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    Sheerah's Sharpshooter 1/25/2000
    Reported by Sheerah Fisher on 17:30:18 01/25/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

    WHOOOOOOW! It's time, it's time, It's SHARPSHOOTER TIME! I'm back from a nice vacation, and I'm ready to go! Is it just me, or does all of the good stuff happen while I'm on vacation? Lets see, Russo has been put down with his booking, Time Warner and AOL are merging, and most of the good WCW wrestler asked for their releases! Evidently my presence does effect the wrestling world! Well, on to the rest of my column.

    Sad news, folks, Bobby Duncom Jr. has passed away. The speculation is that it was from substance abuse. I personally think it's not, because every time a wrestler passes on, they blame it on that, and change their story in about a week. Bobby, we're going to miss you! This week, my column is dedicated to him!

    Ratings, why have they become such a horrible subject? Well, for one thing, Nitro is being killed, which is getting boring. Of course, I'll report on the Ratings anyway, with the hopes some day they will improve. Nitro did a horrendous 3.0 composite. The first hour got a terrible 3.2, and the second got a 2.8. Now, for Raw, which also seems to have suffered for some unknown reason. They did a 6.0 composite, with a 5.9 for the first hour, and a 6.0 for the last. This is terrible! Both shows have gone down in the ratings so much! Hopefully next week they're get better shows. I mean, come on! Even Nitro doesn't deserve a 3.0!

    Time Warner going bye-bye? Yes, that's another one of the things that happened while I was away. It is not Time Warner anymore, now it is AOL! I can't believe America Online has gotten so huge! I mean, it just started out as an internet service! Although, Ted Turner might not be COE anymore, but he still holds more stock than anyone else, so he hasn't lost his power. I'm sure none of you care about that though. Whats important to the wrestling world is Steve Case is head of WCW! Or… head of Time Warner… which is head of WCW. Hey, maybe Steve-os a smart guy and he'll bring Eric Bischoff back into WCW.

    Vince Russo isn't the head booker anymore? Goodness! Why do all of these things happen the week I decide to take a vacation! I'm starting to think this is a fad! Well, all I have to say about Vinnie Ru being relieved of his booking duties is… GOOD! As Mr. Busch thought, he was taking the company into a place of no return. Although, the booker they those chose to replace him, Kevin Sullivan, isn't too good either. Then, on top of that, Kevin Nash is on the team too! Nitro got the WORST ratings with Nash booking it, so why did they put him on the team again? I'm telling you, they better bring Bischoff back to it soon, or WCW will continue on their downward spiral.

    Another disastrous happening with WCW is the release of all of the talent they have. Okay, I know a lot of you won't agree that Benoit, Perry Saturn, and Eddie Guerrero are their top talent, but in my opinion they are. Just because you're not a Main Event, doesn't make you talentless! Of course, they're not the only ones with their releases, Dean Malenko and Shane Douglas are joining them! More of WCW's top talent! I can't really blame the wrestlers for asking for a release, WCW is a sinking ship, and they might as well get off while they can. Hopefully, they'll be heading over to the WWF. I love each and every one of these guys, and the WWF could use their talent. Hey, you never know, maybe Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero will reform their great tag team!

    You know what really got me steamed this week? Well, besides the fact WCW is dying, and running out of disposable contacts. What really bugged me was when I was watching JAG and it looked like they were writing Mic Brumby out of the series! It was terrible! He's the only good actor on the show! Not only that he…. Well… he… Has a cool accent! Well, ANYWAY, while looking up his name on Yahoo to see if I could find any dirt on his JAG position I came across a movie he's making. I know, you wondering what this has to do with wrestling. Well, it has all to do with wrestling! Because the star of that movie was the one, and only, Rowdy Roddy Piper! So, now I have the 411 (information for all of you who aren't New Yorkers) on Piper's new movie! Yes, it is another "B" movie from the looks of it, but it's a Sci-Fi B movie! On the web site, it described the movie as follows: "An Earthship comes across an alien spaceship that refuses to respond to its communications." Oh, yeah, and it's entitled "Moral Code". This movie is still in production! So, now you know what Piper's been up to lately!

    More on WCW news is the WCW PowerSite. It is… without a doubt… THE COOLEST thing I've ever seen! Well, the site isn't all that great, but what is does is! While getting the mail I received a nice CD-Rom for the powersite, I figured I'd might as well try it out. I did, and it's great! I would advise anyone to sign up to get the CD! After all, it's free! It's so cool, you can watch wrestling matches on-line! Right now, they don't have all that great matches, but I'm sure they will in the near future. Whats really cool, is they have some that are entirely computer generated! In other word, they're all really cool 3D computer graphics.

    WWF Mastercard? Hey, sounds good to me! It looks like there is a WWF Mastercard, as I'm sure you've guessed since my first statement "WWF Mastercard?". To get info on it, go to: I don't know if that'll effect the WCW Mastercard in any way, but I don't think it will. Although, I must say, the day I hit 18 (trust me, I'm counting the days) I'll be signing up for the WWF Mastercard! Hey, nothing against WCW, but unless they get some great wrestlers to be on the card, I'm WWF bound.

