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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 06/05/2001
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 07:52:11 06/06/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Back from vacation… and almost ready to go.

    Hey, all, and welcome to the latest edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter! I'm back from my vacation, and ready to go! Well… almost ready to go. Unfortunately, I was on vacation all week, and had zero time to write anything in my column. When I got back, my church had an evangelist come for a few days to do some services, so I spent a lot of time there. So, to wrap all of what I said up, I had time to do anything since my last column went out. So, my column will be a little shorter than usual. I'm incredibly sorry about this, but I'm sure you all know what it feels like to come back from a long vacation, and having to balance studying for tests, keeping your daily life, and going somewhere every night and you don't get back until late that night. However, I can't say everything is back, just, time-consuming. The Evangelist was especially good. But anyway, back to the subject of wrestling, and my column. Once again, there is no trivia winner. And since I'm pressed for time, I'm forced to hold back the trivia contest and Quote of the Bi-month until my next column..

    One thing I'd like to write is something that happened a couple weeks ago. It's it amazing? Most of the good stuff happens on my weeks off, because there are a few other things that I plan on mentioning before my column ends that has happened in the past weeks. Anyway, back to the point of the entire thing. Can anyone think back to two weeks ago, when Kurt Angle was having his reenactment of the award ceremony at the 1996 Olympics? I think that that was one of the most entertaining segments that I have seen in a while. Of course, it also could have to do with the fact that it had Shane McMahon in it. With Kurt coming out and bragging, Shane coming and raining on his parade, and then Angle getting him back with an Olympic Slam, it works to make a good feud. I honestly didn't think that we would see Shane back in WWF angles so soon, but I can't complain. After all, he's Shane McMahon, and I'm sure you all know how bias I am towards the guy who has lately been known as the "Prodical Son". Not only that, but the angle has been building since then, so it's probably going to break out into pure hatred in the near future.

    I think it's safe to say that I just recently saw one of the worst wrestling matches in the entire history of the wrestling business. I just recently watched Smackdown. Yes, that's right, on my vacation I got so incredibly bored on Thursday Night (the one day that I didn't have anything planned), that I watched WWF's Smackdown. It was an okay show, part of it anyway. Because I only got to see the last hour, but then after I was watching it for thirty minutes, the Main Event started. I figured that the Main Event would last for about ten minutes, and then would end with something weird fight break out, or large interview. Because, well, when was the last time you saw a thirty minute main event? Lst Thursday was the last time I saw one. Austin vs. Benoit had to have been the WORST match I have ever seen. Words of wisdom to Benoit, 3 suplexes in a row were enough! We didn't need to see 9! Multiple suplexes at only cool looking when they are either fast, snapping, or high impact. The suplexes Chris did were slow, boring, and I've had Dentist appointments that have hurt more than the suplexes that Benout gave Austin. But Stone Cold didn't do much better. He seemed to be in the "Anything you can do, I can do better" mode, and a lot of the time if Benoit gave him a move, he countered it and did the same one. Except, anything Benoit did, Austin in no way did better. There were a few highlights to the match, but it was too long. And if you plan on having a "wrestling" match, make it have actual wrestlers in it. Chose people like Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, or any of the other good actual wrestlers. Benoit used to be a wrestler, but I don't know what happened. I guess that is the sort of thing that happens to you when you join the WWF. Heck, Austin even used to be a wrestler, but that changed too.

    The Sara footage is starting to freak me out. Yeah, yeah, I know it's all "fake", as anti-wrestling enthusiasts would say (I prefer to use the term pre-determined). But still, it's just weird. Weird, but yet another good idea by the WWF bookers. It's safe to say that I've been pretty impressed with their ideas as of late. With the Shane McMahon feud going on, Vince McMahon and his "Stand Back" footage, the WCW wrestlers coming around and interrupting things, and this Mrs. Undertaker thing. I am quite curious, and am looking forward to seeing how the man is behind that camera that is stalking Sara. I would think it's Austin or Vince, but that would be too easy. But it does sound like Vince in an odd sort of way. You know, the speed of how he talks, words he uses, ETC. I would think that it will be someone unexpected, someone we would never think would do it. But then again, the WWF has let us down before in the past with these "guess who I am" things. For example, the Greater Power, AKA Vince McMahon. For some odd reason, that reminds me, whatever happened to GTV? It would be pretty interesting if the person who's doing the Sara thing, was found out to be the person who was behind GTV. Hey, whoever they are they both have the hobby of invading people's privacy, so I guess they could be the same person. But I doubt it, because the more I think of it, the lamer is sounds. My bet for who the mystery stalker is… Shawn Michaels. If you think about it, it would make a little bit of sense. Who was the guy who put Shawn out of the sport for so long? Yes, that's right, the Undertaker. Plus, from the sound of it, Shawn does want to come back to the ring. Although, I can't really say much more about Shawn making a comeback, because I haven't read anything about it lately, and I haven't heard anything about it either. But still, my money is on HBK.

    Okay, the WWF has been coming up with good angles, but I just saw one of the weirdest ones of them all. I'm referring to the Bra and Panties match between Terri and Trish. It wasn't really the match itself, because I honestly didn't care much for it and I would prefer to see Terri and Trish fully clothed. I'm talking about he part where Perry Saturn came out dressed in undergarments of his own… that is… female undergarments. That part reminded me of way back in the WCW days, when Perry and Jericho had a Loser Wears a Dress match. That's when Saturn started getting all freaky, wore dresses, make-up, and a dog collar. Yep, those were the good days in WCW. Wouldn't it be interesting is Saturn turned to his cross-dressing fetish once again? And whats with this Saturn/Terri thing that's going on? I don't quite know what to make of it. I mean, we can all see that Shane is in the middle of having an escalating feud with Kurt Angle, WCW is going to turn into the WWF's version of the NWO, but where is the Terri and Saturn thing going? Well, Terri has definitely done stranger things than manage a cross-dresser, after all, she was married to Goldust.

    Unfortunately, my column must come to an end, for reasons that I have made clear previously. But there are a few other things that I would like to mention. One thing is the Vince McMahon, and his wonderful lead vocals on "Stand Back", complete with dancing. I think it's safe to say that a lot of wrestling fans would like to get a hold of the '86 Slammy Award tape. Well, I guess that would be it for now. Once again, I'm sorry for the abrupt end, but everything will go back to normal in my next column! So, good-bye until my next column.

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