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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 11/21/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 19:01:24 11/21/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Happy Thanksgiving! We can now all be Thankful that Kurt Angle retain his title!

    Hello to all of my Sharpshooter fans, and Happy Thanksgiving! For the first order of business, for all of those who thought they missed last week's Sheerah's Sharpshooter, you didn't! Because there wasn't one due to my new Bi-monthly schedule, where I send out my column the first, and third Tuesday of every month. Now, on to the second order of business, TRIVIA! We have a winner! And since I have more time anymore to write my columns, I also will announce the 1st runner up, along with the 2nd runner up! Now, for the winner of the first Bi-monthly trivia contest… it is the one… the only…

    Mr. Brian Laughlin!!!!!!

    Congratulations Mr. Laughlin! Now, first the 1st runner up, we have the person who goes by the name ShoStopper1, and for 2nd runner up, we have Stone1149! Now, for this Trivia of the Bi-month, I've decided to have a nice and easy question. So, here goes!

    Who was the referee for the infamous Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels match at Survivor Series '97?
    1)Teddy Long
    2)Earl Hebner
    3)Don Quiote
    4)Randy Anderson
    5)None of the above
    (Note: Send all answers to, along with a your name, or a nick-name that you wish to be referred to)

    Along with Trivia of the Bi-month, if you remember correctly, I also have a quote of the Bi-month (as you can tell, I like referring to things as "of the Bi-month). This week it wasn't quite so easy, with all the memorable quotes that came about. I thought about having it be Triple H's "You never saw it coming", but that would be a bit too obvious (in other words, you would've seen it coming). Then there was Chris Benoit with his "You know what that is Steve?… WRESTLING?". That one was priceless, but who could forget Jerry Lawler's "I want a recount". However, in my mind, there was one that stood out above the rest of them. So, the official Sheerah's Sharpshooter quote of the Bi-month is… "You might say he URNED it", by Christian when talking about the Undertaker, and holding up an urn.

    First, I would like to make some comments on things in WCW. I find it rather interesting that WCW doesn't do that well in America anymore. So since their American audience is down, they decide to go all over the world instead. A month ago it was Australia, and the latest was England. You have to admire their strategy, because they seem to be doing well with in England. They announced that it was a sell-out crowd, and it's hard anymore for WCW to sell out of tickets. Another thing I would like to comment on is their Commentating Team. It is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, HORRIBLE! As you all know, I don't exactly like Tony Schiavone. Every once in a while he has a redeeming quality about him, but those times are few and far between. However, one person comes to mind that is even worse than Tony. Stevie Ray! How on earth did he earn a spot at the commentating position? Goodness, I'd rather see Booker T. at the commentating position. Which brings me to the comic relief, Mark Madden. I know you're probably sick and tired of hearing me say this, but he is nothing compared to Bobby Heenan. If WCW wants to get back in the ratings war, they have to stop making a program that looks so cheap, and clean up the announcing team. For those TV shop-oholics out there, think of WWF as QVC, and WCW as the cheap wanna-be, HSN. WCW needs a face-lift, and should start with the announcing team. I personally like the team from a while back, which consisted of Schiavone, Tenay, Zbysco, and Heenan. Yes, I said I didn't like Schiavone, but I like him when his announcing partners are Heenan and Zbysco, especially since Heenan is known for his cruel jokes on Tony.

    One other thing I'd like to comment on about the happenings in WCW the past two weeks is the Kevin Nash/Natural Born Thrillers incidents. Don't you think that the name "Natural Born Thrillers" would be a killer name for a band? Well, that's beside the point. I totally missed them turning on Nash the week it happened, which is why I didn't comment on it in my last column. I found the turn to be a big surprise, I know that I for one "never saw it coming" (I didn't intend on quoting Triple H… it's just… happened). Maybe now with Nash out of the way, Mike Sanders will get the credit he deserves as the true leader of the Thrillers. WCW is using the oldest trick in the book to push wrestlers. They associate them with someone highly loved, and widely known, and then after a few months they turn on them and have a feud. However, I do find it interesting that it's Kevin Nash feuding with an entire group. I would watch this angle, because even though it's one of the oldest angles in the book, I think this one will be different. I don't know, I guess I just have one of those gut feelings.

