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    Sheerah's Sharpshooter 1/11/2000
    Reported by Sheerah Fisher on 1/16/100
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Good-bye, Gary! We'll miss you!

    Hey all, it's Sharpshooter time! This week, in Sharpshooter news, there is one big, major headline! No, I'm not talking about the Time Warner/AOL merger, I'm talking about there will be no Sheerah's Sharpshooter next week! I'm taking a well-needed vacation. Fear not, for I'll be back the next week!

    It's been a sad week, wrestling fans. Gary Albright, a wrestler most known in Japan, has died. It is believed he died from a heart attack. I'm sure you've all read the report that Adam Randis wrote up, so I'm not going to go into details. I was one of the first to know (well, besides everyone who witnessed it), because of the fact my cousin, Adam Randis, was there. My prayers will be with Albright's family, and I hope yours are too. This week, I'd like to dedicate my column to the memory of the one, and only Gary Albright.

    Lets talk about Vince Russo! Yes, I know, I'm tired about writing about him just as much as you are of hearing about him. An interesting thing is his web site, . Although, it could just be some wack-o who wants to impersonate him, which is my guess. Since the Domain Name is registered to someone from Canada, that's must likely it. With that aside, I'll just write about it as if it were his website. His website certainly looks like he either wants to work for the WWF again, if fitting his WCW gimmick, or is a total idiot. Although the site is pretty funny, it is also pretty stupid, and nasty as well. The advertising is rather funny, they advertise for the PTC, and it says "This site if brought to you by the PTC… without us… you'd all be ignorant creeps!" Also, when you visit them, put your mouse over all the advertisements, you'll be greeted with things like "There's always ECW", and "Buy this and seem cool". My guess is it's still an impersonator, so I wouldn't take anything this guy says seriously.

    I am now officially one of the WWF marks who have picked up the WWF Volume 4 CD! Okay, maybe calling their CD buyers "marks" is a little harsh. Hey, it's great music! I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to buy it! Of course, I bought it mostly out of being totally bored in Wal-mart, so I figured I'd kill five minutes by walking into the music department. Back to the subject of the CD. It is quite a good CD, even though it has one particular song I can't listen to (by my choice anyway). Yep, you guessed it! Billy Gunn's! The name of it is… how can I put this… Donkey Man! Okay, that works. Even though I don't like the song, it's rather funny, the lyrics that is. As you know, it's a song about a guy obsessed with derrieres and sings "I love to kiss'm, I love to hit'm, I love to flaunt'm and I'm gonna kick'm!" Or something along those lines. The rest of the music is great, especially the opening track! That being Chris Jericho's theme!

    Say what you want about the WWF, but in my opinion, they're great. Well, not all the things they do, but a lot of them are. For example, they have stuff for the people who like angles, and the people who like wrestling. Take this Triple H/Stephanie in power deal. It's a great angle, and very entertaining. Not only that, but they're booking great matches we wouldn't be able to see if that angle wasn't around. Like Hardy vs. Hardy, or Edge vs. Christian. They're all great athletes, so both put on great matches. I know some of you looked at the match and said "This is stupid" and quickly turned the channel to see Madusa talking to Gene and saying how she knows he loves her "two, big, beautiful, blue EYES". I think Vince McMahon is doing a great job at booking.

    Lets talk RATINGS! Last week's ratings was an overall improvement for both shows! Raw did a 6.5! WHOA! With a 6.1 for the first hour, and a 6.8 for the second. Although WCW can't boast such a great rating, Nitro improved as well! With a big 3.3! They did a 3.8 the first hour. Quite frankly, I don't know what they did for the second, so I can't really tell you. It looks like Nitro and Raw are moving up in the world! I guess Nitro's cutting off of the third hour works great for both companies.

    It looks like the rumored return date for Hulk Hogan is the same day the WWF will be gone, due to USA having their annual dog show. All I have to say is… GOOD MOVE! The thing is, you have to have a great show when the world is watching you, and with Raw gone a lot of wrestling fans will have all their attention on Nitro. Of course, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out, so I won't praise Russo and Ferrera just yet.

    Another rumor on the board is Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Ric Flair all want out of their contract. Personally, I have mixed reactions to this. On one hand, you can have Nash, Hall, and Flair back in the WWF. On the other hand, if WCW loses all of their major talent, that means their going to have to come up with some big stars, and fast. Of course, it would be nice to see the Klique back together! Then again, the WWF would get the laziest man in pro-wrestling today, yes, I'm talking about Kevin Nash.

    The Rock's autobiography is finally out! Just like with Mankind's, you can get an autograph's book package of the Rock's book! Yes, it's the book, it's autographed, and it comes with a t-shirt! Although, I must say, Mick Foley's autobiography t-shirt was better, but I guess you can't improve perfection. Of course, UPN had to get their hands on this, and did a special on it right after Smackdown. Which was good because we received some special info on the Rock being in a movie! Back to the book though, I'm not quite sure if it'll be as good as Mick Foley's. Only because I'm not sure if The Rock used a co-writer (or whatever they're called). If he didn't, I'm sure it'll be great. If he did, it may be lacking a little bit because it would've have been put into The Rock's own words.

    Triple H vs. Rikishi, who would've ever predicted that match? Well, if you didn't read the Smackdown preview, I bet you didn't. I highly doubt this will be the beginning of a main event push for Rikishi. He's way over with the crowd, which is good, but I don't think he's quite ready for such a push. Which is probably why he didn't beat "The Game" on Thursday.