    It looks like a side-effect of the AOL/Time Warner merger has already reared it's ugly face. What I'm about to say it just speculation at the moment, but I think it will come into play very soon. It's about the WWF Keyword on AOL. Anyone who has AOL knows that they have an awesome WWF site on it. Alas, they will probably be dropping it pretty soon, and will be bringing in a WCW Keyword. Now that I look at things, I see both companies are have Mucho Problemos. WCW is losing, well, most of their talent. Then, there's the WWF is who has most of the talent, but their company is hasn't been doing quite as well because of the powerfulness, mightiness and idiotness (if that's a word) of the PTC. Then AOL. So, WCW may be doing good as a company (even with his terrible ratings), but the WWF is doing better talent wise.

    Universal Soldier: The Return was great! Yes, this was the one Bill Goldberg had a part in! A rather large part I might add. I might as well give a nice review of it, but don't worry, I won't give anything away in it! It's just about a project in the military that takes the dead from off the battle field, and turns them into UniSols (Universal Soldiers). Kind of like a half-man/half-machine thing. Of course, Bill Goldberg played the "bad UniSol" role. It was very good, and I think anyone would like it. But I warn you, the language is rather bad. Then, there is also this one scene. Okay, I'll warn you about this. When Jean-Claud Van Damn needs to get online, and there is a sign for a place called the "Club House" or something like that, and he says "I know places like that are on the internet", don't look, just listen. Trust me on this, it's a great movie, there just that one baaaaaaad part. Goldberg had a wonderful part, and I actually liked the role! Hey, this is a message to the booker, GOLDBERG NEEDS TO TURN HEEL!

    WOW! Tazz has finally made it to the WWF! I can tell you one thing, I never thought that he would be Kurt Angle's opponent at the PPV! Of course, for all I know he made his debut on Smackdown, since I didn't even see five minutes of it (it's just been one of those weeks). Although, I'm rather glad the way Kurt Angle's winning streak came to an end. It wasn't long and drawn out, like Goldberg's. It ended at a good time, and it ended in a big way. Unless Tazz turns into a jobber in a couple months, in that case he's not worthy to end the winning streak of such a great competitor. I highly doubt that will happen, so I believe that Angle's winning streak went out with Style.

    It seems movies are one of the "in" things for wrestling these days! Now Sting is gracing the movie screen! Although, it's a TNT Nitro Original, so he wasn't Hollywood bound for this filming. However, to get info on it, go to this site: Well, there's nothing better than seeing a familiar face in a movie, so I think it's good. The web site even has some info on Sting's other acting appearances, so if you have no interest in the movie, the web site is still a must see.

    Do you smell what the Juice is cook'n? Finally, the Juice has come back to Las Vegas! Does it really matter where we are? As you can tell, I'm a new-found fan of Juventud! Okay, he does totally diss one of my favorites, but at least he does it with class! Okay, I am a Rock fan, a big Rock fan. BUT I can still appreciate good comedy! Juvi is using his highly over used phrases and turning them against him, I love it!

    I know even more people are going to hate me when I say this, but I like 3 Count. I know, I know, you think I'm crazy. Here is just a little inside info from the Girl world of Boy Bands. 3 Count's song, Can't Get you Out of my Heart, is a blatant copy of Tear'n out my Heart by 'N Sync. So, how can't you guys like them? They're ribbing the very people you hate the most! Welcome to the beautiful world of Pro-wrestling, where we enjoy both sports, and copies of Boy Bands all the day long!

    What truly saddens me about the wrestling world is the WWF Women's Division. It's turned into nothing. Goodness, Miss Kiii…or…. The Kat has the title! She's not a wrestler! There is only one person who saves that division, and that's Ivory. I hope that soon they will resurrect this division.

    What is up with Tori? JR points out the obvious and says "She hasn't been the same since her Holidays with X-pac!". The question is, what happened to her? I have a feeling that we're going to find out soon. They've drawn out this thing for a while now, and it's time to shed some light on this. Watch, she had selective Amnesia or something.

    I love it! I LOVED Crow Bar's commentary during the tag team title match! I love it when they do nice little extra things like that. David Flair was rather funny, when he constantly said "Do you like my Crowbar?". Then there was Daffney who kept calling the Manolanga Brothers (or whatever their names are) the Marmilade brothers. It was a very entertaining segment, and I enjoyed it very much.

    Mae Young……..oooooo….. Mae Young. Now what I saw on Raw was rather scary. Although, it also makes me happy that I didn't dish out the thirty bucks for the PPV and see….. that sight. Now, we all know, Ivory should've been Miss Royal Rumble 2000! Well, Ivory or Luna! Of course, Mae was my pick to win, and you would've known that if I was able to send out a column last week.

    Well, my column comes to an end this week. I'm currently saddened at the fact Sid Vicious is the WCW Champion, but I guess I'll live. For Raw I was rather happy with their show, but it makes me wonder, when will Vince come back? My question for WCW is, how can they let Kevin Nash book? Despite that, I think Nitro was rather good this week. Well, that's all, but before I leave I have some Closing ReMARKs!

    ~Welcome back, Cat!

    ~Congradulations, Rock! You deserve that #1 contender spot!

    ~Go Headcheese!!! Headcheese rules!

    ~Vince, Shane, where are you?