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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 08/08/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 12:13:09 08/08/00
    Sheerah’s Sharpshooter
    The night-time Soap Opra called “sports-entertainment” continues!

    Hellooooooooooo Sharpshooter fans! It’s once again time for this week’s Sheerah’s Sharpshooter! However, I regret to inform you that next week there will be no issue. Yes, summertime has struck again, and one of the unavoidable vacations have come up. The good news is that this is the last planned vacation for ’00, so after this I’ll be sending out my column regularly! One good thing is that while I’m on this latest vacation, I plan to be working on my website, and adding a couple new features to it! As always, feel free to check out my website (! Now I’ll go on to the rest of my column.

    Ratings, ratings, ratings. What can I say? Raw beat Nitro with a baseball bat, threw them in the mud, and spat on them. The World Wrestling Federation’s Raw is War did a 6.4 rating, with a 10.1 share, off of the hours of 5.8 (8.8 share), and 7.0 (11.4 share). Now this is the humiliating part, Nitro got a minute rating, 2.7, with a 4.3 share. They got that off of a 3.0 (4.0 share) for the first hour, and a 2.3 (3.6 share) for the second hour. WWF put on a great Raw, there was no doubt about that. WCW’s Nitro was pretty good, but it didn’t have much over Raw. In other ratings, WWF’s Livewire did a 1.1 rating, with a 3.7 share. WWF Superstars did a 1.5 rating, with a 4.5 share, and Sunday Night Heat did a 3.3 with a 5.9 share. Then we go on to WCW Saturday Night which did a horrid 0.8 with a 2.5 share.

    Poor Triple H, things keep getting worse and worse for him. I’ve read in the news a rumor that I believe will come into play, although I wish it wouldn’t. It’s obvious that Triple H is going to continue to be put in situations that make it look like he’s cheating on Steph. It’s also obvious that it will be found out that Stephanie was cheating on Hunter the entire time with Kurt Angle. I have no doubt that the First Couple of Pro-wrestling will be breaking up soon. The angle they had together was a great one, and it turned the WWF around. Of course, there wasn’t anything wrong with the direction they were going the first time, but this main angle changed most of the other ones. Having Triple H be head of the WWF gave a nice heel push for him, and the rest of the heels that fed off of his generosity. Once Stephanie turns on him, Triple H will probably receive a lot of sympathy from the crowd, and Stephanie will be hated even more. Considering the fact that ¼ of the crowd already repeats Hunter’s “I am the Game” quote, I can see Triple H turning into a face, and fan favorite. One things for sure, by the look on Triple H’s face on Smackdown, I don’t think that Steph and the Game will be together for much longer. Not only that, the happenings on Raw lead me to believe even more than Stephanie is going to dump Triple H for our Olympic hero. It will probably go over that when Steph and Kurt where shaking hands, Triple H will take it as they are holding hands. Hunter did a nice move by saying that he needed “Space”, and using Stephanie’s own technique against her.

    Speaking of the duo of Hunter and Stephanie, the WWF has launched an online magazine for both of them. I just took a look at them, and they’re pretty interesting. They pretty much push the entire “who’s cheating on who?” angle. I’d read it the just for the fun of it, even though it’s entirely pointless. To check it out, go to: Another site that the WWF has launched one for the Right to Censorship! If you look at one website the entire year, that has got to be the one! Unless of course you loath the RTC, then you may not care for it. Anyhow, the address for it is Hey, I like it so much, I’ll give it the Sheerah’s Sharpshooter Stamp of Approval!

    Bad news, Kanyon fans, it looks like “Positively” Kanyon has yet again asked for his release from WCW. He is still unhappy with how his character is being used. Personally, I love how he’s being used, it makes me want to watch WCW all the more. I will hand it to Kanyon, he does great work. Most wrestlers would just totally forget about WCW, and not show up for events (and in result breach their contract, and may get ready for a nice law suit), but Kanyon is still going out there on TV. He is still giving great interviews, still entertaining the crowd, and being his wonderful self. One things for sure, the WWF is interested in him. If WCW does give him his release, I’m sure Vinnie Mac would pick him right up.

    It’s coming LIVE, from Vancoucer, this Sunday, August 13th, at 8 PM! Yes, it’s WCW’s NEW BLOOD RISING! And as always, your Hostess with the Mostess has found it fitting to give you her predictions for that very night! In other words, I’m going to tell you what I think, nothing much is new. So, lets start with the big one, the MAIN EVENT! Booker T. vs. “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett. Personally, I don’t want either of them to have the title, but if I must pick the lesser of two evils, I wish Jarrett would get it. However, my prediction is that Booker will come away victorious, because he’s been getting a rather large push, and the people seem to have taken to him. Then there is the 3-Way dance for the No. 1 contendership to the World Title, Scott Steiner vs. Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg. Again, I don’t particularly like any of those guys, but if I had to go for one, I’d go for Kevin Nash. There is also Sting vs. The Demon. I’ve always been a Sting fan, and I hope he wins this match. But I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that an alliance might be made, all because of the fact that Sting wears face paint, and so does the “Brothers in Paint”, and you have to take into fact that Vince Russo is also on the booking team. Lets see, what else is there? Oh yeah, the 4 Corners match for the Tag Team Titles, Kronic vs. The Perfect Event vs. MIA vs. Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire. I hope, and pray, that Jindrak and O’Haire come away with the titles, because they’re the best wrestlers in that entire match. Lance Storm vs. Mike Awesome for the Canadian title, I am torn between the Fat Chick Thriller, and my Canadian hero. But Lance is on a roll, so I guess I would have to go for him. The Franchise, Shane Douglas, vs. Billy Kidman. After what Kidman has done to Douglas, and Torrie, I hope the Franchise beats Billy within an inch of his life. Now, the next match that’s scheduled is going to be terrible for the female fans of WCW to watch. It is Major Gunns vs. Ms. Hancock, that will take place in a mud pit, and the winner is the person who rips the camouflage off of their opponent. My Pick: Miss Hancock. The Double Ladder Match: 3 Count vs. the Jung Dragons, my pick is has got to be the music singing sensation, 3 COUNT! This next match has to be the funniest match ever created, a Judy Bagwell On A Poll Match! With “Positively” Kanyon vs. Buff Bagwell, and if Kanyon wins Judy Bagwell becomes his “Kimberly”, my pick: KANYON! We need another Kimberly in WCW! Unless WCW gives Kanyon his release, then it’s obvious that Buffy is going to win.

