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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 02/06/01
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 18:12:41 02/06/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    The XFL debuts, and much… MUCH more!

    As usual, a lot has happened since my last column! Rumors went wild, news happened, and both federations put on some good shows. Not only that, but the XFL made it's official debut, and I certainly couldn't forget to write about that! So, enough with the introduction, and on to the rest of Sheerah's Sharpshooter!

    It's that time again, it's Quote of the Bi-month! I've written down my favorite quotes, and I came up with two, that in my mind, really stuck out. It was hard to choose between the two, but I finally did the devilish deed. So here goes, this quote is… "And I thought my family was screwed up. I just want to thank my parents for not being related" -Raven, talking to Molly Holly about the difference between their families.

    You know, I didn't realize this at first, but for the month of January, I had a lot of time off. You know that I send out my column the first, and third Tuesday of each month. But the way January was set up, there was an extra week between the last issue in January, and the first in February. In other words, there's a lot of stuff that happened that I didn't have a chance to comment on. First, I'll start with some comments on the Royal Rumble. I had mixed feelings seeing Kurt Angle come out the victor of the match, and Triple H the loser. I'm a huge Triple H fan, but I'm also a huge Kurt Angle fan, which could explain why I was happy, and yet disappointed. Although, I could have been unhappy because Austin had to show his ugly face in the match. But if he hadn't have done that, then they probably wouldn't have signed the Austin vs. Hunter match for the upcoming PPV event. Which reminds me, didn't you all just love that contract signing last week on Raw for that match? Austin thought that he was cool with those beers, and signed the contract. I think we all agree that Hunter got the best of him. Sure, it was obvious that he didn't sign the papers the first time, but nonetheless I was very happy seeing Triple H beat the stuffing out of Stone Cold. Then the look on Vince's face when he found out that Helmsley hasn't signed the paper yet, that was priceless!

    Speaking of Vince, I don't quite understand his new gimmick. Everything is in the interest of fairness, and it seems that he's caught between being a heel and a face. I find it to be very odd. It's almost like the Triple H vs. Kurt Angle feud where both of them were heels, and not many people knew who to cheer for. I hope that Vinnie Mac makes up his mind on if he's going to be the good guy, or his wonderful heel self. His new gimmick is almost as if he's "mood swing" McMahon. If he's in a good mood, he'll be the good guy. However, if he's in a bad mood, you had better watch out. I don't know, there' s just something that's not right about this. If my gut feeling is right, hopefully I'll find out soon what the problem is.

    Once again, the subject from the last paragraph has inspired me for this one! The keyword from the last word was "problem", and that reminded me of Chris Jericho. Yes, I'm a Jericho fan, but there's been something different about him since he joined the WWF that I don't particularly like. Now, I've finally figured it out! When he was in WCW, he constantly changed his angle and gimmick a little, so he wouldn't become boring. He didn't do the same old speeches all the time, and I always looked forward to see what new thing he had to say. Now that he's in the WWF, that has certainly changed. It's gotten so bad that he basically gives the same interview over, and over again, and just switches the pattern in which he talks about things. He constantly says "shut the hell up", that the crowd has caught onto it and finishes his sentences for him. That's all fine and dandy, but where's the surprise? Where's the unpredictability? I can think of two incidences that gave us a glimpse of the old Chris Jericho. The first one was when he put some nice pictures together, and put Benoit's face in them. Do you recall "I will fight Benoit when the score is tied, I will fight Benoit when he's a blushing bride"? That's what I'm talking about. Then the other time was the Jericho/Rock interview, where each athlete used the other's catch phrases. That was the old Chris Jericho that I grew to know and love, is there any chance that he'll return?

    Once again, it's that time to give out the information for the Sheerah's Sharpshooter Year of Wrestling Awards, which I so loving call the SSYW Awards, AKA SSYWA. As always, the rule is that you can only vote once. So send in your votes, because you'll only have one more chance after this to do so. Remember to e-mail your picks at and here are this year's categories!

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    There's also one other thing that I didn't have much time to mention last week. That is the news of the Official Mailing list of my column. When you sign up you'll receive my column as soon as it comes out, and soon I'm going to start a wrestling News Flash Report, that will only be available through the mailing list. To sign up for the mailing list, all you have to do is send a blank e-mail to and just follow the instructions sent to you!

    You know, I was a bit bummed out when I realized that I had baby-sitting plans for February 4th, the day the first game of the XFL started. However, I was rather happy when I found out that the children had an 8 o'clock bedtime, and I was free to watch innovative game. Would you believe it, my Sunday School Teacher, the person who doesn't watch or like wrestling, like the XFL game! Well, she liked it with the exception for the cheerleaders. Hey, you can't blame her, they look like, how shall I say it? Ladies of the Night? Maybe sluts would be a better way of putting it. Not only that, but they couldn't cheer if their lives depended on it. It's like the Nitro Girl thing all over again! Besides the scantily clad women, the game was pretty interesting. I loved the whole thing where you got inside the huddle, and the locker room during halftime. Amazingly enough, the more I watched the game, the more I started to understand it. I can't remember a football game that I actually enjoyed watching, but LV vs. NY was pretty interesting. Although I was terribly disappointed in the team that represents my home state (NY), how bad could they possibly be? I was a bit happy when they switch the games to the other one, where JR and Jerry Lawler were the commentators. After watching the game, I think that the XFL could be a big success.

