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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 06/27/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 11:10:05 06/27/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Our Olympic Hero has done it again!

    Hello ya-all! It is time, once again, for everybody to come aboard the… Sharpshooter Train! Wow, that was a really lame saying, even worse than the original one. Well, at least it gets the point across that this is a new edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter! This week in wrestling was interesting, so say the least. A lot happened on WWF's side, not much happened on WCW's though. Well, things did happen, but it's not like they crowned a King of the Ring, or a new World Champion. Before I go on with the rest of my column, I'll start out with TRIVIA! Once again, this was a pretty good week for the trivia scene, but there is only one winner! And that winner is…

    Jeff Forsythe!

    Congratulations to the winner! The correct answer was Bret Hart. Now on to this week's trivia!

    What WWF wrestler once went under the name Super Liger, in Japan?
    1)Chris Benoit
    2)Eddy Guerrero
    3)Chris Jericho
    4)Taka Michinoku
    5)None of the above
    (Note: Send all answers to

    I don't think I've ever seen such boring ratings in my life! Something big must have aired on television last Monday for wrestling to get such boring, and low ratings. Then again, it could explain why I was rather bored that night. Anyhow, WCW's Nitro did a 2.7 composite ratings, with a 4.4 share. They get that from a 2.9 (5.0 share) for the first hour, and a 2.5 (3.9 share) for the second hour. WWF's Raw certainly went down a lot from what they did last time. This week, Raw drew a 5.8 composite rating, with a 9.1 share. They got that off of a 5.2 (8.0 share) for the first hour, and a 6.3 (10.1 share) off of the second hour. Ouch, a 5.8 composite, that is an entire point down from last week! It probably won't effect them much because 5.8 is still a good rating, even though 6.8 is better.

    Kimberly Page coming back to WCW? She is said to have met with WCW officials a couple days back to discuss her future with the company. She is supposedly taking off the next couple of weeks in order for WCW to settle the dispute with Vince Russo. So what exactly happened last week that she left? Well, that is a very good question, one I wish I could answer. But the good news is that she may be coming back, so I'm happy! It's not every day that there is a female in the business that can actually cut an interview.

    THE PTC HAS BEEN EXPOSED! It's a miracle! It was only a matter of time before the entire world found out what hypocrites run that crooked organization. As you know by now, the Parent Television Counsel have been making money off of the selling of WWF products. They get some sort of percentage off of the items bought at certain stores online. One of them was Toys 'R Us, which sells hundreds of WWF, WCW, and even ECW merchandise. Interesting, hey? After hearing this, many angry wrestling fans e-mailed their corrupt organization with complaints. PTC had no choice but to take Toys 'R Us off of their list for good wholesome toys. However, there are many other sites on there that sell WWF merchandise, which they have yet to take off. But they have removed more than just Toys 'R Us, they have also gotten rid of a lot of others. The PTC's image has now been tarnished, and exposed for what they really are. You can't tell me that they didn't know that those stores sold wrestling stuff. It is rather funny that the same company that blasts the WWF every week also makes a good profit off of the stuff they sell. I think, or at least I hope it is safe to say that PTC won't be a problem to the WWF anymore. Think about it, who would listen to them now that they've been exposed as lying snobs?

    Nasty, nasty rumors. This week I heard one that is 99.5 percent unbelievable. That is the rumor that the WWF and WCW may have had talked about merging the two companies. It is very unlikely that that would ever happen. However, it has been said that Uncle Teddy has been thinking about selling WCW if they don't start producing a lot of profit soon. Merging the two companies would be a good idea for WCW, but the WWF would have nothing to gain from it. The day these two companies merge will be the day Miami freezes over. As I said, it could happen, but the chances are slim to none. Of course, would I want it to happen? Heck no! It would be terrible to see the two together. WCW adds some variety to wrestling angles, as does the WWF.

    Yes! It has finally happened! Raven may be going to the WWF! His meeting with the World Wrestling Federation went well, and they said they'd be interested in signing him. That is if he stayed in shape, and showed up for ECW TV, and had a nice positive attitude to go along with it. The WWF is interested in keeping Raven with his current gimmick. Of course, I haven't seen ECW in who knows how long, so I have no clue what that gimmick is. But if the WWF likes it, it must be pretty good! I think it will be good to see Raven again in a major federation. He just started to grow on me in WCW, and then he to ECW, so I'll be looking toward to hearing his wacked out interviews, and seeing his wacked out wrestling moves.

    KURT ANGLE HAS DONE IT! Although he wasn't my pick to win King of the Ring, I'm still extremely happy that he did. Chris Jericho was my pick, but I truly hoped that Angle would win it. He really is a good athlete, and they seem to be pushing him. Not only that, but he does have great mic skills, which is a must in this business. Kurt has now joined such elite althetes, such as Billy Gunn, Owen Hart, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. I can see a bright future for Angle in the WWF, if he decides to stay in pro-wrestling, and not go back to amateur.

