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Big ‘Gal Training for StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge

Some of you know that October 2015 I competed in StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge. It was definitely an experience! I’m planning on competing again in April, but I thought I’d give write down the entire experience for you as well … Continue reading

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Restart: Where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to

So, you may be wondering where I’ve been. Lets just say a lot has happened in the last 3 years. First, I’ve had my ups and downs but I’ve pretty much stayed the course I set many years ago towards … Continue reading

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Bowflex Selecttech Review

I’ve been doing a pretty intense weight lifting program for the last month. Luckily, for my birthday I received a pair of Selecttech weights! I’ve used them for a while now so it’s review time! First thing to understand about … Continue reading

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Understanding the Weight Gain and Weight Loss Cycles

This is just part of my¬†observations¬†on life and weight loss, not particularly a Bible study, but understanding what I’m about to talk about has helped me in weight loss dramatically. Weight gain, this is something I’m very familiar with, and … Continue reading

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Turbo Fire Review

For anyone who came to the 2012 Skinny 4 Jesus Bible study or has followed me on Facebook you know that around 90 days ago I started doing an exercise program called Turbo Fire. I promised you I was going … Continue reading

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Redefine Yourself

I’ve been thinking about the life-change lately. One thing I’ve noticed is that successful people are always changing and improving themselves. Whether they are successful in weight loss, business, fitness, it doesn’t matter. Successful people take on the change process, … Continue reading

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