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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 08/01/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 15:39:48 08/01/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Booker T is the best player in the game? That doesn't change the fact that he's not THE GAME!

    It's that time of week again, time to hear from your hostess with the mostess, Sheerah Fisher! There are a lot of things that have happened this week, and some interesting things that happened on both wrestling programs. So I guess I will put my "opening paragraph" to an end, and go on with the rest of this week's Sheerah's Sharpshooter!

    If you haven't heard by now, or didn't see the beginning of Nitro or Raw, I have some sad news for you. Gordon Solie has recently passed away. He was known to be one of the greatest wrestling announcers of all time. I regret to say, but I have never had the opportunity to listen to "The Dean" do commentary. He was diagnosed with cancer, and it evidently spread to his brain, and things didn't look too good. We'll miss you, Solie. Also, this week's edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter is dedicated to the memory of the best play-by-play man in sports-entertainment.

    Before I go on with the rest of my column, I would like to clear a couple of things up. I recently got an e-mail saying that in my last column I came acrossed to be a bit sexist and racist. Well, I would personally like to get this off my chest that I am NOT. For the sexist part, I have no idea where they got that from. Alright, I don't like Chyna posing in Playboy. So I might as well go over and say that I don't like guys posing in Playgirl. It is totally degrading and immoral for anyone to do such a thing, so matter what sex they belong to. And how can I be sexist towards my own sex? For racist, how the heck they got that, I have no clue. All I can think of is that they must have been referring to another columnist, since most of the time I praise wrestlers from every race except for my own (I make exceptions for such great athletes like Kurt Angle and Triple H). I've been thinking about this long and hard, and read last week's column, and I still haven't the faintest idea on what they're talking about. These subject right here are the only things I hate about writing a column, and it falls under the category of: Politics. You can't say you don't like a female or male wrestler without being called "sexist" (regardless of if they're from the same gender as you are), and you can't say you don't like some other person or you'll be called "racist" (regardless or not if they're from the same race as you are).

    As always, it's ratings time again! For some interesting new, WWF's Raw is War just beat WCW's Nitro eighty-four weeks in a row in the Ratings War. WWF came off of a great pay-per-view, and they came up with a great Raw to compliment it. Raw is War came away with a 6.9 composite rating, with a 11.3 share. They got that with a 6.2 for the first hour, and a 7.5 for the last. The show pulled a huge drawing for the overrun with a 8.4, which featured Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle vs. The Rock and Kane. Then you head on over to WCW, which didn't do as well. Their show was spectacular, but they still only drew a 2.6, with a 4.7 share off of the hours 3.0 and 2.6. Their highest quarter hour rating was a 3.6, which they got during the Kronic vs. Jeff Jarrett World Tag Team Title match-up. WCW is good, as is getting better. But they couldn't compete with Raw. After coming off of a PPV, it gave them strong leverage, and they had a great show to boot. I just hope that WCW still continues to push wrestling, and not just push the angles. Angles are good, but you watch wrestling to actually see people wrestle.

    The WWF has once again decided to try their hand at a Fan Club! It will debut later this month, and you can join by going over to, and signing up there. It seems to have some pretty good deals to go along with it. There will be an annual enrollment fee of $49.95, and you receive a lot of stuff for being a member as well. Like discounts on WWF products, and tickets to Live Events. Members only autograph signing, WWF The Music Vol. 4. Also, you can purchace members only travel packages for Wrestlemania, Survivor Series, Summer Slam, Royal Rumble, and King of the Ring. Not only that, you get 10% off of your bill at WWF NY, and 20% off of your bill at restaurants like the Olive Garden, and the Cracker Barrel. The club will be limited to US fans, which will stink for fans abroad. All in all, the Fan Club seems to be great. You get all that stuff, and I know that I could use 20% off of my Olive Garden bill. There are a lot of other stuff you get too, which I decided not to list since you're probably bored with this subject already.

    WCW, this has got to end. I mean, what you've done is horrible! It's gone on long enough, and it's time for this to change! You have got to change the announcing team on Nitro! Schiavone is annoying, Hudson is fine, but Mark Madden has to go! Mark, you're doing a good job, but you don't do half as good as Bobby Heenan. Bobby is the master of color commentary, won't WCW realize that? Of course, I'm not even sure if he's with WCW anymore, because I don't get Thunder, or WCW Saturday Night. If they did that was a stupid thing to do. If they didn't… BRING HIM BACK TO NITRO! I'm not the only one who hates the commentary team, so hopefully someday they'll get a clue and bring back the Brain!

    Poor Piper, his age, as well as some other things, has been catching up to him. WCW has recently released the Rowdy One, after months of planning to bring him back as a major character. This is good for WCW, but bad for Piper. If WCW brought him back, there is no doubt in my mind that in a couple of months he would take off again to go for another movie deal. This is bad for Piper, because the WWF may not be interested in him because of the fact that he's a bit old, and ECW is just concerned about keeping the company running, so they probably wouldn't want to expand their roster at the moment. Piper cuts a great interview, and is still pretty good at wrestling for someone his age. It would be a shame to lose him, but he will be lost if he doesn't start focusing more on his wrestling career, and less on his movie career.

