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    Sheerah's Sharpshooter 12/28/1999
    Reported by Sheerah Fisher on 1/16/100
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Happy New Year!

    Welcome ya-all! This is the last Sheerah's Sharpshooter of '99, so I better make this one good! Of course, I'm not off to a good start, because there is no trivia this week. The Year-end awards are taking A LOT of time, so I can't do trivia this week. One of these days I'll be smart and use a poll on a web site to do the work for me! There will be trivia, if not next week, the week after.

    It's Ratings time again! This week, Raw once again destroyed Nitro. Although, they didn't destroy them as much as they have in the past. This week's Raw Ratings was a 5.8, from a 5.5 for the first hour, and a 6.1 for the second. Now lets go stumble into Nitro, which got the best rating they've had for a while. They got a 3.2 with 3.9 for the first hour, 2.9 for the second, and another 2.9 for the third. Head to head, Raw got a 5.8 (of course) and Nitro got a 2.9. Raw may not of pulled as great a rating as they have in the past, but they're still beating Nitro. I have a feeling their little bit lower ratings is due to the Main Event no one cared about, and lack of Vince and Shane McMahon.

    Austin vs. McMahon… The Whole True Story! Yes, Christmas has past, and it left a nice little present on my door step! I'm now the proud owner of the best feud in history, on video! It's only fitting that I'd give you a nice little review about it! It was great! Although, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. It was amazing how Vince started out, and then what he turned into! As you probably know, the video stopped when Austin beat the Undertaker to get Vince out of the WWF spotlight. All in all, it was a good video, and I'd get it… if I didn't already have it that is.

    Looks like Russo and Ferrera might have at least one brain cell with their heads put together. They said they would write Eric Bischoff into story-lines if he was allowed to come back. Although, I would prefer to see him come to the WWF, they could come up with come killer angles with him there. If he couldn't get out of his contract, I'm sure they could find a good angles for him in WCW. Wait, what am I saying? The new bookers have only come up with one good gimmick while being there (that being David Flair's)! I guess miracles could happen, but I'd still like to see him go to the WWF.

    Okay, it's time for the Sheerah's Sharpshooter Awards! I've been getting some questions asking me why I'm also including Millennium awards, when the Millennium actually starts in 2001. The reason is, the year 2000 has been advertised as the new millennium, it doesn't mean it is, but that's how the U.S. is seeing it. In fact, NY state is having a Millennium drawing on New Years Eve! So there is the motive to my madness. Alright, now, back to the awards. All you have to do is copy the form below, and e-mail it to me ( )! As I've said before, any votes for me in the columnist position will not be counted!

    Your Name:

    Best Wrestler of '99:

    Who was the best champ of '99:

    Best Mic Worker:

    Best Tag Team:

    Most improved Wrestler:

    Best Valet/Manager:

    Favorite group:

    Favorite Federation:

    Favorite Columnist:

    Best Theme Song:

    Favorite Web Site:

    Biggest Heel:

    Biggest Face:

    Best quote:

    Worst signing to a contract:

    Most likely to deserve, but never get a good push:

    Most likely to run for President of the United States:

    Now, this is where things will get a little different, all of those categories were just for '99, but not for the NEW Millennium Ones! Remember, don't base these of just this past year, but the entire Millennium! Here goes:

    Best Wrestler of the Millennium:

    Best Tag Team of the Millennium:

    SMACKDOWN!!! Stephanie and Triple H pulled another trick… nice I said "another". We all saw it coming, well, those of us who read the Smackdown spoilers anyway. Although, last week's SM was a rather good show, if I do say so myself! I'm not sure how much longer the WWF will be able to have shows without Vince and Shane and still get killer ratings. Of course, they got great ratings when Shane was in charge, and Vince was gone. So I guess this could last a good while. So I guess we'll be seeing more of Triple H (yeah!), and more of Stephanie (yeah!) for many weeks to come. Therefore, I will be happy with the future of the WWF. As long as Triple H stays heel that is.

