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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 09/05/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 11:51:42 09/05/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Revenge of the Ex-Fiancé

    It's time! That right, it's Sharpshooter time! Alas, I have to open up my column with horrid news. Due to circumstances out of my control I may not be able to send out a column next week. This doesn't mean there's no chance that I'm going to. It just means that you shouldn't hold your breath to see the next issue. If I am unable to send one out, there will be one the week after next, as usual. I'm very sorry about this, but I can't help it. Trust me, if I could, I would. Well, lets go on to the rest of my column.

    Never, in my entire life, did I ever think I would be so shocked over something. Never, in my entire life, did something so amazing happen. Well, that may be pushing it a little bit, but that I'm about to write about is pretty amazing. For the first time in about a year and a half, the Monday Night War ratings have become a bit interesting! Yes, Nitro lost, but this time they closed the gap a bit. Of course, it helps that they were unopposed, and that Raw had a horrible time slot. Goodness, even I didn't watch Raw, I taped it. WWF's Raw is War come off with a nice 4.9 composite rating (11.5 share), off of the hours of 4.5 and 5.0, and their overrun got a 5.1. That not bad considering the fact that they were put in a terrible time slot. On to Nitro which ran unopposed on the East Coast, did a totally awesome rating of 3.5, off of the hours of 3.1, and 4.0, with no overrun. WCW has done it! They closed the gap! Well, somewhat anyway. It took Raw being moves, putting on a good show, and brining Bret Hart back, but they finally did it! Good job WCW! Although, we all know this isn't going to last, but at least WCW can bask in their glory for another week.

    Is it just me, or does Stephen Richards have the worst luck? First, he has a horrible injury involving his spinal chord and neck. Then, he breaks his foot from being thrown out of the ring. What's next on the list of injuries for our good friend Stephen Richard? Now he's torn the PCL in his right knee. He got this latest injury when Rikishi knocked him off of the apron during his match on Smackdown this past week. Man, Richards has the worst luck! He just comes back, he gets a gimmick, and angle, and everything else every jobber can only dream about, and he gets injured again. I don't know how serious this tare in, but normally anything to do with a tare is going to be painful. He was on Raw, so it evidently wasn't that bad. But I wouldn't expect to see him wrestle again for a while. He hasn't been pushed too much as a wrestler, so I don't think it will make too much of a different in whats ahead for the RTC.

    It looks like some big, major, and gigantic happens are going on in WCW. It is said that Eric Bischoff hasn't had his last word with WCW, and wants to make a huge impact on it. Bischoff met with Brad Siegel, and the subject of the meeting was that Bischoff purchasing WCW. He is leading a group, that is backed by Mandalay sports. Personally, I've never heard of them, but they're evidently big if they're talking about purchasing World Championship Wrestling. Easy E once gave WCW a great run at glory, when they were burying the WWF is the ratings war. Do you think he can do it again? Well, he had other shots before and couldn't cut it. Although, I liked most of his ideas, but the WCW Executive Board never gave him enough time to let them grow into something people wanted to see. Where will this leave Hogan, Russo, and the rest of the talent roster? Well, who knows. Bischoff favors Hogan, there is no doubt about that. But Russo is doing a great job at booking. How will this effect WCW? I guess only time will tell. But first we have to wait and see if it actually happens. Because as of now, it is JUST A RUMOR. Therefore, there could be no truth to it at all. Easy E has made a statement that he did have a meeting with Siegel, but he didn't discuss WCW. Personally, if Bischoff makes a statement about it, I'd take it to be truth. But people are saying he's just shooting the rumor down because it's true, but why the heck would be do that?

    Well, I was going to write about this next week. But in light of recent happenings, it looks like I'm going to have to do it this week. This is something I've been looking forward to for a long time, and it figures I wouldn't be able to see it. David Flair and Miss Hancock's wedding is just around the corner. It does show shades of WWF programming, of course. So, if it is truly going to take after the WWF, Miss Hancock won't get hitched to David. Will she instead have gotten married the night before courtesy of a bit too much liquor, and someone that wants to get back at David? But I doubt that. One of my friends recently told me they heard that Ric Flair will make a cameo at the wedding, and claim he's the father of Miss Hancock's little bundle of joy. I have no doubt that Ric will show up, but will he return with that news? I don't particularly think so, but you never know. But in my opinion, I don't think it will go down as expected.

    Kurt Angle has gotten the eyes of the WWF, and I can see why. Well, he's always had their attention, but now I bet they're very impressed with him. Think about it, you're wrestling in a big Main Event match, and you get a concussion in the middle of it, which leaves your memory totally shot. But, you come out and continue to wrestle, you show up for a show the next night, and then on top of that the night after that you take part in another wrestling match. Lets see, which "I" would that fit under? If that's not intensity, I don't know what is. Of course, it's also a great display of endurance, stamina, and will, but none of them start with "I", so they don't count. When people get into those situations, that's when you really get to see what they're made out of.

