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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 09/03/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 12:40:21 10/03/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    "How's your head" - Chris Benoit to Stephanie… and Benoit actually smiled after that comment.

    Hello there, Sharpshooter fans. A lot of things happened this week, and I'm going to make a couple of statements that I'm sure none of you would expect me to say. To me more specific, I'm going to make comments that are not disparaging towards the Rock and Austin. Not only that, but I'm having my Trivia contest have a comeback! Well, I couldn't think of a really nice and hard question, so I unfortunately have to use one that I used a while ago (a couple years…). So, here goes! Remember, the person to win the trivia contest will be the FIRST person to answer it correctly. As always, only one entry per contest per person, and send all answers to Well, here we go!

    Who is the creator of the Scorpion Deathlock?
    1)Stew Hart
    2)Katana Kayashi
    3)Riki Choysu
    4)Kento Kobashi
    5)None of the Above

    The ratings numbers seem to be very interesting as of late. The WWF pulled a much higher rating than I had expected them to do for their first TNN show. They came off with a 5.5 rating, which is down from last week, but that's to be expected. They had a great show, and if they were on USA, it probably would've gotten bigger ratings. But for their first show, it wasn't bad. I guess there weren't too many lost WWF fans, and if there were, not many of them turned to WCW for their entertainment. WCW's Nitro got a 2.9 composite, which was up .1 from last week, which in my personal opinion, isn't all that good. I bet everyone at Turner Headquarters is a bit upset, since they planned a big show with the hope that they'd pick up some wrestling fans that don't have TNN, or didn't remember the channel change. Some interesting information on the first Raw on TNN, the WWF pulled the highest rating the network has seen in 17 years. That's no small accomplishment. They also were exposed to 16% more percent of the male population, and 6% of the female population. Hey, I don't mind having more fellow female WWF fans. It's hard being a fan and being out numbered by the male population!

    I guess I could say the PTC is at it again, but it appears as if they've never stopped. They recently got another WWF sponsor to pull their advertisement, and are just being a normal pain in the butt as usual. They've announced that WWFE has dropped 35% in their stock value. Of course, they credit themselves for the loss. Just take a look at this quote from L. Brent Bozell III, the chairman of the Parent Television Counsel: "I guess the WWFE has learned the hard way just how painful it is to be smacked down by responsible corporate advertisers. As the Chairman of the PTC, I claim full responsibility for an educational campaign that tells the truth about Smackdowns! raw sexual content and violent programming that is marketed directly to the children of our nation. Vince and Linda McMahon can malign the PTC and me personally all they want. They can make all the legal threats against our organization they wish. And their supporters can continue their death threats against us. But, the PTC will continue its campaign to convince corporate America that it has a national responsibility to turn away from such violent and sexually explicit programming aimed at children.". Okay, I may not know much about the corporate world, but I am a girl, and one thing I know is that the person who said this is horribly stuck on himself! I still am not quite sure how a companies can listen to hypocrites like the PTC (and pull their adds), and I still don't understand how Mr. Bozell doesn't realize what he's doing is unconstitutional. Heck, I'll admit it, I hate seeing Chyna and the rest of the women of wrestling in their scantily clad clothing. I think it's degrading and immoral. However, I can't force my personal convictions on someone else, no matter how much I wish The Kat would get a clue and wear clothes. I hope this power-hungry dog will get a clue, and stop trying to push aside our constitutional rights, and stop pretending he knows whats good for us.

    Even if the odious PTC is still on the WWF case, I guess that doesn't mean that Vinnie Mac is going to stop going on his by-day-by quest to make the WWF bigger. They've now put out the WWF Fanatic PPV series, which seems like it will be like the WCW series, which was on not long ago. The first installment they have is called The Rock: The People's Champion. Yes, the same show they produced on home video not that long ago. Personally, I love it when they put the home videos out of PPV. Hopefully they'll follow is WCW's footsteps, and put out some that haven't been previously released. I can remember getting one on Disco Inferno a while back, and it was pretty good considering the fact that the highest points in Disco's career are most likely going to happen in the next couple years. Maybe the WWF will even put out one of the Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley/Triple H/Angle feud. They put one out of the McMahon/Austin feud, so why not produce another video on one of the greatest angles in WWF history.

    The rumors about the WCW buyout have started again. First, the rumor was the Mandalay Sports was going to purchase WCW, and Bischoff would be apart of it. Then, out of no where, we start hearing about a buyout from the WWF. I don't think that that would ever happen. Now, once again it is said that Mandalay Sports is buying out WCW, and it might happen any day now. WCW may be in bad shape, but are they that bad that they're going to sell? If a buyout does happen, things should get interesting. If Mandalay Sports does come through, then I believe Eric Bischoff will become the head of it (as rumored before). The rumor that Vince McMahon is going to buy it has pretty much died out, so I'm not even going to mention anymore about that. I still just think that this is a big rumor, with nothing backing it at all. However, if a buyout did take place, WCW would probably keep everyone else in the dark, and shoot down the rumors. Which is pretty much (from what I've heard) what they're doing. So I guess I wouldn't totally forget about it, and label is as "nonexisting", because anything can happen.

