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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 09/19/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 10:05:29 09/19/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Kurt Angle suffers the ultimate humiliation

    Hello my weekly readers! I'm baaaaack! As you have probably figured out, there was no issue of Sheerah's Sharpshooter last week, due to circumstances waaaay out of my control. But this week I'm back, and I don't plan on having any more little things to interrupt me sending out my column on a weekly basis. Well, I've been away for a week, and I'd like to mention a couple of thing from last week that I did, as well as some stuff from this week. So, here goes nothing!

    My column was put on hold last week, but the wrestling world certainly wasn't. In fact, there was a jam packed Nitro, and a pretty good Raw. There were some ratings to go with them as well. I don't plan to spend too much time on ratings this week, but I will just make mention that Raw beat Nitro 5.8 to 3.2. That is a very good number for Nitro, and a not-so-good rating for Raw. It's still ahead of the competition, but it's not what they've been getting. But you have to take into account that they were put into a horrid time slot the weeks before, so I'm sure that effected it. One thing I loved about Nitro, even though it was rather short, was Madusa's interview with that blonde Pamela person. Madusa's "Are you standing in a hole, or are you always that short?" comment was very much worth watching the entire show for. Raw was good, even though I didn't quite get the reason why Kurt punched Triple H when he was holding Stephanie. That doesn't seem like something a "good friend" would to, in my personal opinion.

    As you all know from my statements above, last weeks column didn't get out. But still, I would like to comment about the happenings of Raw and Nitro. There were two things that caught my eye. First I'll start with the one on good 'ole Dubbleya Cee Doubleya. Actually, it wasn't hard for it to catch my eye, because it might as well have been of the show. The David Flair/Stacy Keibler wedding took an expected turn. Yes, that's right, and "expected" turn. It was obvious they weren't going to tie the knot. Although it wasn't obvious that Vince Russo was going to have a restraining order put on Ric Flair, which would prohibit him from being in the building. One thing I must say, Ric, you're looking pretty good with that hair cut! David Flair seems to clean up quite nicely as well. But what stole the show was when Daphne was giving Stacy bunny-ears during the Preacher's little "We are gathered in the sight of God" speech. Then as we all guessed, Stacy left David at the alter. I would expect this angle to play at out we all expect, with Ric Flair as the father, and then whatever Russo's head cooks up.

    Another thing that caught my eye was on the WWF, with Eddy Guerrero begging Mamacita to take him back, and that follow that up by showing off his Latino Temper to Too Cool. I love Eddy when he's a heel. Well, I might as well say it, I just love Eddy! But his interview quality really gets to shine when he's his bad old self. His new heel self is even against Chyna's porno pictures in Playboy. I hope Vinnie Mac will realize that Eddy can get some tremendous heat from the crowd, and give him some interview time. Goodness, during his match with Too Cool, about five seconds in the match the crowd started their little "Eddy Sucks" chant. Back in the days when Eddy and Chavo feuded, it was one of WCW's most loved angles. I don't think it just had to do with the fact that it was a great angle to begin with. I think it has more to do with the fact that Guerrero is great at what he does. He even turned LWO into something that was interesting. So, Vince, keep Eddy heel, and give him interview time. What the heck, while you're at it, turn Jericho heel and have him team with Guerrero. They always did make a dynamite tag team.

    Ted DiBiase is returning to the wrestling ring! However, it isn't exactly the way you're probably picturing it. He's not going to be in the ring on a Nitro, nor a Thunder. But instead he is wrestling a Youth Pastor, who goes by the name of Adam Farley. I wish it would be an official WCW wrestling match, but I guess you can't get everything in life. Actually, I just wish that we'd see him back on TV again. Obviously, he's not going to be taking too many risks, considering the fact that he has a nasty neck injury, and that the Pastor isn't experienced in the art of wrestling. Of course, this is a Youth Function for the Youth Group, and kind of a reach-out thing to the other teens. Hey, it's not that bad of an idea. If people buy $200 tickets to go to a PPV, I'm sure tons of people would show up for something free (as far as I know it's free anyway), and if they get to see a classic wrestler at work.

    The unthinkable has happened. Jim Duggan has turned on America. Although, it was pretty obvious since the rumors were going around the internet for about a week. But still, it was amazing to see Jim Duggan turn heel. I didn't think it would ever happen. Jimmy once prided himself on being an American, and now he's Canadian? This simply isn't possible. I'm guessing that sometime down the road we'll find out that Duggan is going to pull a major swerve on Lance's group. Actually, I'm still a bit shocked from the matter, and I don't quite know what to think. I mean, he's "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan! The All-American! Not the All-Canadian! I guess he's finally going to get to play the heel character, instead of being the fun-loving Hacksaw we once knew and loved. Well, who knows, maybe he'll be even better as a bad guy! I just hope he doesn't get rid of his funny faces, or his little Stick Up His Thumb and Say "HOOOOOOOO" thing!

