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    Sheerah's Sharpshooter 12/21/1999
    Reported by Sheerah Fisher on 1/16/100
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Merry Christmas!

    MERRRRRRRRRY CHRISTMAS! Oh, how I love the Christmas Season! How I love wrestling Christmas shows! Well, enough of that, I'll get on to the stuff you actually WANT to hear! That is, the winner of last week's TRIVIA!!! The winner was…

    Mr. Schreck!!!!!!!

    Congrats to the winner! Well, due to the Christmas Cut-down, there is no trivia question this week, but don't worry, EVERYTHING will turn back to normal next week. I PROMISE!

    It's that time of year again! Yep, Christmas Time! Everyone else seems to be putting one of their Christmas memories in their columns, so I'll go along with the crowd (no, I'm not quite sure if everyone would jump off a bridge if I would do it too). It was, Christmas time, and I was younger (wow! I bet you didn't see that coming!). My parents took me to a restaurant called Pete's Famous. This place looked like one of those old run-down diners with cockroaches, and for all I knew they had them, but at least they had good mozzarella sticks. I ordered my meal, and my mother looked at me as if she was going to tell me something that would turn my world upside down, something that would change my life as I knew it. She looked at me, held my hand, and uttered the statement, "Sheerah, there is no Santa Claus". Then, a sigh of relief ran over me, because I thought she was actually going to say something that I didn't know. Then all was well in the Fisher household. The strangest part was, that Christmas I received a present from someone named "Santa". Strange, wouldn't you agree?

    You know whats really strange about writing a column all week? Well this paragraph I'm writing, is being writing on Tuesday. Which means, I just got finished writing last week's column yesterday, and now have to start all over again! Do I ever get a break? Well, yes I do! Because I'm taking a vacation this Saturday-Monday. Of course, I'm sure none of you care. ANYWAY, I'll get on to the point. Well, I can't remember my point, so I'll just have some notes about last week's ratings! Raw did it again, they totally killed, defeated and obliterated Nitro, once again. Nitro drew a 2.8 for all three hours! Does this madness never stop! As I've said before, BISCHOFF GOT BETTER RATINGS!!! Then there's Raw who got a 6.1 just in the head to head ratings! This is total madness! Quite frankly, I'm not sure why the new "Prez" doesn't just fire these idiot bookers (Russo and Ferrera), and get some good ones! The WCW fans hate them, the WWF fans hate them. Well, there is one good thing being brought out by this. All wrestling fans alike are being united by our hate of Russo and Ferrera! You may be a WWF, WCW, ECW, or even NWA fan, but I'm sure we all agree on our hate for the "Powers to Be".

    WWF TV Guide hits once again! This time, Chyna, Triple H, The Rock, and Mankind will be gracing the cover of this weekly novelty! Of course, they have the stupid idea of having them in Presidential poses, which I really don't understand. I think I'll just add that into the list of many other things in the TV Guide I don't understand. I'm not happy about Chyna being on the cover. There are just so many better people to have on it! Like the McMahon family for instance (especially Shane)! Or everyone's favorite Woman's Champion, IVORY (or should I say, former Woman's Champion)! Well, I guess I'll just have to wait 'til next time.

    It's Sharpshooter Awards time! Yes, you can still get in on it! For those of you who don't know, at the end of each year I run the Sheerah's Sharpshooter Year of Wrestling Awards!!! TADA! This is where… not McMahon… Not Russo… not Ferrera…. And ESPECIALLY not Bill Clinton vote for who wins, but YOU DO! I'm running them all of December (or whats let of it), so you can still vote! Here is the form to send in, fill it out and send it to (and as I've said every week…. ANY VOTES FOR ME IN THE COLUMNIST AREA WILL NOT BE COUNTED! Also, please vote in all the categories. Especially the columnist and quotes, I never knew there were so many out there to pick from.)