    The Hitman may return! It is rumored that he will come and be the guest manager of Lance Storm at New Blood Rising! Oh, how I wish this would happen. Since Bret isn’t in all that good of a condition, I’d love to see him back period, I don’t even care if he comes back as a manager, ring announcer, or even a booker. I would personally prefer to see him back as World Champion, but I don’t think that would happened. Anyway, WCW wants to team Lance up with Bret for that night so Lance would get a huge pop from the crowd, and since they’re in Canada, Bret Hart is a good choice! Bret is Canadian (duh), Lance is a proud Canadian, so it should work out. You know, now that I think about it, Lance’s current gimmick reminds me of the old Hart Foundation days, when Bret was Anti-American. Hmm… I was if that was originally Russo’s idea, and he decided to bring it over to WCW to see if it would finally work.

    Oh my goodness, CNN is now also making comments on the WWF. Actually, it’s Margaret Carlson of Time Magazine who made the comments. She commented on the Rock at the Republican Convention. To quote her, she said: "Mark, the GOP keynoter Wednesday night was the Rock of World Wrestling Federation's awful show "Smackdown," the show that celebrates anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-black sentiments with language so coarse and vulgar I can't repeat it here. He loves violence and takes metal chairs, shovels, sledge hammers to his opponents. The Rock appeals to a growing group of white, working-class youths, and you would think Republican would rage against his rage theatrics, like AT&T, Coca-Cola and MCI, which have withdrawn their advertising. Instead, they legitimized him." Ho-hum, Anti-Woman? Anti-Gay? Anti-Black? How the heck does she get that? Is she complaining that Steven Richards censored the stupid Hos? Is she complaining that the WWF didn’t do an angle involving “happy” people like WCW did (and if I might add, WCW got in trouble for it, and ended up firing Eric Bischoff because of it). Is she complaining that their WWF Champion is black? Come on, Margi, do a little research before you blurt things out like that.

    Yes! Lance Storm is finally getting that World Title match! The Cat made some pretty good matching on Nitro. Hey, a match entitled “Led Pipe On A Poll Match” has got to be fun! I love any match that has the words “on a poll” at the end of the name of it. Remember that “Midget on a Poll” match that Triple H wanted the Rock to be in? Boy, I wish that one did happen, it would’ve been interesting to see at the least! The best part was when Cat signed Lance Storm vs. Booker T. If there is anyone that deserves the World Title more than anyone, it has to be… well… not Lance, but Storm has to be more deserving than Goldberg. After all, Lance has actually TALENT, where the only thing Goldberg can do is a Spear and a Jackhammer, and a couple of punches and kicks.

    Wow! On the opening interview on Raw, the Rock didn’t say “It doesn’t matter what you think”! It’s amazing! You know, he could’ve forgetting his very overused phrase when he was hit with the steel chair on Thursday. As I’ve said before, the Rock doesn’t hold much interest in me for his interviews, so it was a good thing Benoit came out to save the day. Then again, Benoit’s mic skills need work on too, so I guess the interview was really saved when Shane McMahon came out.

    Raw was great! The Main Event was spectacular! I think it was obvious the entire time that somehow Angle and Triple H would end up being in the Main Event at Summer Slam, can you smell “Three-Way”? The Stephanie/Triple H/Kurt Angle thing developed nicely, and for once we didn’t see Trish mess everything up. The Right to Censorship group did something that I wish would’ve happened a while ago, they finally got rid of a Ho! Permanently! I think the Goodfather was a bit overzealous when he powerbombed that Ho, because it looked like she could’ve gotten hurt. Oh well, angle wise, she’s not a woman, she’s a Ho. But in the real world, that probably hurt her greatly, and if they didn’t plan on taking her out of the spotlight to sell the injury, chances are they’re going to have to now because of a real injury. WCW put on a good show as well, and I enjoyed the Vince Russo interview immensely. You know, it wouldn’t be all that bad of an idea to get John Rocker in the squared circle with Russo. At least Vinnie Ru is one proud New Yorker to stand up for himself, and the rest of the state! I think I will end on that note, so here come my Closing Remarks!

    ~WCW has a bright future, in the form of Jindrak and O’Haire.

    ~I wish that Russo would get involved with angles again!

    ~Is it just me, or are Mick Foley’s offices totally awesome?

    ~Come on, WWF Bookers, give Eddy Guerrero another title!

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