    There's also been a lot of talk about Triple H turning face. According to Triple H (from a Byte This interview I believe), said that he is not turning face, and if he does, it will be after he's done with Kurt Angle. Then we go over to Wade Keller, who says that Hunter is dead sate against turning face. I love seeing Triple H has a heel, but I'm sure that the WWF bookers are thinking that he's been heel for too long now. He's been feuding with Kurt Angle, a heel, and recently teamed up with the Rock, a face. Now, all you have to do is put two and two together, and it looks like Hunter will take the long road to Face-ville.

    Good news for Rocky fans. As we all know, he recently had a role in the The Mummy 2, where he had the role of The Scorpion King. Well, now the Rock has signed a $5.5 million deal with Universal Pictures to star in the movie "The Scorpion King", a spin-off of the Mummy 2. Congratulation, Rock! Okay, I may not like him in the ring, but he does has charisma, and he is a great actor. Hey, if Universal is signing to him a deal to appear in his own movie, he must be a really good actor. The movie is set to come out around Christmas 2001, or the summer of 2002. That's a pretty long time away from now, but as we all know, movies take a long time to come out. One thing I do know, this will get the Rock off of WWF TV once again, which is both good and bad for his WWF career. True, he's getting a lot of exposure from the movie. But if he goes off and becomes a Rowdy Piper wanna-be and spends more time on the movie set than the ring, that could be a problem. But this is only one movie, and it's a major motion picture (unlike the Rowdy One's "B" movies), so I don't think there's going to be too much of a problem with that.

    The Dancing Doe-Does are back! Or were they the Dancing Fools? Oh, wait, they were the Dancing Duo. Well, Disco Inferno and Alex Wright once went under one of those tag team names, but now they're "Boogie Knights". Lame name, but a good team. Personally, the Dancing Doe-Does was always my favorite, and maybe I'll get lucky and they'll change their name. I always liked the team of Disco and Wright, in fact, I've always just liked Alex Wright. He was great when he was a Dancing Dude, and he was even good when he was Berlyn. Speaking of Berlyn, the memory just came back to me. I can remember one time with when person interpreter (I forgot what her name was), forgot her lines, and Alex had to whisper them into her ear. That may not have been the highlight of his career, but I thought he was cool. Now since he's with Disco again, maybe he'll start dancing, and grow some hair on his head.

    It's amazing, Vince Russo is the undefeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Since he did vacate the belt, that technically means that he never lost it. Therefore, he is still undefeated! His interview he gave when he was in the back was a bit odd. It seemed so choppy, almost as if he was reading from cue cards. Either that, or he was making an attempt to make fun of Vince McMahon's interview when he won the World Title. But when Goldberg came out and ran his mouth things got more interesting. I think this new Streak thing that Russo is putting Goldie through is a good thing. During his first streak, it was boring seeing a guy win match after match, and most of the time he only used his signature moves and the match was over in ten seconds. Luckily, he has gotten better, and this time his career is on the line. Another thing that Russo did that I admire is putting Mike Sanders in charge! Ya gotta love that Natural Born Thriller!

    The opening interview on Raw was interesting as always. They booked some good matches, Pay-per-view quality matches if I say so myself. When I saw the Rock come out, I didn't think I was going to enjoy the interview too much. To my surprised, I actually got through it without screaming "Shut-up" to the Rock. Even more surprising, I actually liked the interview! Okay, Mick Foley, Angle, Benoit, Kane along with Triple H made it the best. But Rock did a good job. I guess he's not so bad after. I might even start to like Rock. Whoa, now that would be scary! Rikishi did join in on the interview, and I hope he doesn't join the World Title scene, and this is just temporary. I like Rikishi, but I don't like him that much for him to get a run at the World Title. I'd prefer to see the Rock as champion, and that's another scary thought. But Rocky did want to put the title on the line, and unfortunately he couldn't because of our wonderful, comical commissioner, Mick Foley.

    This Stone Cold Steve Austin "Who Hit Me With a Car?" angle is getting a good. It's not playing out how I thought it would. I thought it would've been over within one week, and we would all know who the mysterious driver was. Well, I was evidently wrong. For me, it was a big surprise seeing Billy Gunn come out. It was good to see him back, and goodness, he has gotten very muscular. Here is another scary thought, I'm starting to like Austin. I guess I just like the way he's interfering in matches and leaving like nothing has happened. First I start to like the Rock, and now Austin? How could this be! This just isn't right!

    I can't believe it! The ending of Nitro had Booker T. vs. Jeff Jarrett, and Booker won AGAIN! This can't be happening. I'd rather watch a Hulk Hogan match, then watch Booker T as world champion. He has just been the champion too long, and when he does drop the belt, it's to Kevin Nash! Don't get my wrong, I like Kev, but what the rest of WCW? At least Russo had the belt for a fleeting moment. Maybe sometime we'll have a World Champion we can look up to (Sting would be nice, or even Lance Storm, I'm desperate at this point!). On the WWF, the Main Event was a bit interesting. Triple H left his loving wife in the middle of the ring. I'd watch out, because we all know that Kurt will be lurking in the shadows and waiting for Stephanie. Well, that will be it for this week. As always, feel free to e-mail me. Now, on to my Closing Remarks!

    ~Why is it that the Filthy Animals wear the latest in women's fashion?

    ~I wanna be like Mike! (Sanders)

    ~Will somebody beat the Hardy Boyz so Edge and Christian could get a title shot!

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