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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 07/05/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 11:29:40 07/05/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Shane gets the shot of a lifetime! The Rock meets the Crippler!

    Hello everyone! Before I get started, I would like to say to all of my readers, Happy 4th of July! I hope yours was a great one, I know mine certainly was! This is yet another week of Sheerah's Sharpshooter, and I'm ready to go! Well, ready to go in two senses. I'm ready to go with writing, but I'm also ready to go on vacation. Yet again, the summertime has struck, and Family vacations are on the rise again. So I regret to inform you, but there will be no edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter next week, or possibly the week after. So there is definitely no Sharpshooter next week, and possibly none the next week (depends on how long the vacation actually lasts). I'm sorry about this guys, but there really isn't anything I can do about it. On a more happier note, I have a trivia winner for this week! The question that was asked was, "What wrestler wrestled as Super Liger in Japan?". And the winner is….!!!!!

    Congratulations to the winner! He answered the question correctly with the answer, Chris Jericho! So now it's time for this week's trivia question, which will be going until I come back from vacation. This time I'll do it a little bit different. For this week's trivia, I will have two winners! The first winner will be the person who answers the question correctly, and the second winner will be the one who gives me the most information concerning the question! I'm doing this because there are a lot of you out there who have given me a lot of information about it, but always seem to be a couple e-mails away from winning. So, here we go with this week's trivia!

    What wrestler went under the name Máscara Mágica in Mexico?
    1)Norman Smiley
    2)La Parka
    3)Spel Delfin
    4)Art Barr
    5)None of the above
    (Note: Send all answers to with your name, and e-mail address)

    MONDAY NIGHT RATINGS! Aren't you just so glad? Well, I hope so! This week, Raw went up greatly, but Nitro still stayed down in its minute ratings. WWF's Raw scored a nice 6.4 composite rating, with a 10.1 share. They got this with a 5.7 for the first hour (an 8.7 share), and a 7.0 for the second hour (11.4 share). They went up six tenths of a point from last week, which is pretty good. Now we mosey on over to WCW's Nitro, which did a 2.8 composite rating, with a 4.6 share off of a 3.2 for the first hour (5.6 share), and a 2.4 for the second (3.7 share). Raw wins again, but was there ever any doubt? WCW is putting on good shows, but they still are getting this low rating. All of this just because the name "Vince Russo" is no longer on the Booking Roster. Sometimes I wonder, that if Vince Russo was booking the same thing, would it still be getting such low ratings?

    This is a message to all of you girlfriendless guys out there. You know when you've really hit "Rock Bottom" in the dating scene? When you advertise on your website that you want a girlfriend. Now, this is a message to all of the girls out there are who in love with Kaz Hayashi (yep, this is a note to all three of them). Kaz has put a request on his website for a girlfriend! The poor, poor guy. His requirements for a girlfriend are rather odd though. He wants a girl from 20-30 years old, is American, speaks good English, will tolerate his bad English, and is athletic. That right there probably describes 34% of the female population. Of course, it doesn't describe me within the least. The last time I did anything halfway athletic was the last time the Armstrongs won a championship belt. Okay, that may be dramatizing a bit, but not by much. Well, back to the subject. Since Kaz seems to be so desperate, I can't help but want to help him out on his endeavor. So, if you fit that description, go to: where you can find more details!

    You know what wrestling lacks nowadays? I truly like watching Japanese wrestling, not only is it funny to listen to the Japanese announcers, but they have GREAT match-ups. They're all well trained (well, most of them are well trained), but you know what's really interesting in their matches? You don't know when they're going to end. Take Steve Austin for instance, you know that he can't win unless he gives someone the Stone Cold Stunner, right? In Japan you don't know when they're going to end, people pick out of other people's finishing moves, and they just pin them when the time is right. I know it sounds a bit strange, and I know I'm not doing it justice when I describe it, but trust me, it's a lot more interesting. I think that matches in America would be a whole lot more interesting if they'd just TRY to be a little bit unpredictable.

    Poor Juventud, his contract expires in a few months. That can be both good and bad for The Juice. Good if other companies are interested in him. But bad if they aren't, and even worse if WCW is no longer interested in him. I doubt that will be the case. Knowing WCW, they never know what they have when they have it, so they'll probably let him go, and either ECW or the WWF will pick him up. I can just picture Juvi's first interview in the WWF, "Finally, The Juice HAS COME TO THE WWF!". Wow, now I bet that would get heat with the Rock. I can remember a while back when Juventud did the "People's Elbow", and made fun of the Rock in one of his matches, and then later that night the Rock said something to Chris Jericho which I found rather funny. I think it went something like "You think you impress the Rock? Why? Because a couple of months ago you were down south beating some… Jurbroni named JUVENTUD?". Now that was funny stuff! I think it would be interesting to the Juvi in the WWF, not only because he's one funny guy when he's impersonating the Rock, but because he's also a good high-flying wrestler.