    It's…. WCW PPV time! I hope this PPV will be a lot better than the last. I have some people who have told me the last one totally stunk. Well, with the PPV, comes my predictions for it! For the Main Event, which is Bret Hart vs. Sid Vicious, I'm not quite sure. I hope Bret wins, but who knows what'll happen. The reason why I'm pretty much stumped it because the Title can change hands due to a disqualification. So, what I do predict is that'll be an interesting match. Now for Kevin Nash vs. Terry Funk, if Nash wins he becomes the new commish, and if Terry wins the NWO goes bye-bye. The idea I formulated for the match is something happens that nothing will happen in the match. It's too early for Funk to be go, and the nWo isn't going to go that quickly. Next on the list is Jeff Jarrett vs. a mystery opponent ( says It's Chris Benoit) for the US Heavyweight Title, in the Triple Threat Theater Match. The matches being a Dungeon Rules Match, a Bunkhouse Brawl, and a cage match! My prediction is the title will change hands, and Chris Benoit (or whoever his opponent is) will be the victor of this one. Another prediction is people will get very tired of seeing those two over and over again on the PPV. The 4-way House Championship Match, Scream'n Norman Smiley, vs. Brian Knobs, vs. Fit Finlay, vs. Meng. My prediction if good 'ole Fit Finlay! Tank Abbott vs. Jerry Flynn in "The Block", my prediction is… nothing, because I think the Block is the worst gimmick since the America vs. Canada angle. Here is my prediction for the rest of the matches:

    DDP vs. Buff Bagwell in a Last Man Standing Match
    My pick: DDP

    David Flair with Daffney vs. Vampiro
    My Pick: David Flair! He rules! Him, out of all of WCW, deserves a push!

    Oklahoma vs. Madusa
    My Pick: Oklahoma… although I don't think he's Cruiserweight.

    It looks like Ted Turner is the one who anti-wrestling fans are picking on this week! This week, the attack was on Teddy, and the attacker was Phil Mushnick from the New York post. He, of course, brought up Lenny and Lodi. He evidently never heard of the angle being canceled, Bischoff being fired for it, and them getting an all new look. I wish these people would know what they're talking about before they write (of course, I should talk.). He made a comparison of Lenny and Lodi to someone named John Rocker. I don't know what Johnny did, in fact, I don't know who he is. What Philly was implying was if they're going to sue John, they might as well sue Uncle Teddy as well. Ted knew the Lenny and Lodi angle was a mistake, some of the bookers knew it. It's been corrected now, can't we just leave it behind us?!?! If you want to talk about something that's been old news for a while now, talk about Clinton!

    There is a difference between a copy, and a mockery. Asya is one part mockery, and one part copy. Then there's Oklahoma, who is just a plain old mockery. Lets explain this, this week Oklahoma acted like Jeff Jarrett, and started a Rock saying. Not only that, Mr. "OK" is rather pathetic, which makes him a mockery. Now on the Asya, if she were a mockery, she would be a total loser and, well, mock Chyna. BUT, she actually wins matches, and has almost good moves, therefore she is under the category of a copy. Yet, she is also mocking. A good example of a copy is, well, Billy Goldberg. Everyone says he's a Stone Cold copy, which I don't see, but that's what they say. Another good mockery is the "Old Age Outlaws", and Buzzkill.

    Wow, Raw took some twists and turns on Monday! Who would've thought that the Rock would've stolen the show from Triple H. They booked pretty good matches too, ones that Triple H and Stephanie would've booked themselves if DX wasn't on their side. I'm rather happy Road Dogg won the NAO vs. NAO match, because I like him more than Mr. Potty-mouth. I guess this is a way is getting killer booking done, therefore I like it! What amazes me is Stephanie, she accepted X-pac vs. Triple H too quickly, and on Smackdown she signed all of those DX matches. I think either Steph is getting jealous of them, or is just taking them apart for the heck of it.

    Another great booking job was on Nitro. Terry Funky is heating things up in WCW! Bret Hart vs. Kevin Nash, now that's a great idea for a match! I think Nitro may get a nice ratings for the show they did. I especially like the old guys they had wrestler. You know, Superfly, George Steel, and Tito Santana.

    I enjoyed the fake Mankind segments on Raw this week. It looks like Mick Foley got his revenge on Mideon for totally diss'n him for the past couple of weeks. I enjoyed it, because seeing Mick Foley acting like a crazy wack-o is fun for the whole family! Of course, he kind of had an excuse to act like a crazy wack-o, which puts a damper on it. Nonetheless, it was still entertaining. It truly pains me to see Mick in the middle of his retirement, he's such a great athlete and one of the best Mic Workers in the WWF!

    My column comes to an end, and I'm impressed with the booking of both Raw, and Nitro. Although, I don't like DX falling apart, but it's best from a ratings point of view. Nonetheless, Triple H came out on top and beat Mick Foley! After all, he is, THE GAME! For Nitro, I'm still trying to figure out how Sid beat Bret in a Hart vs. Nash match. I guess I'll be trying to figure that out for weeks to come. Before I take my leave for this week, here are my Closing ReMARKs!

    ~Terry Funk picked those guys off the retirement line? I guess that's a nice way of saying "Off the Street".

    ~Zbysco, legends may not die, but they're forgotten about.

    ~The nWo is growing in me, maybe bringing them back wasn't too bad of an idea! With Bret the leader it's even better!