    WWF's King of the Ring may have turned out to be a success for Kurt Angle, but it wasn't for the McMahon-Helmsley faction. I can't believe that the Rock is once again WWF champion. Wasn't he the one Triple H lost his belt to last time? This is getting a bit boring in my point of view. It's amazing how someone with so many catches can become so boring. I mean, how many times has he made fun of WCW catch phrases? Many, MANY times. How many times a week do we have to hear "It doesn't matter", or "If ya smell what the Rock is cook'n". I'll admit it, Triple H does have some catch phrases of his own. Like his little "I am the GAME", or my personally least favorite, "The fact of the matter is". But he doesn't have hundreds of them that get so boring it makes you want to watch paint dry. I know this is going to seem like harsh words, but I'll say them anyway. Anymore a Rock interview just sounds like dozens of his catch phrases put together, and he just adds conjunctions to make them fit. For example, "Finally, the Rock HAS COME BACK TO PARTS UNKNOWN! Triple H, you want to run your mouth on how you're going to beat the Great One? Well the Rock just has to say one thing about that, Know your Role, and shut your mouth!", and after that he would ramble on saying that things just don't "matter", and that he's going to lay the "Smackdown", and will end it all with "If ya smell what the Rock is cook'n". Don't get me wrong, Rock fans, the Rock is very good at his job, but anyone who repeats the same things over and over again tends to get boring in my point of view.

    I don't know why, but I don't think WCW is going to do it for me tonight. I'm currently writing this after the Cat's interview, so I have no clue how the nights going to turn out. The matches that they've put together are pretty good, for the three-way dance for the World Title. But right after that they showed Vampiro challenging the Demon-Kiss-Guy to a match in some weirdo place, which seemed rather stupid to me. I really like Vampiro, he is a great athlete. Hey, I liked him the first time I saw him as El Vampiro Canadience. But this gimmick they've given him, it's really weird. It worked with Raven, but I don't think it works too much for Vampiro. Hey, I could be wrong. If you're a die-hard fan on Vampiro's character, send me an e-mail!

    As I've said last week, I love 3 Count! Uh-Ha! This next statement is something you've never heard me say before, I like Tank Abbott! Yes, it's true, Tank has finally grown on me. I guess Russo did somehow get him over with the crowd. Well, he got him over with me anyway, and maybe it wasn't even Russo's idea. But whoever had 3 Count return, and whoever turned Tank into a Pop Music nut is an okay person in my book! Another good thing was 3 Count's new song, it has such a snappy tune! I'm sure it will be in the head of wrestling fans for weeks to come. Of course, I also think that the vision of Tank Abbott dancing will be in the heads of wrestling fans for YEARS to come.

    It looks like the angle change I've been asking for happened. Either that, or Vince McMahon has just gone crazy! Linda did all that because she loves him? I don't think so. Then leaving his daughter, Stephanie, all alone in the building without Shane or Vince, and telling her to give Triple H the message that he is "sorry"? This is not only weird, it is down right bizarre! You have to remember, the McMahon family is the sneakiest family in the business, so this could all just be a front. Hey, I wanted an angle change just as much as anyone else, but if that includes getting rid of Vince McMahon, I'm not quite sure if I want it anymore. But when Shawn Michaels gets involved with things, you know things are bound to get different.

    Chris Jericho has finally regained his charm. Well, if you could call it that anyway. Even though I'm a large fan of Triple H and Stephanie, his little "You know when you pass Road Kill on the street?" interview was wonderful! It definitely took some originality on his part to come up with that analogy. I never knew that Stephanie was the reason why Jericho lost to Kurt Angle. I didn't even know that Jericho practiced the Greco-Roman lip lock on her either. Oh well, I guess that's what I get for never reading the PPV reports the entire way through.

    Well, it's time for me to sum-up the entire week. There is really only one saying that will bring this week justice, and that is, MICK FOLEY HAS RETURNED! I must say, that was the last thing I expected Shawn Michaels to announce. Welcome back, Mick, the wrestling world has missed you! With all of the excitement going on in the WWF, I didn't see much of WCW after the first hour. Actually, I had to look at a Nitro report just to see who the World Champion was. WCW is doing a good job without Russo, but I still hope he comes back in the near future. All in all, both shows did pretty good in my eyes, but the WWF did better. With Mick Foley back, who knows what is ahead for the WWF! So, now I will end my column for this week, but I will end it with my Closing Remarks!

    ~Is it just me, or does Juventud look like a girl behind that curtain the Filthy Animals come out of?

    ~Welcome back Hacksaw!

    ~Go Daphne!

    ~Uh-Oh, Triple H is a bit ticked off, I feel sorry for everyone on Smackdown.

    ~YAY! Welcome back, Stevie!

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