    I'm sure you've all heard the rumors, and everyone else opinions on it. But that's not going to stop me from giving mine! The WWF did an article on Shawn Michaels, and how he is selling his wrestling academy, and preparing to come back to the WWF. Personally, I'm thrilled about the news! The wrestling world has been without the Heartbreak Kid for too long now. When I first started watching wrestling, I didn't appreciate the charisma, uniqueness, and interview skills of Michaels. After a long time, I finally realized his talent, and then he got injured and bye-bye Michaels. Hopefully Shawn Michaels will come back to the WWF, and it would be even better if he would come and show off his in-ring abilities as well.

    I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned this before, so I'm going to now. There is one gimmick that I'm pretty impressed with, and that is the one surround Kiantie (yes, I know I spelled it wrong), Taka and Funaki. I loved their voice overs, even though Funaki looks pretty boring when he's talking. As you could probably tell, when I found out that Shane McMahon was the one doing their voices, I liked the idea even better! I don't know about any of you, but I find their interviews enjoyable. See, Shane can come up with good ideas! Now I just wish that he would come up with an idea that would involve him coming back on camera.

    Big Poppa Dump? Alright, the first interview of WCW Nitro was good, except for the fact that the Cat kept saying "Big Poppa Dump". Come on! How much originality does it take to come up with that statement? I'm sure a five year old could come up with the same thing, and an eight year old could come up with something even better. Other than that it was pretty good. Hearing that Scott Steiner was going to go against seven opponents in three matches certainly brought a smile to my face. But I had to feel sorry for Mike Sanders and how Flair and Steiner blamed him for everything. Yes, I'm a Sanders fan, and I freely admit it. Sorry, I just can't resist that witty, cute guy.

    I've thought about it, and I like WCW, but it seems to be missing something. I've recently just noticed some little things that I've been missing with their program. First off, the announcing team. Normally there's a "heel" and a "face" announcer, or a normal guy and a funny one. However, with the team of Schiavone and Hudson, all you have is stiff and stiff. One other thing I've noticed is that there's the "good group", the "bad group", and no one else not apart of one of them, or in between. With WCW, everything is black and white. That's the good thing about the WWF, they have some gray characters. The WWF has Austin who has no friends, and the Rock, and 'Taker (although Rock and 'Taker are a bit more friendly than the beer guzzling ruffian). I've tried, but I honestly can't think of any "lone wolves" in WCW. So that's kind of a drag. The WWF also has several good groups, and heel groups, where as WCW seems to only have one good group, and one heel. I'm not saying that the WWF is totally right in this character thing, they certainly have their faults. They take this "everyone is on their own" this way too far, which makes some of their character resemble conspiracy nuts.

    I've been pondering this thought for a while. Who is Raven's "mystery driver" Now that we've seen them, it's obviously a girl. I recently remember when I saw some talk show, and if I remember correctly it was one of those "I was geek, but now I'm oh so sweet!" type of shows. What does this have to do with Raven's mystery woman? Well, you'll find out. On the show, some brunette came out and did the usual interview-type of thing. But she also mentioned that she was a WWF star. I've never seen her on television before, so my thought it that it could be her and they finally found a gimmick to bring her on TV with. However, that answer requires a lot of "if", "ands", and "buts", so the chance that that is the answer is pretty slim. But it is a thought. Also, when I hear the name Raven, and think of a female, I can't help but think of Chastity, could she be making her way over to the WWF?

    Oh my word, Austin and Triple H vs. Rock and Angle. I'm starting to like McMahon's "In the interest of fairness" attitude. It works for both the heels, and faces. See, Vinnie Mac is one of those gray characters I was talking about. Is he good? Is he bad? Does anybody really know? But I've already written something on him already, so I'll to get the rest of my point. We have this entire Trish Stratus thing going on with him. I must say that that was a nice save by Stephen Regal coming in and thanking McMahon for his room the other night. An incredibly sick thought, but a nice save. Right now, my thoughts are on Stephen Regal. What possessed him to do that? Goodness, now I'm starting to sound like the conspiracy nut. I'll just keep thinking that it is an interesting angle, and I won't take this thing apart of psychoanalyze it. Not just yet anyway.

    As always, since the Monday Night shows have ended, it's time to give my infamous opinions on them. First is for WCW Nitro. I actually enjoyed their show. When I saw that Rick Steiner was the mystery opponent, I had mixed feelings. I know that a brother vs. brother feud is a big thing, and could draw ratings, but I still loath both Steiner brothers. Before I saw Rick, I thought that whoever the mystery opponent would be, he would turn on Nash. After all, Flair can't be kicked out of his CEO spot. Then when I saw the Dog-Faced Gremlin, I thought he couldn't possibly turn on Nash. I mean, they have a perfect family feud forming, they couldn't just drop it. In my eyes, having the Steiner Brothers reformed could prove to be a mistake. But hey, I'm not a booker, so I guess I'll just have to hope they know what they're doing. Other than that, there's not much to say about Nitro.

    Raw was good, as to be expected. The ending was quite funny, and I truly did enjoy the Austin and Triple H vs. Rock and Angle match. Every once in a while, Austin does something so incredibly entertaining, it almost makes me like him! However, then I remember who he is, and he does something rather annoying, which makes me go back to the border of that love/hate relationship I've grown accustomed to. I loved the way Stone Cold handled the match. But then he turned into his Austin-self and did in five second what Triple H couldn't do in five minute (basically kill Kurt). Oh well, that's the way things go.

    Well, that will be it for this edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter. As always, don't forget about the SSYW Awards, and to sign up for the mailing list! Now, on to my Closing Remarks.

    ~I hate Rey Misterio Jr., I hate his style, I hate his horns, why on earth did WCW give him the cruiser weight title?


    ~Have you ever noticed that Jerry Lawler is just like Dick Clark, he never seems to get older.

    ~I love Edge and Christian's voice overs even more than Kiantie's!

    ~I already hate the Kat and "Right to Nudity".

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