    I hear WWF New Millennium Raw will be a big one! Probably WCW's first Nitro of the New Year will be a big one too. It probably won't be as big as Raw's! That's one good thing, WWF's bookers know how to put on a show. Wish I could say that for WCW's bookers. This isn't about WCW though, it's about the WWF and Vince and Shane coming back. I can tell you right now, this will be a BIG Raw!

    It looks like Hogan is coming back to WCW sometime in the future from what I hear. This saddens me greatly. Andre the Giant knew when to hang up his wrestling boots, why doesn't Hogan? He's old! He can't wrestler now, in fact, he couldn't even wrestle when he was young! I just don't get Hogan at all. I think it's time he said he had a great career, and announced his retirement. Of course, he doesn't want to retire, at least I don't think he does. If he did he would've done it a long time ago. I think the Hulkamania Era is over, and Hulk, as well as the new bookers, should realize that.

    Sad news, wrestling fans. It's been said Rowdy Roddy Piper is retiring. Now this is one guy who doesn't need to hang up his kilt! This guy can cut interviews, he has the crowd in the palm of his hand the entire time! He can wrestle five times better than Hogan, and Hulks still around! No doubt Piper is retiring because he wants to go into the movie business some more. Right now I'm trying to figure out if I've seen him more on Nitro, or playing the main character on "B" movies (that wasn't meant to be an insult… I couldn't even get in a B movie if I tried!). Piper, you were a great in this sport, and you will be missed (which is much more than I can say for Hogan).

    Well, today (Monday) I went out shopping at 4:30. Unfortunately, I was back in time to see Nitro. What was I greeted with? GOLDBERG! AHHH! WCW evidently shows no mercy for us anti-Goldberg fans. Or anti-fans I guess I should say. Right now I'm currently thinking "I left the mall for this?". Then the worst gimmick ever was put on TV, that being Chris "Champagne" Kanyon. Also featuring Brian Knobbs, and Bam Bam Bigalow. BBB seems to have lost his touch since the Jersey Triad went "bye-bye".

    How ironic, I write a large paragraph about WCW having the Lethal Lottery return, and they decide to return it on Nitro! Which means, I have to write this thing all over again! I can remember the Slamboree Lethal Lottery, I believe it was in 1996. That was the first time the Dancing Fool AKA Disco Inferno and Alex Wright teamed up! I do enjoy the Lethal Lottery, but I can only watch so many tag team matches before getting bored. Although for this Lethal Lottery it looks like they're not going to have a Battle Bowl. You know, a Battle Royal with all the winning teams. But the World Title isn't the gold waiting at the end of the rainbow for these people, it's the Tag Titles!

    The Ratings War. I know, we haven't heard much about this lately, although people still post the ratings, no one seems to care that much anymore. Raw has dominated the ratings, it's amazing. Of course, the WCW bookers are having a hard time competing with their own product. The only way they'll be able beat Raw is to come up with something even better. I think it'll be a long time before WCW wins the war once again, because to do that WWF would have to go down in the entertainment factor, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    Oh my word, I don't know who Buzzkill is supposed to be, but he sounds exactly like Road Dogg. Oh, gee, I wonder why! Then, on top of that, his theme is petty much an exact copy of the New Age Outlaws. I guess he's some sort of copy, who's copying Road Dogg at the same time. He gets teamed up with the Varsity guy. Then the team against them is Konnan and Dean Malenko! Talk about a mismatch! The mismatch was interesting, but what I'm still intrigued about is why they still call Asya, Asya. Didn't they announce he new name was Boa a couple weeks ago?

    Poor Scotty, he has a retirement angle. Which worked into an NWO angle! You could tell something was happening because of the fact the N.W.O. came out at the end and said he stunk. Speaking of which, you know, the N.W.O. looks rather funny with Jarrett's guitar, Bret's pink tights, and Nash's leather ones. Seeing them reminded me how much I do enjoy the N.W.O. They seem to be one big copy of DX, which is just like I predicted.

