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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 10/31/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 14:15:16 10/31/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Triple H is such a sly, slippery snake, don't ya just love him?!

    Hello to all of my Sharpshooter fans out there! This week, there has been some major news going on, and as usual there has been the Monday Night wars! But as always, first I'll start off with Trivia! The winner to last week's contest is…

    Mr. Paul-Andrew Barsauskas

    Congratulations to the winner! However, there will be no trivia for this week. But as always, it will return next week. Also, next week I will hopefully have some Official Sheerah's Sharpshooter news to share with all of you (if everything works out right). So stayed tuned! Now on to the rest of my column…

    Once again, I don't really feel like spending mass amounts of time on the ratings this week. So I'll get give you a quick review. WWF drew a 5.5 composite, off of a 5.0 for the first hour, and a nice 6.0 for the last. WCW Nitro drew a 2.2 composite, off of a 2.7 for the first hour, and a 1.8 for the last. As always, the WWF beat WCW, 5.0 to 1.8. I loved the WWF show last week. In fact, I hardly got to see any WCW for the second hour. From the looks of it, it looks like the rest of the wrestling fans did the same thing. Now that Mike Sanders is commissioner, maybe things will get a little bit more interesting.

    Could the wrestling world get any sadder? For some people it may have reached the height of it's excitement, but not for me. I'm sure Kurt Angle fans are tickled pink to see him as World Champion. And I'm also sure that the handful of WCW fans still out there are happy to see Booker T. retain the title from the evil Scott Steiner. I guess I just can't get into the happy moments, when I've been faced with the worst wrestling news, which I had hoped I wouldn't hear for a long time from now. My favorite wrestler, Bret "Hitman" Hart, just announced his retirement this past Friday. I can remember that even before I watched wrestling, Bret was my favorite wrestler. How could that happen? It's simple, I played the ever-popular Royal Rumble game for the SNES, and found that I could beat my cousin every time I dawned the pink and black tights, and played as Bret Hart. So, Bret became my favorite character to play as. Surprisingly enough, after a while I decided to watch wrestling, and saw the popular face wrestler wrestle, and right there I knew he was an awesome wrestler. Of course, later I found out that the person I was watching was Bret Hart. So I like to think that Bret was my favorite wrestler before I even watched it. Yep, it seems like only yesterday that I was watching one of my first WWF shows. I can remember this guy coming down to the ring, dressed as a Pirate (his name escapes me at the moment). The evil pirate dude was wrestling, and when he came down to the ring he stole sunglasses from a little kid in the crowd. Bret Hart called in to help with the commentary during the match. I can still remember that Bret said he was going to teach the lowlife a lesson for stealing something from the fans (of course, he said it in his own words, not mine).

    As you could probably tell, I hate to see Bret Hart leave the wrestling business. It will never be the same without him. As you would have expected, Bret wrote a great column when he announced his retirement. He talked about moments in his career, what he loved about it, and much more. I would have loved to put some quotes from it in my column. But I'm sure all of you know about picky Slam! Wrestling is with their rights to the column, so I could get into some trouble if I did. However, I can link to it, and I intend on doing so. Go to: so read his column. Even if you're not a Bret Hart fans, I would think you'd still enjoy it. It's not everyday that a legend retires. Although, I still think that it wouldn't have happened this soon if it weren't for the untalented glob of goo known as Bill Goldberg.

    Here's some more news I never thought I'd ever say. Sure, the rumors were running wild for a while, but I've also heard rumors that Triple H and Stephanie are a real couple (which, as we all know, is complete heineousity). Now there are rumors about WWFE purchasing World Championship Wrestling. The scary thought is, Linda McMahon confirmed that fact that they are having negotiations. Can you say, "Bad Idea"? The WWF is right in the middle of launching the XFL, which is a major thing to be doing. Things would just get hectic if they took on WCW as well. Not only that, but would you really want Vince McMahon to control the entire wrestling world? Sure, I like Vince, but I wouldn't want to give him much power. For one thing, he would have no competition. No competition means that eventually the writers will slack off, and the shows will go down in entertainment value. Competition is what makes each company go for their best. Fine, call me boring, but I still think that the WWF being in control of everything that is wrestling related will be a bad idea.

    As I've stated before, this week was a bad week, but last week was also. I got this news just seconds after I sent my column out last week, so I wasn't able to write about it. Rodeo Anoai, also known as wrestler Yokozuna, was found dead in his hotel room last week. From what I've read recently, they still don't know what caused his death. My condolences and prayers go out to the Anoai family. For all of those that are interested, I found an address that you can send cards, or donations to the Anoai family:
    Keilani & Justin Anoa'i
    c/o Top Rope Productions, Inc.
    P.O. Box 251
    Whitehall, PA 18052-0251.

