pancake recipe from their book with my own blueberry sauce recipe. Its really good! This is one of their “carb” meals, even my husband eats it and he is horrible to feed!

There are some more specifics out there, but even though I was not happy with the price of the book I bought I’m not going to spill content, thats totally not my deal. They have since come out with much more fairly priced books which I will be discussing later.

So, the first try went pretty well. I lost about 15lbs before I stopped losing weight. But then I stopped losing weight. I tried eating more food, which helped for a few weeks but I was at a stall. The 15 dropped pretty quick, but then nothing. I had joined all these Trim Healthy Mama groups on Facebook and I kept seeing everyone have these great results and it just wasn’t working for me. I was working out 5-6 days a week, doing all the right things, and NOTHING. I was frustrated, as you could imagine. I was enjoying not counting calories (calories aren’t what the diet is about), but I wanted results, which I wasn’t getting. I still tried to follow the diet losely, but losely didn’t get me anywhere either. Soon it was summer and I was spending my days bike riding and GAINING weight while following the program, so basically I just scrapped it all together. But I still was part of those Facebook groups seeing people make great progress! It was driving me crazy, I kept thinking maybe if I hadn’t quit I would have figured out a way to break that plateau.

October 2015 I decided to really make an effort towards weight lifting. I always enjoyed it but I also always quit after I started gaining muscle and wasn’t comfortable in my clothes anymore. I decided to try THM again. The holidays were coming up so I wasn’t going to make a huge fuss over everything. I was just going to do the best I could when I could and try not to overdo it on other days. To my surprise, I was actually losing weight! Not a lot like last time. Last time a bunch just fell right off and then the scale never moved. This time it was slow, turtle slow, but that was still faster than it had been before so I was pretty happy.

Mexican chicken recipe from their cookbook with cauliflower rice (I made it extra yummy and put garlic, peblano and jalapeno in it the rice), a little sprinkle of cheese and some avocado. It was so good I have it twice in one week! Yet another husband approved dish!

This time was different, I wasn’t so stuck on following the rules 100%, and honestly I think following those rules 100% was what was hurting me. I’m physically active, very physically active. I own a heating and cooling business, plus I take martial arts classes, I weight lift and I teach a dance cardio class. I’m moving, A LOT. To the point that sitting down in church for a few hours on Sunday seems weird and unnatural. So I started taking note of the things I did differently and there are some things I changed for the program to work and there are some rules I just threw out.


  1. I eat at least 3 “crossovers” a week (meals that include both carbs and fat with your protein)
  2. During a carby meal I refuse to eat half a banana (as suggested by the plan) and I eat as many carbohydrates as makes me full. Seriously, I’m going to burn them off anyway.
  3. I enjoy dessert almost daily. This isn’t breaking a rule, in fact it’s almost encouraged on the eating plan, but I really wasn’t taking advantage of it. Making sure I include a dessert helps me keep my calories up.
  4. I have a cheat meal, at least once a week, preferably twice. They usually consist of a slice of real pizza or a cup of frozen yogurt.
  5. EAT MORE. When I think I’m done, EAT MORE. Eating enough calories of good food is very hard for me. Eating lots of junk food is easy, but good quality food is tough. Of course this might not help everyone, but for me it was important because left to myself I only eat around 1,200 calories.

I’m not saying throw all the rules out. But if you train a lot and try the plan and are having problems these are some changes you may want to try.

I’m happy this time around its working out for me. Of course I’d like to lose weight faster, but honestly this plan is easy to follow, gives me the nutrients I need for weight lifting, and I can do it while following my crazy schedule.

Now, for the books! Yes, now they have BOOKS. Not just one expensive eBook. There are two books, one of which I have and the other I may get someday. There is the Trim Healthy Mama Plan and the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. I own the cookbook. Even if you hate the idea of the plan the cook book is definitely worth getting just for the amazing recipes. You get recipes for pancakes, shakes, brownies, one pot meals, crockpot meals, anything you can think of and it’s all healthy! The Big Boy Smoothie is definitely something to look at, one of my favorites! Plus the pancake our my quick go-to for super yummy Saturday breakfast! The book that describes the plan supposedly has recipes in it too, but considering I had previously spent $40 on the eBook that described the plan I’m not about to spend $15 for it to describe the plan again (although I have heard there have been a few changes).

If you are interested in any of these books and want to order from Amazon anyway please help support this page and order from the links below (believe it or not websites are not free), if you’re not interested no problem! Personally though, they have my favorite cookbook and its definitely worth the price in my opinion.

To sum up, the plan seems complicated at first but in reality it is pretty simple. Even if you have no interest at all in the plan I’d definitely recommend the cookbook (priced at $15.49 on Amazon), it is an amazing book with great recipes and a bunch of sneaky ways to get all those healthy veggies in your diet.

The plan is convenient because it doesn’t require calorie counting and if you look hard enough you can find on-plan things at restaurants and convenience stores when you’re on the go. If you’re struggling to eat better this is definitely a good plan to check out because it makes eating fun again! Even if you are a devoted calorie counter, I know from experience that counting calories gets tiresome after a while, this is a great plan if you just want skip calorie counting for a while.

So, do you like this plan? I’m contemplating posting a recipe I created for a faux Shamrock shake that fits perfectly with this plan. Are you interested in it? Comment and let me know!


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