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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 01/02/2001
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 15:33:33 01/02/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Happy New Year! The New Millennium is finally here! And it kicks off with Stone Cold being cheated by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!

    Hellooooooooo Sharpshooter Fans! It's great to be back! I hope you all had a great Holiday Season, and a wonderful year 2000. I know mine was wonderful (except for a few times… but I'd rather not get into those). Amazingly enough, even with all of the trivia answers I got last time, STILL no one has gotten the correct answer. I thought about running the question again, but soon decided against it. Because the SSYWA is starting this month, and I'll be taking a break from trivia this issue of Sheerah's Sharpshooter. With that, on to the rest of my column!

    Happy New Year! Yes, it's finally the new Millennium. Unlike what the unknowing newscasters were reporting last year, 2001 starts the new Millennium, not 2000. Oh well, I guess the news business is an ignorant business. I think that they finally proved their idiocy during the election when they couldn't even announce which candidate won Florida. For this first edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter for the new Millennium, I'd like to take a few minutes to write about something other than wrestling. Lets take a look at the New Year's tradition. First, all of the other countries have wonderful, mesmerizing ceremonies. I can remember than London had a very spectacular show last year. Some use fireworks, other have singing, and some put on wonderful shows. Now, lets take a look at America, where we see a big ball drop. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with that picture? Alright, in Central Park we have fireworks, but do they show them all over TV? Disney Land puts on a pretty good show, but is their show plastered all over the news? Nope, the thing we Americans look forward to is seeing a big ball drop on to a sign that says "2001". I personally don't see what all the excitement is. Especially since if you want to see it up close, you have to stand in the freezing cold for hours, around screaming, crazy people. Although, I can't really complain, because at least we celebrate it. And I'm sure the Times Square Craze is fun… in it's own way.

    I just recently checked my e-mail, and someone gave me a wonderful idea. For a while now, people have been referring to my column as a newsletter, and asking where to sign up for it, and other things of that nature. Well, all of the things have finally gotten through my thick skull, and I plan to start a Sheerah's Sharpshooter Mailing List in the near future! I was thinking about debuting it with the new site, but I'm not sure how soon it'll be up, so I'm going to start the mailing list sooner. Hopefully by next week you'll be able to sign up for it!

    Lets do a little year in review, shall we? If I remember correctly, the year started with Vince McMahon coming back to take the company back from his daughter Stephanie. That sparked another infamous McMahon feud, where Shane and Linda joined in. However, we must thank God that Linda wasn't on TV for long. Then we had that wonderful 4-way match at Wrestlemanie 2000. Triple H had the title for a long time, then the Rock took it for a long time as well. Linda started meddling in the business again, and Vince realizes that she only did that because she loves him. Then he goes back home to be the "Genetic Jackhammer". Shawn Michaels returns, and becomes WWF Spokesperson, and announces that Mick Foley is the new Commissioner. Mickey had some fun with his commissionership, Kurt Angle won the title, Austin returned, and Vince McMahon gets put back in power. That basically leaves us right where we are now. Of course, other big things happened, like Mick Foley retiring, then returning for one more match. Is it just me, or it amazing how all major angles revolve around the McMahon family? I'm not complaining, because they're great mic workers, and create great storylines.

    Lets see, what happened with WCW this past year? Honestly, I haven't the faintest idea. For some strange reason, I can remember everything that happened in the WWF, but hardly anything about WCW. All I remember are the times that Russo and Bischoff were in charge. Probably because those were the only half-way interesting times they had this year. Booker T. had the title for forever. Bischoff was fired, they kicked Bobby Heenan from the announcing team, they had some problems with Russo, which I'm sure 99% of the wresting world still doesn't know what really happened. World Championship Wrestling certainly went down hill, that's for sure. As I said before, it all happened the first time they got rid of Easy E, and it was just down hill from there. The booking team they currently have is doing pretty good, but they really need help. They need a good main villain, and a good main hero. Booker T is not a good main hero, but he's as boring as heck. Mike Sanders is great, but I think he'd be a better "kiss-up to the main villain", more than just the plain old main villain. I'm not trying to pick on the booking team, and I'm not saying that if Bischoff came back that everything would be alright. Eric has his faults, one of them is only pushing the older stars. But at least he can think up good angles and gimmicks. If he could only do that for the younger stars, WCW would be a heck of a lot more interesting.

    Well, I had planned to make a new format for the Sheerah's Sharpshooter Year of Wrestling Awards, but time did not allow it. Then, I was faced with two choices, either to post-pone them to my next column. Or, to just go ahead and do them the old, hard way. So I figured, what they heck, just do them the old way. It worked before, and it'll work again! First, a few ground rules. Anyone can vote, but you can only vote ONCE. Yes, once! That is one less then two, two less than three, and one more than zero, in other words, ONE TIME. You must send all of your votes to (it would be helpful if you copied the categories, and then pasted them on an e-mail and then fill out the form). So, here we go! The categories are…

    Best Wrestler
    Best Lightweight Wrestler
    Best Champion
    Best Tag Team
    Best Mic Worker
    Best Heel
    Best Face
    Favorite Federation