    How can the crowd disrespect Triple H so much? Chanting "Rocky" during his interview show no respect whatsoever! Especially considering the fact that he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Well, he did come out later to help Mankind, but that's just about it. On a different note, I believe Stephanie. She was FORCED to break her word on Smackdown! Back to Triple H. I have come to the conclusion that he is one my Top Ten favorites list. He is now officially #3 on my list. Right behind Bret Hart, and, well, nobody. So I guess that means he's #2! Sorry, Eddie G, you've been booted to #3.

    Here is an example of poor matches: Bret Hart vs. Jerry Flynn. Talk about a waste of time! Flynn is considered a "jobber" in my book! There was no point to it at all, the only interesting thing was Charles Robinson was the referee. Okay, there was another good part, Bret got a nice and easy win, and they played the NWO theme music!

    X-pac….. Gentleman? Talk about an Oxymoron! What was up with Torie? Well, that's a stupid question. We all know the deal, Torie is on X-pac's side, she blames Test for everything, then Kane doesn't want Xey in a match anymore. It is very easy to figure out. Poor Kane, now he's going to be heart broken. I predict that Kane and Test will make a tag teamed called "I'm so pathetic I lost my Fiancé and Girlfriend to Triple H and X-pac". Well, that is if my killer theory is correct.

    Alright, Russo and Ferrera came up with TWO good angles! Not only is it David Flair, but it's also Perry Saturn! He is so funny! Especially when put with the Revolution. He made their "attacks" on America funny! Now I will always remember, reading is fundamental! We also know that George Washington is still alive! I guess it's all one big conspiracy!

    Lets have some notes of Jericho vs. Al Snow! First, a note to Al: We love you too! Or at least I do anyway! Hey, it's pretty hard to find a completely sane wrestler anymore, and you are one (I would like to use Creative License for that comment I just made)! Jericho is the Iatola of Rock'n Rolla! Chyna once again came with her little interruptions. Good for her! We don't care anymore! Just give us the reason why she's doing it, and get on with the angle. Well, maybe after Jericho wins a couple more match.

    Mankind is gone from the WWF forever. People are saying Vince or Shane McMahon will come back and say Stephanie couldn't fire him. I don't think so, this is the last time Mankind will be in a WWF ring. Although, I never said anything about Cactus Jack! They've used this angle before, Mankind gets fired, and they bring in Cactus Jack, or Dude Love, or whoever they feel like bringing in at the time. Besides, we all know Cactus Jack is going to be at the Royal Rumble PPV in the Main Event, so that is probably the way this whole thing will work out.

    Oh my word, 3 Count is great! You realize, Nick from the Backstreet Boys was either completely insulted, or laughing his head off. David Flair, Crow Bar, and Daffney are even better! I especially liked it when David danced! As I've said, David Flair's gimmick is one of the only good things they've done. Then Standards and Practices showed up. I think that "Lenny" and "Lodi" as S & P is interesting. It's, like, Russo and Ferrera are sending a message to the REAL Standards and Practices, saying that they just don't care what they think.

    Well, my column comes to an end this week with me being mad about Triple H not winning the title he truly deserved. Yet, I am happy because Sid Vicious got run over by a monster truck. I guess Nitro isn't all that bad anymore! This week I end with the hopes of Triple H winning the title on Smackdown, and the world is shown the Y2K flaw is nothing (yes, it's a flaw, not a bug). As always, I'll leave you with my Closing Remarks!

    ~You know… I had a dream about Triple H on Sunday… but I couldn't see most of it because his nose was blocking the picture.

    ~I finally know what a Right-winged Zealot is! Who'da'thunk it had to do with politics!

    ~McMahon Helmsly Era? I agree… but I'm sure the WWF wrestler think it's the McMahon Helmsly Error.

    ~Is there any reason why Sid Vicious did his interview on the ramp?

    ~Berlyn's angle would be so much better if Bischoff was still in power.

    ~Ivory Rules!

    ~Mankind, I've always liked you, but nobody can hit Triple H and get away with it! NOBODY!

    ~I can just picture Mrs. Foley talking to her kids saying "No, Daddy's not really fired…."

    Sheerah Fisher, column writer and webmaster of UWZ-Ultimo Wrestling Zone
    The Official Online Home of Sheerah Fisher