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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 07/26/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 11:01:17 07/26/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Shane McMahon and Co. lay the Smackdown on the Rock!

    Home! Home at last! After a gruesome vacation, which took me to the lower parts of the US, I am finally back! A lot of things happened while I was gone, which made me a bit ticked off. It's always happens! Everytime I go away, something happens that I would love to include in my column, but I can't! It must be some sort of sign or something. Anyway, I will, as always, start out with Trivia! The trivia winner for the past two… count them… TWO weeks is….

    Congratulations to the winner! Sorry, but there will be no trivia this week. But it will, however, return next week! So, on to the rest of my column.

    Well, I'm back, and so is the tradition of my weekly report on RATINGS! Yeah, I've missed a couple weeks of reporting ratings, but I'll just report on last weeks. It was rather interesting, because Nitro was held on Tuesday, which means there was no head to head battle. However, the strange part is that they still suffered in the ratings. WCW did a 2.4 rating, with a 3.9 share, off of 2.0 (3.4 share) for the first hour, and 2.7 (4.4 share) for the second. Ouch, maybe they would've done better if they had stayed on Monday night. But instead they showed some lame TNT Original movie (well… maybe I shouldn't say lame, since I haven't seen it). Now, we head on over to Raw, which did a 6.2 rating, with a 10.1 share! Wow, now that's a biggie for a rating. They got that off of a 5.8 (9.0 share) for the first hour, and a 6.6 (11.1 share), off of the second hour. Raw was pretty good that night, and considering it was unopposed, it got a monster rating. Since I didn't get to say it last week, I will this week! In my opinion, the best part of Raw was when Kurt Angle said "Should we shake on it, or do you just want to hug?". I think the only word to describe that is "beautiful".

    Has anyone here ever heard of Fozzy Osbourne? Well, I know I haven't, not until today anyway. After going away for about a week too long on vacation, I checked those ever-popular newsboards, and that name came up! It said something about Chris Jericho on it, and it had a link. So I figured, what the heck! I checked it out and saw some interesting pictures from a "Fozzy Osbourne" concert that had a lot of Chris Jericho in them! Hey, they even had one of Daphne. If you know who Mr. Osbourne is, or just want to check out some rare pictures of your favorite WCW stars, I suggest you visit this site. It was put together by Colin Bowman, the former editor of WCW Magazine (I always wondered what happened to him…). So for those interested, here is the URL: .

    Do you know what makes me absolutely sick? No, I'm not talking about an interview from Goldberg, I'm talking about Chyna. That's right, Mamacita has gotten on my last nerve. Alright, she's coming out with an autobiography that actually should be pretty interesting. I'm not upset with that, it should be, hmm, good. Also, she is coming out with a work-out video this September, which is produced by Titan Sports. Hey, that's all fine and dandy! But now she's followed in the footsteps of Kimberly, and Sable, and joined the Playboy Bunny clan. Chyna, I would've expected more from you! She said it was a "statement". What type of statement is she trying to make? The statement that she's a dog that can be paraded on camera, and be an immodest freak just because she can! If she wants to be a role model for young girls, she better start acting like one. She's into this "I'm a woman, I can do anything, I stand for women everywhere" kick, so why doesn't she start acting like a woman, and do things a real woman would do, and be morally correct and stand for the "unfreak" population out there!

    While I was on my horrid vacation, I decided to pick up some sort of reading material for long trip ahead of me. Of course, the place we chose to stop just happened to be a discount store. You know, one of those places that gets a new issue of a wrestling magazine every six months. So, naturally, when looking at a row of back issues of some of the best unofficial magazines, I pick the one with Kurt Angle on the cover. I must say, the article on our Olympic Hero was written very nicely, and was written by someone who knows his stuff. He talked about how Kurt Angle could become larger than the Rock within six months. Although I don't like the fact he compared a great athlete such as Kurt Angle to untalented wrestlers like the Rock, and Mark Henry, I still enjoyed the read. But then I though, in the words of Kurt Angle, It's True! It's True! Kurt knows how to work the crowd, he's got that great wrestling ability, and he's even got the looks to keep us female fans happy. I knew that he was going to achieve great success in the WWF in time, but I think it will happen sooner than we think. He's involved in an angle with one of the best athletes in the business, Triple H, and that could give him the gimmick push that will plunge him off into stardom.

    Well, the WWF has put on yet another PPV. After looking at the results for Fully Loaded, it looked like a great pay-per-view! Too bad I didn't get my predictions out for it last week, I enjoy writing them up for a PPV with such a great card. I can't believe that Lita and the Hardy Boyz got away with a victory over T & A along with Trish Stratus. That, that just isn't right! Okay, Lita is cool, and the Hardy Boyz are dynamic wrestlers. But Trish Stratus is an evil genius, just like Vince McMahon AKA the Genetic Jackhammer. Fully Loaded also seemed to push the Angle/Triple H feud, especially since flowers ended up in Stephanie's hands, that just so happened to be from the newly crowned King of the Ring. But the day wasn't a title loss for the Game, since we went on to defeat Chris Jericho in the Last Man Standing match. There were two upsets, beside the T & A incident that I wish hadn't happened. That is when Perry Saturn stole the European title from Latino Heat! Okay, Perry has the She-Devil on his side, but Eddy rules! That's pretty much the only way I can put it. Next is the World Title match, which the Rock ended up being the victor of. I'm sorry, but I think that Chris Benoit deserves that title more than Rocky does. The Rock has had it a lot, and Benoit is a better athlete, and deserves to be recognized. Other than that, and that fact that Christian was forced to wrestle when he was sick, the PPV was good. I even enjoyed reading it, and when was the last time I said that about any wrestling report?