    Your Name:

    Best Wrestler of '99:

    Who was the best champ of '99:

    Best Mic Worker:

    Best Tag Team:

    Most improved Wrestler:

    Best Valet/Manager:

    Favorite group:

    Favorite Federation:

    Favorite Columnist:

    Best Theme Song:

    Favorite Web Site:

    Biggest Heel:

    Biggest Face:

    Best quote:

    Worst signing to a contract:

    Most likely to deserve, but never get a good push:

    Most likely to run for President of the United States:

    Now, this is where things will get a little different, all of those categories were just for '99, but not for the NEW Millennium Ones! Remember, don't base these of just this past year, but the entire Millennium! Here goes:

    Best Wrestler of the Millennium:

    Best Tag Team of the Millennium:

    The Warrior back in WCW?!?! Will it never stop! They're trying to tone down the older stars, and yet they want to bring n the Warrior! How old is this guy, 68? I will never get the "Powers that Be" strategy. He did bring in ratings the last time, but he totally bored me. Of course, that was Bischoff's way. But "Easy E"s way interested me more than anything Russo and Ferrera can do, so that means their way will be much worse.

    Well, the PTC is whining again, as I'm sure you've all heard. Now they're complaining about Miss Kitty at the PPV. Why not do something that makes sense and complain about the Spice Channel! Goodness, is nothing safe from these right-winged zealots (I still have to find out what that means…)! It was a PPV! When was the last time someone protested from a PPV! People, lets get together and send these people some nice mail! Their e-mail address is: Now, PLEASE, be diplomatic! Cursing them out, spelling things wrong on purpose, and using certain wrestling phrases will just prove the point they're trying to make.

    Smackdown was a disappointment. Well, Stephanie's little power trip it still quite amusing. BUT Shane and Vince wasn't there. So that put a little damper on things. Although, they do book good matches. But, if Triple H didn't book the Jericho vs. Bossman/Prince Albert, and Stephanie didn't… who did? I would say it is a way to bring Bischoff in, but I highly doubt that.

    Okay, here's the official update on my "official" homepage! Well, I've decided I'm going to totally redo it! It will be better looking, and will feature special dedication pages on wrestler, and it will just, well, look better! Not only that, I'm going to have all of my latest and past columns on it! Of course, I'm also currently working on getting real prizes for the trivia winners, so stay turned!

    Well, Mr. Wade Keller is saying Kevin Nash has it in for Jericho! Okay, that's not his wording, but that's what it sounds like. He said that "Big Sexy" told Triple H to make it hard on Jericho on his early days in the WWF. So Nash wouldn't look bad for not pushing Chris while he was in WCW. Hate to say it to you Nash, but you always looked bad! You booked worse than Russo! Okay, maybe that's a little much, but you still couldn't book! In my opinion, I don't think he's telling Triple H to do that. But that's just my opinion, not what is happening! I guess it could be happening, and if it is, I hope Nash gets fired for it! Although, I doubt he will because the "Powers that Be" probably think it's helping them out.

    Can Al Snow ever get away from this? Now Wrestling Figures are on the Top 10 Worst Gifts which was written by some Rev. named after a flower (iris, rose, tulip, something like that). I think this list is totally bogus. Of course, Al Snow's action figure with Head is on the list. I can't believe it! It's a mannequin head! Then there's the Buff Bagwell Wheel Chair action figure, which I still don't' know the reason behind that. Now for the stretcher, and the casket playsets, I can see a little concern there. But for Buffy and Al's action figures? I just don't get it! IT'S A MANNEQUIN HEAD! IT'S NOT A REAL HEAD!

    Well, Edge is in a movie! Yessiree Roger, he's in Highlander: Endgame. Good for you, Edge! You look like someone who should be in a movie like that. Well, that's not to be a bad thing, of course, it's not a good thing either. Well, I'll stop before I dig myself deeper into this whole.

    Madusa and Spice is WCW's version of Chyna and Miss Kitty. Although, I'm sure you all knew that. I like Madusa's new attitude, although I don't like Chyna's and they virtually have the same attitude. It's probably just the person, because Chyna has to be the most annoying woman in the world. Although, Madusa isn't all that great either. Well, I'm sure this angle will be played out too much and I'll get so sick of it my head will spin.