    Lets see, what did I do at 8 o'clock Eastern Time on Monday? Well, first I went down stairs to get some nice fudge covered Oreo cookies. Then I practice my lovely guitar, got a phone call, and when I got off I looked at the TV screen and WCW was on. Actually, WCW had been on for about thirty minutes (oops). But what was it that I saw? I was General Rection standing in the ring, and WCW's biggest stars up on a platform. Boy, I really must've missed something with that one! Although, I had to come in during the worst part, when Bill "The Career Killer" Goldberg used his horrible mic skills. At somehow Lance Storm came out and saved the interview. That's when I learned that Lance Storm lost the Canadian Championship to Rection the night before. That was interest, however, I found something that Goldberg said even more interesting. I gathered that all of the WCW roster was out there to exhort Rection. But when Goldberg did his little saying, he ended with "The streak has got to start somewhere". Gee, do you think that the once Hugh Morris was proud of the fact that he was part of the most boring winning streak in pro-wrestling history?

    One things for sure, you can't say that Eddy Guerrero can't get a girl! I found having the Kat dress up like little Mini Chyna to be very good in entertainment value. After all, if you all remember, she used to dress and act like Chyna not all that long ago. One thing that I find amazing is that Chyna got over Eddy so quickly. I guess it's true, the WWF really doesn't know how to play "heartbreak" angles very well. Although, it could turn to play out in an interesting way. I think we've all seen the way the Mr. Gunn looks at Chyna, and I've seen Chyna give Billy that same look back. They could play it out that the reason Chyna got over Latino Heat so quickly is because of Billy Gunn. Hey, you never know, anything could happen! But I would still prefer to see a heartbroken Chyna in the ring, with Eddy and Chyna-ette making her life miserable. The heels have to have some fun too, ya know!

    Speaking of Chyna, and Mr. Gunn, I can't help but think of the Right to Censor. Stephen Richards is doing a wonderful job of censoring the WWF stars, but this time he outdid himself! Finally, Mr. "A", won't be going under that horrible nickname anymore! However, what will Billy Gunn's new nickname be? Will he even have a new nickname? Or will he just go for the plain old "Billy Gunn" name? I think it would be hilarious if he went under the name Mr. Butt, Mr. Fanny, Mr. Buns, or Mr. Tooshie. But not only did the RTC censor Mr. Rear-End, but they also made their mark in an inter-gender match again the Hardy Boyz and Lita. I predict that Ivory will be a force to be reckoned with for Lita, and soon we'll hopefully have a woman's champion that we can finally look up to! One thing that bugs me is the fact that poor Ivory is forced to wrestle in a skirt. I have a feeling that will change, because, take it from me, sometimes it's even hard just to walk in those thing!

    The comedy never seems to stop with the WWF! Before I go on with the rest of what I'm going to say, let me take a time out to say Happy Birthday to Edge! I just love it when wrestlers have birthday on wrestling night. Although, I'm sure that they don't because they always seem to end up working on them. But I do, because I love to see what type of birthday party, or present they end up getting. With Edge and Christian, I certainly wasn't disappointed. Not only that, but Christian seemed to be pretty good on the Kazoo, and Edge was wonderful at being the lead vocal. But when they said "Hey, since The Game is here, lets play some!", I thought I was going to die laughing. I hope that the WWF doesn't split those two up, because if they did it would be a shame!

    Well, that's all I have for this week. WCW seemed to be a little bit bland this week, but they normally always are. The only good parts where when I saw Mike Sanders. Although I didn't see him that often since he was mostly on during the second hour, when I was busy watching Triple H, Edge Christian, and my Olympic Hero. The WWF put on a good show, and I was very impressed with the interview Chris Jericho and The Rock gave. Hearing people make fun of other wrestler's catch phrases always seems to put a smile on my face! However, something else that was interesting was how Triple H managed to get Stephanie out of the building, and then book himself a match with Kurt Angle. I bet Stephanie will have some interesting things to say about that on Smackdown this week. I guess I will end with that. Feel free to e-mail me, so on to my Closing Remarks!

    ~Buff isn't the father… wasn't it obvious?

    ~Where did Luger come from?

    ~I think that Stephen Richards need more interview time… I just love the way he says "unacceptable"

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