    WCW has done it again, and I simply can't believe it. They've given Booker T. the WCW World Title, AGAIN! Why, Russo, why? I didn't like it the first time, and I certainly don't like it now. He may be a fan favorite, but I still don't think he's championship materiel. I personally don't like his wrestling technique, and as I've said before, he's too much like a copy of the Rock. Well, I suppose there could be worse World Champions, like Scott Steiner. Steiner is another athlete I've never liked, and chances are I never will. All I can say is that I hope one of two things happens. Either WCW makes Booker drop the belt. Or, Booker T works on his wrestling technique, and doesn't rely on his stupid phrases to get him over with the crowd. In other words, Booker, stop acting like the Rock! You don't know how much better a wrestler you'd be if you weren't such a carbon copy!

    Good news for the anti-porn supporters. It appears that Stacy Kiebler was contacted by Penthouse Magazine, for an offer to appear in a future issue. But they didn't really get anywhere, because she turned them down! Although, she turned it down because she supposedly said she isn't ready to do something like that in this point in her career. Will she in the future? Well, I'm sure you all know that I hope not. Quite frankly, I know nothing about Penthouse Magazine. I had to ask someone just to find out that it's just like another Playboy. That and when I was on a tour of the Hudson River in NY they cruised by the mansion of the person who owned the magazine. But I know that anything that someone says is like Playboy is not going to be on my "acceptable" list. Words to Stacy, never degrade yourself by posing in one of those magazines.

    Vince Russo has made the situation that Booker T is the champ a bit better. That is that nice Tag Team thing he set up on Nitro. The interview he gave was quite interesting, and the fact that it slammed Goldberg put it high on my entertainment list. One note though, at the end Russo said that ever since he was a little boy, he's always dreamed of being WCW champion. Well, Russo, hate to break it to you, but WCW wasn't around back then. I think it would be cool is Russo did get a title shot in his home on Long Island New York. Sorry to all you Russo haters, but I can't help but love a fellow New Yorker, and Russo definitely fits that description. Not only that, but I can't help but love a fellow New Yorker who is the #1 Contender to the WCW Championship!

    The WWF begins with the usual large interview, don't ya love it? When they include such great interviewers like Stephanie, Kurt Angle, and Triple H, it's certainly going to be great. I loved the video footage that Kurt showed Stephanie, and it made you think. Of course, I always enjoyed the footage that Triple H showed, and that one REALLY made you think. I don't think I've ever seen a grown man cry quite like that before. I certainly know I've never seen a grown man cry that much. I think we all know that Kurt isn't a little "Cumsey-Cumsaw". After all, we've all seen that Greco-Roman Lip Lock he planted on Stephanie.

    Steven William Regal has returned! I wasn't really looking forward to his returning, but now that I've seen his little segment on Raw, I love it! Now I will always remember that "The napkin in not your enemy". Of course, Chris Jericho had to come out and ruin thing, and X-pac come out and ruined them even more. But it was still interesting looking at the looks Regal was giving Jericho when he disposed of his wonderful place setting. One things for sure, I'll be looking forward to seeing Regal on WWF programming again. Maybe the WWF will come up with a nice All-American Red Neck to feud with him.

    Monday Night was great! I think both Nitro and Raw put on great shows. Hey, WCW had an interview with David Flair, so that in itself assures a good show, and on top of that Russo is getting a World Title shot next week! Then there was Raw, which I enjoyed greatly. I loved Hunter and Angle's little exchange of insults. Remember? When Angle said "Hey, Hunter, try to go a week without accidentally hitting your wife", and Triple H fired back with "Okay, why don't you try going a match without hitting on me?". With all the excitement of the night, I forgot that it was a PPV week, so I didn't put any predictions for it. But I will say, I think that Edge and Christian will successfully defend the tag titles (or at least I hope they will). I also think that something interesting might happen in the Triple H vs. Kurt Angle match. I'm not quite sure what, but I have one of those gut feelings that something will happen. For the World Title match, I just hope that the Rock doesn't come out of it still being the World Champion. Well, that's it for this week, I'll leave you with my Closing Remarks!

    ~Rey Misterio Jr., your new horns fit you perfectly

    ~WWF Unforgiven is certainly going to be a night to remember!

    ~Why exactly does the Undertaker have the name "Sara" tattooed on his neck?

    ~Eddy bring comedy back to the WWF when he referred to Hugh Hefner as the "Bunny Man"

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