    Sometimes the news they have on the web today scares me. I just read a nice little thing that said that a rumor was going around saying that Johnny Ace was talking to Eric Bischoff at an airport, and that ups the chances that Bischoff is buying WCW. Could that statement be anymore stupid? Bischoff and Johnny know each other, so if they see each other at an airport, why shouldn't they talk to each other. I seem to remember news going around that Vince McMahon was talking to some WCW star, and that he may go to the WWF. Did he? No, he did not. Wrestling is a big business, and everyone knows each other. I'm sorry, but if a rumors goes around that Bischoff talks to Johnny Ace, that in no way implies that a deal is going with Eric and WCW, or anything of the sort. But speaking of the sale of WCW, I'm incredibly tired of hearing about it. There's rumor after rumor, after rumor. If something going to happen, can't they just get it over with? This has been happening forever! It has to be one of the most dragged out rumors that I can ever remember. At least the one about McMahon buying WCW has died down, because that one was out of wack. The problem with that is, it wouldn't happen in a million years. However, when you think about it, "anything can happen in the WWF", and it makes you wonder, because Vinnie Mac has proven that he can, and will do anything.

    I've touched on some WCW rumors, so now I'm mentioned a WWF one. A rumor is going around saying that Bryan Singer and Stan Lee appeared at a convention, and confirmed that The Rock is going to appear in X-men 2 as "The Beast". This is one rumor that I would love to be true. The Rock really is a great actor. Sure, I may not like is "unique" wrestling ability, but he good on the mic, and he's simply fascinating in shows. I can remember his appearance on "Dag", he definitely did a wonderful job. He showed to me that he has some great acting ability outside of his normal character he plays. So I'm sure he'll be good in X-men, and I can't wait to find out how he did in the Mummy 2.

    I turned on Raw, and what match was on? The Undertaker vs. Rikishi, what a boring opening match. I could just see it in my mind already, it would either end with Rikishi smothering 'Taker, or 'Taker with a chokeslam. I was so sure that one of those scenarios was going to happen, that I almost turned on the "Who's Line is it Anyway?" marathon on Comedy Central. Actually, I did try it a couple times, but my father insisted that we watched the waste of a match-up. To my surprise, my two scenarios that I made didn't happened! The Undertaker won with a DDT! Could it be that they're trying to do away with the "I can only win if I do a finisher" rule? Or could it be that Rikishi was too fat for a Chokeslam or the Last Ride? I'm hoping that they used the DDT because they want to have more surprising endings. 'Taker does a good DDT, but it will never really mean anything until he wins with it (which he just did yesterday). It's the same way with the rest of the superstars.

    I guess the great WWF tradition hasn't ended yet. Because another member of the McMahon family is feuding with Stone Cold Steve Austin. But we mustn't forget one of the traditions that takes place in those feuds, and that is the fact that they always find a way to cheat Austin out of a title, or a title shot. You've gotta give the devil her due, Stephanie did wonderful jobbing Stone Cold to William Regal. After what he did to her, he had it coming! Although, being seen in her undergarment was a step up from some of the stuff she normally wears, but still! Where's Austin's morals?! Oh, wait, I forgot, he doesn't have any. But even with all that went on, there's one thing I'm incredibly happy about. Happy about the fact that Steve-o lost, but even happier that William Regal is going to the Three-Way match on Smackdown, for a chance to be #1 contender to the World Title!

    There seems to be some good feuds, and angles surrounding women in the WWF lately. Believe it or not, I'm enjoying most of them! One I find particularly interesting it the one surrounding Trish Stratus. Is she with Albert? Test? Or is she secretly with Vince McMahon? Only Trish and the "mystery man" know for sure! I would have thought that she would stay with Test, but it was a huge surprise to me when she turned on him, and went to check up on Albert. No one cares about Albert! Why does she? Albert is a boring glob of nothing, so why should she waste her time? I would expect to see her ditch Albert and go with someone with more power, and more class. Could that person be Vince McMahon? I wouldn't bet on Vince just yet (but it certainly seems that an angle between them will break out shortly), but I would expect to see her dump the mid-card wrestlers, and hang around the main eventers, or the people with power.

    Another angle going on is between Dean-o Machine-o and Lita, along with Matt Hardy. It's said that a rumor was circulating that Lita and Matt are together in real life. That rumor was false, but the WWF will be playing an angle off of it. I think it's a good idea. Although, it may have Jeff Hardy having a bad case of the "Threes a crowd" syndrome. But for that to happen, Jeff would probably end up turning on Matt, and turning heel as well. We all know that'll never happen, so I wouldn't be surprised if Jeff just went along with the whole thing, and didn't get jealous. But even with Matt getting involved in the Lita/Dean angle, I think I'll still enjoy it. After all, it does feature Malenko! Personally, I don't see what Lita's problem is. I think Dean is one hot tamale, and he certainly beats Matt in the looks department.

    I guess that'll be all for this week. Normally I'd wrap up with my thoughts on Raw and Nitro. But I think I've said all I can about Raw, and Nitro wasn't on for the past two weeks. So, as always as I will end with my closing remarks. But first, from my family to yours, Happy New Year!

    ~I'm starting to hate Austin again.

    ~I think that the WWF is going to go pretty well with Stephanie back in charge.

    ~Man, I hope Al Snow comes back soon and saves the Hardcore division, Raven can't carry it by himself.

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