    Speaking of "gut feelings", I can't help but think of Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. After about a month of being face, Hunter takes a drastic turn back to Heel-ville. This was either a planned turn, or the "Rikishi hitting Austin for the Rock" angle wasn't working quite as well as they had hoped. I'm telling you, I've never seen a wrestler with interview skills quite as bad as Rikishi, Anyway, back to Triple H. His "you never saw it coming" interview was rather repetitive. His interviews normally aren't like that, so I will refrain from lambasting him at this moment. But even thought it was repetitive, it still was as funny as heck to be able to tell what he was going to say before he even said it. The Triple H/Austin feud should be fun to follow. With Austin's lack of respect for any living thing, and Triple H's hate for every living thing, I would expect them to go to great lengths just to tick each other off. So, in turn, that will probably bring some memorable moments to WWF television. Sure, not as many memorable moments as the Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley Era brought, but memorable moments nonetheless.

    Isn't it amazing? November is almost over, which means December is on it's way, which automatically reminds me of the New Year. So, what am I getting at? It's once again time for the… drum roll please… SHEERAH'S SHARPSHOOTER YEAR OF WRESTLING AWARDS! Man, it seems like it was only yesterday when we had the last one. I don't know about all of you, but this year certainly had moved quickly. Not only that, but we have some great wrestlers, angle, news, and gimmicks to remember it by. Last year, this was almost around the time that the Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley faction started their Yuletide joy, and gave out some great matches. I guess we'll have to see if Mick Foley can out do them for this year! But back to the Sheerah's Sharpshooter awards, it's time to start them again. First off, I need your help! If you have any ideas for some categories for awards (as in "I think 'Best Quote' would be a good category, or whatever floats your boat), e-mail them to me! In my next column, I will have all of the categories up, and will start the award! They will run through the New Years, and in the first Sheerah's Sharpshooter of the new Millennium, I will announce the winners. So, keep those nominees coming!

    There's some bad news for the fans of All Japan Pro Wrestling. It was recently announced at a press conference in Japan that one of AJPW stars, Stan Hansen, will be retiring. He is going to retire on 1/28/2001 at a show at the Tokyo Dome, and it is not yet known if he's going to have a retirement match, or just a ceremony. I take it that one reason, if not the biggest reason from Hansen retiring is a disease he has in his lower back, which has gotten worse. Some achievements that Hansen has under his belt are the AWA World Heavyweight Title, NWA International champion, and has won the Triple Crown five times. His full name is John Stanley Hansen, and is retiring at age 51.

    Well, isn't this interesting news! The editors of World Trade have recently named Vince McMahon, the WWF chairman, one of "The Most Influential People in Trade". Here is one quote that I found from the article: "McMahon is showing that the popularity of US culture overseas has not waned-yet. Vincent McMahon appears to have a chokehold on the sports entertainment business. His World Wrestling Federation has not only achieved popularity in the US; it's also attracting loyal fans overseas." Then it ends with a nice saying, "McMahon has proved that once again the sky's the limit." It looks like Vinnie Mac is finally getting some of the credit he deserves! From things I've read, and seen, he truly does seem to be a great businessman. One things for sure, he certainly knows how to put on a show, and that's what brought the WWF to it's popularity, and that's what kept it there. With McMahon getting all this recognition, when will he find out a way to get rid of the scum known as the Parent Television Council?

    Juventud Guerrera, the Juice himself, has finally spoken on his actions in Australia. When I found out that news, I also found out he has a website. Why am I always the last person to know about wrestler's having official websites? I'm not sure, but after a while it gets annoying, especially when I'm missing a website by The Juice. Anyway, he has spoken about the incident, and I found it very interesting. I think he addressed it in an appropriate manner. I'll put a few parts from it in here, but to read the entire thing go to "I think that everyone does deserve an explanation as to what happened. Before leaving for Australia I had just signed a new contract,. Everything was great. I went out to celebrate with my friends and things got out of hand. I honestly remember very little of what actually happened but I do know that one minute it seemed that all of my dreams had come true and the next morning I woke up in the middle of my worst nightmare. I know and accept that what I did was wrong. The person most surprised and disappointed by my actions was myself. The last thing I want to be is a bad example, to my fans, my friends and my son. I just want to be like everyone else: a good person, a good human being, and a good example for the next generation." He then goes on to say: "Today and the future is now about proving to myself, my family, my friends and my fans that this was one incident in my life, not a defining action. That I can go on and show that I am strong enough and determined enough to move beyond this, go on with my life and my career and be someone worth the love, respect and support that they have all given to me."

    Rumor has it that the WWF may be diminishing Eddy Guerrero push that he's been receiving as of late. It's something about him not being the best he can be, and his off-camera approaches. This is the first time I've ever heard anything about Eddy not doing his best, or question his off-camera self. Of course, I have been very busy as of late, and am lucky that I found time to write my column. But still, I think that Eddy Guerrero is worth a major push. If they would just give him an angle that would fully showcase his talents. This Chyna things he now has going on is doing well, but it they diminish his push, they they'll probably start diminishing that storyline.