    What is going to happen to the great women wrestlers of the WWF? Well, I just read that the WWF was thinking about bringing back PMS (Pretty Mean Sister), with Jacki and Ivory teaming up. Of course, the idea was dropped. I must say, Pretty Mean Sister has to be the lamest name I've ever heard, but if it gets woman wrestling back on TV I would be for it. Think about it, you go to wrestling school to become a wrestler, right? Wouldn't you be a bit ticked off if you did that and didn't get TV time because womans wrestling isn't "in", they don't have TV time for it, or whatever excuse they're using? I know I wouldn't be all that happy about it. Besides, Ivory, unlike 95% of the female wrestlers, has some talent in the ring, and on the mic. Evidently, the idea has come up that may have Ivory do a bit of commentary work. Nothing is certain yet, but I think it would be a good idea. Hey, maybe we'd get to hear Ivory call Jerry Lawler a "pervert" again, that is always fun to hear!

    Why won't anyone give Lance Storm the respect he deserves? All he wants to do is be patriotic to his country, and the crowd boos him! As he said, the morals of America are at an all-time low. Can he help that? No! Can the Canadians help that? I DON'T THINK SO! Can they help that the only good champions come from Canadian? Well, I wouldn't go that far, but all the good champions have come from abroad, I will agree with that. But no, they can't help that. Lance should get the respect he deserves! Until this past Nitro, I thought he never would get it. He did, and he got it in the form of two WCW championships! Of course, he still has to work on the crowd to give him respect. But at least the people in the back have noticed his talent.

    You want to know another disturbing thing that happened while I was on vacation? Well, I'm sure you don't want to know, but I'll tell you anyway. That is when Booker T. became the WCW Champion. How the heck did that happen anyway? Well, I really don't care how it happened, all I know is that it did, and I am very disappointed in WCW for giving that belt to someone they're pushing to be the Rock. I was hoping that he would lose the belt, and I didn't care who he lost it to. That was, until I saw Goldberg make his presence known in Booker's interview. So I have made the decision that I don't care who is World Champion, unless it's Goldberg. Nonetheless, I will give kudos to WCW, they did a pretty interesting thing with picking who was getting the world title shot.

    Don't you just love the opening interviews of the WWF? Okay, you have Mick Foley who pushes the faces, but who cares, he's funny anyway. Shane did have a point though, the referee's decision has always been final. Heck, if it was that way when Austin ran things, then it must've been the law. I still think Benoit should've won the title, but I'll stop obsessing about that now. Stephanie's part of the interview was great as well. But anything with either her, or Triple H is bound to be good. Another great thing about opening interviews is the fact that they normally end up setting up high quality match-ups. Like the Brother-Sister tag team match-up.

    Speaking of the first ever Brother-Sister match, it was great! Well, entertainment wise, not wrestling wise. Who actually would've thought that Big Show was going to make an appearance? He was the last person I expected to come from the back. The rest of the match boring, until Trish Stratus came and made Lita's life miserable, now that is entertainment! I always knew that Stephanie and Trish would make an unbeatable team. Then during that, the Big Show went after poor, little Shane. But in the end it all turned out to be a master plan by Young Simba! I would really like to know what reunited both of them. I mean, Shane had some pretty harsh words to Show when he did his little dressing up stints. Well, something happened, and we'll probably find out what it was on Smackdown.

    Nitro and Raw have both ended, and I must say I was impressed with both shows. Raw held a good show, coming straight off of the Fully Loaded pay-per-view. Nitro put on a great show as well. Although, I would've preferred to see the winner of the poll face Booker T. Poor Sting, someday he'll get his title shot again. The Stephanie/Triple H thing took an interesting little turn, with Stephanie giving the Game flowers, and he unknowingly through his own present across the room. One thing stood out from Nitro and Raw that I loved, that that was Steven Richards! How can you not like the guy? Hey, if the people don't know what they want, Steven has to tell them. Sounds good to me! Well, that will be it for next week, don't forget to tune in next week for a new edition of… SHEERAH'S SHARPSHOOTER! Before I end, here are my Closing Remarks!

    ~Booker T. is the World Champion? What has the world come to?!?!… pick the World Championship Contender… I like the idea, they should do it again sometime!

    ~Will someone please tell me why everyone hates Trish Stratus so?

    ~Thanks to Stevie Richards…. I finally like Bull Buchanon!

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