    That time has rolled around again, and WCW is holding another Pay-per-view. As always, I'm going to give my ever-popular predictions for the event. First off, from seeing the card, I predict that it will stink. Of course, I'm sure most of you predicted that as well after seeing the card. But what the heck, I'll give my predictions for it anyway. As Larry Zbysco may have said, it is "Tradition". For the main event, Hollywood Hogan vs. Jeff Jarrett for the World Heavyweight title. This is a rather hard one, because I don't particularly like Jarrett, or Hogan (as you all know). But I would rather see Clinton magically be elected for a 3rd term, before I see another championship belt around Hogan's waist, so I guess I'll go for the Chosen One, Jeff Jarrett. Next on the list is Kevin Nash vs. Bill Goldberg, with Scott Hall's contract being on the line. For this one, my pick will be Goldberg, with possibly the help of Scott Hall, it wouldn't be the first time he's turned his back on good 'ole Big Sexy. Next is Buff Bagwell vs. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas. This is a hard one, once again considering the fact that I don't care about both competitors, but I like Shane Douglas a bit more, so I'll go with him. Then we go over to the Tag Team Title match, between Kronic and The Perfect Event. Well, I do like Shawn Stasiack, and Chuck Palumbo, but I think Kronic will come away with a win for this one. For the United States Championship match, Scott Steiner vs. Mike Awesome, I once again don't care. Personally, I would prefer it if Bret Hart came out and beat the stuffing out of both of them, now that would be a match! Now, the match that has some pretty wack-o stipulations, Miss Hancock vs. Daffney in a Wedding Gown match. I hope that Daffney comes off with the win for this one, but I have this sinking feeling that Miss Hancock will be the victor in this one. Hardcore Title Match: Big Vito vs. Johnny "The Bull" with Terry Funk on his side. If Johnny's got the Funker on his side, that he is bound to win this match! Now, that is a PPV without a match that has no reason to be a card? It would be an incomplete one. Well, this PPV may stink, but it still has that unimportant match that no one cares about. That is "Positively" Kanyon vs. Booker T. There isn't much of a point to this match, but considering I like Kanyon it has to have some redeeming qualities. My pick for that has to be, well, Kanyon!

    This is the story of Nitro… it started rather slow… but things lifted up with we saw 3 Count and Tank… but then Nash and Goldberg appeared, and the show sank. Right now, I just want to mention 3 Count, and Tank Abbott. Tank has been very amusing as of late, especially with his little dance! Hey, it's almost as good as the dance Shannon, Shane, and Even do! One thing though, Tank. You mentioned that 3 Count is the best Rock 'N Roll band. Well, Big Guy, don't take this the wrong way, but it is a Pop band. You know, I really do like 3 Count, but as my cousin pointed out, if Evan Karagious even had one shred of talent, it would die of loneliness. One thing that really stood out was when Tank hit one of the Jung Dragons, and the selling that they did for the move! That was hilarious!

    One thing that really ruins Nitro is when Goldberg decides to come out of the back, and give an interview! I'm sorry Goldberg fans, but he really, really stinks. Then he's feuding with Kevin Nash, which is one of the most worn out wrestlers in the business today. So the only entertainment their segments hold for me is making fun of each and everything they say and do. Well, I guess it does hold some entertainment value, even if it isn't exactly the type they're going for. You know, I thought Goldberg would make a good heel, but he really does suck at it. I never thought it was possible to get worse, but I guess anything can happen in WCW.

    A couple weeks ago two knew guys appeared on WCW. Last week I actually got to see them for a couple seconds, but didn't really pay much attention. Then this week I saw the two nameless faces, Gindrack, and O'Haire in action for an entire match. I must say, they are very impressive! Unfortunately, when Vince Russo comes back, we'll probably see less of them. I think that Vince Russo does pretty good when thinking up angles, but he needs to think more about wrestling matches. These Drack and O'Haire guys are pretty good wrestlers, and will only get better. So I hope when Russo comes back he plans to use them, not only for angles, but mostly for good wrestling.

    Mick Foley has to be the funniest human being alive! I didn't think I was going to like the fact that he is blatantly against Triple H, but who cares. I still like the Game and everything, but Mick rules, and this new main angle is really great. Even though he is being pretty unfair against Edge and Christian, he still is an awesome guy. I mean, he made Shane McMahon the #1 contender, so that should make up for at least half of the things he's been doing to the great heels of the WWF. When Pat Patterson came in and tried to convince Mick to not let Shane fight, that had to be one of the greatest moments of the night. Of course, I am talking about when he smashed Patterson's hand with the plastic mallet.

    Monday comes to an end, and so does my column. The Main Event on the WWF was really a great one. Hey, it was the best match I've seen the Rock in for a long time! Although, I would've rather seen Shane beat the Rock for the World Title, but that will most likely never happen. Some more things that happened on Raw was that great was Al Snow! We saw his return to his old crazy self last Thursday, and this week we heard his lovely poem. With some of the things Mr. Snow said, you can't say he doesn't have a good imagination. Next on my list is Stephen Richards! Finally someone is teaching the Godfather a lesson! Okay, Stephen's character may be patterned after the PTC slime, but anyone who covers up the Godfather's Hos is a good person in my book! Not only that, but anything with Stevie is a good angle! For WCW, I've been impressed with them as of late. Since Russo's departure, they've been pushing actual WRESTLING more than they have angles. When Russo comes back, I hope that he gets a hint and does the same. I do like angles, but wrestling should be pushed a lot more in WCW. Anyway, that will bring me to the end of this week's column, but before I go I will leave you with two Closing Remarks!

    ~Russo, I like you, but when you come back, please try to work more with the actually WRESTLING part of WCW, and less of the angles.

    ~Why did JR constantly refer to Chirs Benoit and Eddy Guerrero as Chris Jericho?

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