    The WWF still has a couple of tricks up their sleeves. Their little "Smackdown! Your Vote" campaign has brought more than I expected. Who would've thought that the WWF would lay down a challenge to Al Gore, and George Busch to come in the middle of the WWF ring, and do a mini debate? From the news I've heard, Busch is up for the task, and they have yet to hear from Gore. If Gore knows anything, he'll go for it. 14 million voters are a lot, and that's what the WWF holds in the palm of their hands. If this does come to pass, I bet the WWF would come up with some interesting questions for them. If they're smart, they'd ask each candidate their view on the PTC. Although, that would give Busch an advantage in the hearts of WWF voters, because he doesn't have a running mate who's in cahoots with the Parent Television Council, unlike Al Gore. You know, it's just hit me that I'm talking about Presidential Candidates, and Sports-Entertainment all being in one subject. Do you think that Vince McMahon Sr. would've ever thought that this would have happened? This is some pretty major stuff. I mean, the WWF is helping the people pick the person that is going to lead this nation for the next four years. This debate would really be a big thing. Plus it will be a chance for the nation to realize that Al Gore has no thoughts of his own. Have you ever read one of those "What your Presidential Candidates think" things? It's amazing! For just about every answer Al Gore is "partially against", or "partially for". Where as Busch goes off on a limb and boldly says what he's for.

    It's amazing! I actually got to see Raw is War! With the help of Mr. Tape and Mr. VCR. However, I wasn't able to watch Nitro due to, well, I'm not quite sure. I'm sure you don't care about the reason anyway, so I won't even try to explain it. Raw is War was definitely great! We finally found out who the culprit is who called the cops on Triple H. Honestly, I thought it was Joe. It figures, in the past I've blamed Test for every bad thing that has ever happened to Triple H, but this time it slipped my mind, and I was totally shocked to see Andrew Martin come out and admit his guilt. It's about time that we found out what has been going on in Test's mind this entire time. This Triple H/Stephanie angle seems to be involving more and more wrestlers every week. First it was Kurt, then came along Chyna and Eddie, and now Test and Trish seem to have a part in it as well. One thing that I find interesting it that every wrestler has a woman backing them, except for our poor Olympic hero, Kurt Angle. But we all know the history with him and Stephanie, so that could change. One rather scary part on Raw was when Kurt Angle was shown sneaking up behind Steph, and watching her watch the Triple H vs. Test match. Now that is scary.

    Edge and Christian have done it! They're finally Main Eventers! Well, it may have been for one night only, but still, they fought with the Rock, and the Undertaker, and still came away with a win! You know how hard it is for those established stars to lose to up and coming talent. The Tag Team champ's new excuse for not wrestling was rather interesting. Of course, Mick Foley's comments about their excuse were even funnier. Anyway, it is great to see Edge and Christian in the ring with stars that have reached some of the highest "magnitution". And it was even better to see them double chair shot the Rock. They definitely made this WWF fan happy! During their match, Kane did some pretty good commentary. I'm actually starting to like the over-grown monster. He doesn't like the Rock, he doesn't like the Undertaker, what could be better?

    Monday is over, and something grand has happened! Eddy Guerrero is finally a champion again! I knew something was up going to happen when Mick so generously made it a 3-way match for the title, with Eddy, Chyna, and Kurt Angle. Latino Heat deserves that belt, a heck of a lot more than Chyna does. It was quite humorous when he dropped the belt as soon as Mamacita woke up. It did stir a bit of emotion in their relationship though. It seems that Mick Foley likes to stir things in the relationship scene. He's doing a great job at it, I'll give him that much. For Nitro, well, I didn't get to see it, but I read a report on it. I was rather disappointed that I didn't see Bret Hart in it. Although, I did hear about Lance Storm's group trying to make Major Gunns a Canadian, which seemed rather amusing. But even if I did see it, I still don't think it could have beaten Raw. On the WWF we even got to see a mini interview with Midion, somewhat get an idea of why he's turned into a person who seems to have a dislike for clothing. But another highlight is when Mick referred to Triple H as the WWF Champion. I only wish that were a true statement that he made. It's time for me to sign off, but before I do, I want to wish everyone in the great country of America a Happy Labor Day! Now, on to my Closing Remarks!

    ~I don't think there's any chance with Triple H and Chyna now that she'd publicly admitted she enjoyed putting Stephanie into the mat with a DDT.

    ~Mideon is one scary dude…

    ~Kiantie + APA = Ratings

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