    It's back again! I know you haven't seen it since last week, and here it is! The Russo and Ferrera Stupid Gimmick of the Week! This week's winner is the "Pops" gimmick, AKA the old guy that bugged Hugh Morris. When will they get this? They come up with the stupidest things most of the time! Like the Artist Formally Known at Prince Iaukea, or how about last week's winner, Chris "Champagne" Kanyon?

    I can't believe they're doing the "I got cheated out of the title" angle AGAIN! It wasn't good the first time. Of course, the first time it was real, but this is terrible! They totally ruined Piper, although what he said about Christmas being someone's birthday was true. Back to the point, it's not a good angle. Good thing Raw started around 3 minutes into his interview! But still, I don't get the fact that Bret Hart vacated his belt. This thing the Powers That Be are doing is totally stupid and I hope they get the worst ratings they're ever gotten!

    I love it when Stephanie and Triple H are in a giving mood! You know one thing I've always liked about the WWF? Because they ALWAYS have a big Christmas show, unlike WCW. I mean, WCW has no holiday spirit! Not even with the WWF bookers making the show! I guess the McMahons always have a nice touch at Christmas! Especially with Stephanie and Triple H booking, there's ALWAYS surprises around the corner!

    Once again I must praise Stephanie's heel change, she is very amusing! Although, the Mic Foley interview was great! Actually, that whole segment was great! First we get to see JR get one last clubber'n! From Stephanie McMahon Helmsly no less! Of course, we also get some beautiful Christmas Decorations, from the wonderful Triple H. Then Mankind comes and give an interview like no other! Although, he did make a "Ho, Ho, Ho" comment, but I think everyone was expecting that. Of course, his interview after finding out he has to fight Santa Claus was even funnier!

    I know what my New Years revolution is! I'm going to try as hard as I can to practice the Three "I"s! I can't believe it, I actually like Kurt Angle! I thought he was going to be one of those annoying faces, that win all the time. Instead, he's one of those wonderful heels who win all the time! Of course, Stephanie likes him, so he must be great! We all know Stephanie is a person of impeccable taste, after all, she married Triple H!

    I can't believe that Raw had an over the top, topless, Venis, Holly, match-up thingy. That was really disgusting. We all knew you wouldn't "see" anything, but it was still nasty. I wish it didn't happen, but I guess I'll just have to live with it. Although, I will admit that when Triple H said "Did you see what I saw", that was funny. Nasty and disgusting, but still, funny.

    It's about time Russo and Ferrera gave their only success a girl! David Flair has to be the most entertaining wrestling in WCW! Of course, when you see him now it's tuff to think back to the time when he couldn't cut an interview if his life depended on it, and he always had some red spot on his cheeks. What was up with that? Of course, now he has dark circles under his eyes. I guess David will never escape having random color marks on his face.

    Well, Nitro started with the "I got cheated out of the title" gimmick, and ended with the N.W.O. Don't get me wrong, they were great in their day (when Bischoff booked), but I don' think Vinnie R. and Eddy F. have what it takes to have angle such as this. Although, my theory is quite simple. DX is back, and so is the N.W.O., which means, this time the New World Order will be a copy of DX.

    Once again, my column comes to an end! I'm rather disappointed in both shows. Nitro because Russo and Ferrera took Bischoff's ideas and brought them back, and once again booked like they were in the WWF. Raw because, once again, there was no Vince or Shane! How can they have a Christmas show without the entire McMahon family? I guess I'll just have to hope that Smackdown with feature the entire McMahon family! Or at least Shane! Well, before I close, I'll give you my Closing Remarks!

    ~Why were there three announcers on Nitro?

    ~I love how Triple H and Stephanie decorated!

    ~Mankind vs. Santa…. VERY interesting!

    ~Come on Too Cool fans! Vote for "If you don't know me, you aint my homie" for best quote of '99!

    Sheerah Fisher, column writer and webmaster of UWZ-Ultimo Wrestling Zone
    The Official Online Home of Sheerah Fisher