    Isn't this something, Chris Jericho got married this past Sunday, I didn't even hear about it until Monday! You would think I would know all the news on one of my top favorite wrestlers, wouldn't you? Then again, I am the one who forgot that Fozzy Osbourne was his band (keyword there "forgot", I knew they were, just not last week when I sent my column). So, the news is, Chris Jericho married Jessica Lockhart. Congratulations to both of them. If you haven't read Chris Jericho's commentary at, you should. He talks about the subject, and addresses the question on if he was getting nervous. He even talks a bit about his upcoming photo shoot for TV Guide!

    The WWF is at it again, they're back to releasing for music! Now WWF the Music Volume 5 is set to come out sometime in November. I'll be looking forward to that, since they will probably have Eddy Guerrero's "Latino Heat" theme, along with Kurt Angle's (formally The Patriot's theme). Hey, maybe they'll even have T&A's theme, that's always a good one too. Another music CD they're having is WWF Aggression 2. I think it's a good idea to release another one. I didn't particularly like it, but it went big on the charts, and the second one probably will too. Hopefully they'll recruit Run DMC for one of the songs again, because they did a great job on DX's "Kings".

    I've noticed a couple things during the opening segment of WCW Nitro. For one, Booker T. may not be able to cut an interview to my taste, but he certainly can hold the crowd in the palm of his two. Also, they're pushing him to be like the Rock so much that it isn't funny. First his finishing move, and his clothes were obviously patterned after the Great One. Then there is his "I'm the best player in the game", which always reminds me of Triple H. Oh well, that goes back to Russo's problem, not Bookers. Another thing I notices was that Jeff Jarrett cannot do a figure four. His is even worse than The Rock's! Of course, he did do it around a ring rope, which could be the reason why it stunk. I also noticed that the Guitars Jarrett uses are very fake. In the Honky Tonk Man's day, they used real ones, but you really wouldn't want to use real ones anymore for fear of injury. Plus, you REALLY wouldn't want to use a real one on Booker T's wife.

    Kwui Wee? Who the heck is Kwui Wee? Well, he was rather… interesting looking. I hope they're not going for another one of those "Happy People" gimmicks that they did with Lenny Lane and Lodi. I'm telling you, that's not a gimmick you should be messing around with. Goodness, that's the gimmick that got Eric Bischoff fired. But this Kwui Wee guy is pretty funny though. Paisley likes him, and he wears a pink feather boa, he can't be all bad. He already wrestles better than Hogan (although, that's not hard).

    Lance Storm has done it! He has not one, not two, but THREE championship titles! I for one can't wait to see what he re-names the WCW Cruiserweight title to. Hmmm… maybe he should name it the Calgary Cruiserweight Title. But before he could name it, Kevin Nash had to come and rear his ugly head. Actually, to tell you the truth, I didn't mind his interview all that much. He put down Goldberg, he said that he won't stop until Scott Hall is reinstated, so that's a plus! The question is, was that really a shoot interview? One word: No. Do you really think that Lance Storm would sell a move that wasn't planned, and WCW would keep Kevin Nash on a stage through a commercial break, and then let him have a microphone? I think not.

    I've been around to see some of the most emotional moments in wrestling, but none were quite so touching like the Triple H and Stephanie make-up interview. But then that Satan spawn Mick Foley had to come and ruin the Hallmark moment. Hey, I like Mick Foley, but that was uncalled for! He blatantly made fun of the tear jerking interview by having fake tears. The nerve! Triple H comes to the ring, pours his heart out to his wife, and Mick Foley has the audacity to make fun of them! It was great to see Triple H and Stephanie make up, but then the night took a turn for the worst. First Triple H made a stupid mistake and called Stephanie, Trish. Then, Foley made things worse by making Trish, Triple H's new partner!

    Monday Night has ended, so lets sum things up, shall we? Nitro was good, there was no doubt about that, but RAW RULED! And you know who else rules? EDGE AND CHRISTIAN! They mentioned the wonderful NY Yankees, GO YANKEES! Sorry, I have to be patriot towards my state, or else I wouldn't be a true New Yorker. Raw also put on a great show with Steven Richards, and his little Stevie-ites. I especially liked Godfather new name, the "Goodfather". You know, everyone who joined the Right to Censorship team changed their name, except Buchanon. Maybe Buchanon is just a nick name, and soon we'll find out that his true name is Bullith, or Bulwinkle, or Bullworth. Hey, you never know! Well, I guess I should end with that. Actually, I will end with my Closing Remarks!

    ~Buff Bagwell, I hate to say this, but you're so far in Atrophy that Judy could wrestle better than you.

    ~It took me long enough… but I finally like the MIA!

    ~Mick Foley has turned into Devil incarnate.

    ~Edge and Christian soooo rule the WWF!

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