    Let me get this straight, Jeff Jarrett comes out and interrupts Ric Flair's interview. Okay, nothing too surprising there. Double J then goes on to say that he is the real father of Stacy Keibler's baby. Hey, sounds like a storyline Jarrett might be involved in. Then he goes on to say that everything he told David was a lie, and hits him with the Acoustic Equalizer. That definitely seems like something Jarrett would be involved in. So, what am I so shocked about? The fact that somewhere in between there, he said he wasn't going to promote his "big match" with Buff Bagwell. Wait just one second here! Big match with Buff Bagwell? Since when has the Chosen One been put on Buffy's level? This is just horrible! Buff Bagwell couldn't wrestle if his life depended on it since his neck injury. Of course, Jeff Jarrett isn't the best wrestler either. But at least Jarretts more interesting to listen to. Well, I guess I should just be glad that they haven't decided to give Buff a World Title push.

    How on earth could Stone Cold do such a thing? Stephanie McMahon finally comes back to Raw, and he chases her away! This is just horrible! It's not right, it should not have happened! I've been waiting for weeks for her return, and a beer guzzling loser chases her off. I will go out on a limb and take a guess that we won't be seeing Steph for a while, and she'll probably return about the time that Triple H does. But what about her Business Partner, Kurt Angle? Well, that's another story in itself. After Stephanie's humiliation, she ran off, and Chris Benoit entered the picture. Sure, Benoit didn't really mention Stephanie, but at least he'll teach that ruffian known as Stone Cold a lesson. After all, it's not everyday that Austin participates in a "wrestling" match. Alas, Stone Cold wasn't the one who was taught a lesson, and it was the Crippler himself that went back to wrestling school.

    I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but I absolutely love the T&APA! I liked Test and Albert before, but only because my hero, Trish Stratus, accompanied them. Now I'm actually starting to like them for themselves! Not only that, but I must say that their decorations for their office has improved over the weeks. Their segment this Raw with William Regal was certainly interesting. William even gave Trish a compliment, and used the word "comely" to describe her. And now, after looking in the dictionary, I know what he said! He said that she is "pleasing to the eye".

    Monday Night for this Bi-month (there I go with that "bi-month" again) issue of Sheerah's Sharpshooter is over, and first I want to make some random comments on WCW. First off, I didn't see any of WCW after the 9 p.m. hour, so keep that in mind when you're reading these comments. Well, that's not exactly true, I saw Goldberg beating on Mike Sanders, but I don't particularly like seeing Goldberg in my TV screen so I turned back to a commercial that Raw had on. Anyway, I find it annoying how WCW constantly hints about Scott Hall. Kevin Nash comes out and says he has a partner that he's known for a long time, and can trust. Who could that describe? The first person that comes to most people's mind's is Scott Hall, NOT Diamond Dallas Page. I know Scott is probably out there doing his own thing, but wouldn't it be nice if he made it to the PPV on Sunday? They didn't really announce that Page was Nash's partner, he just came out to help him fight off Mike Sander's and his posse.

    Now, Raw was certainly interesting. They just came off from a great PPV, and their show certainly wasn't disappointing. One thing that was amazing about the pay-per-view was when Austin fork-lifted Triple H's car, and then drop it right on it's hood. I'm not quite sure how that happened. I mean, it certainly looks like it would've killed anyone who was in the car. Oh well, there's no point in wondering how they did it (although it's a bit obvious on the easiest way to do it). One other thing about that night was the World Title situation, when Eric Angle was hiding under the ring to congratulate his little brother Kurt on his victory. And if that wasn't one of the nicest things for a guy to do for his brother, he went even farther by taking the Undertaker's "Last Ride" for Kurt. Hey, Kurt's still champion, so I'm happy. It would've been a major bust if they made his lose the title after a month. However, Eric Angle has absolutely no mic skills! Kurt was great when he came, but I guess Eric doesn't have the same charismatic character that Kurt does.

    That will bring my to the end of this edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter. Don't forget to enter the trivia contest, and to send in nominees for categories in the Sheerah's Sharpshooter Year of Wrestling Awards (SSYWA)! And as always, any e-mails and comments are welcome. Once again, Happy Thanksgiving! Next time you'll be hearing from me is the first Monday is December, so I'll see you then!

    ~Since when did Major Gunns willingly join team Canada? I guess I have been out of touch with WCW.

    ~Why on earth would anyone willingly call themselves Mancow?

    ~Sign of the week: "I have a crush on Triple H"

    ~Please, bring back Russo to television!

    ~Hehe… ya gotta love Kurt Angle's Smackdown 2 commercial!

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