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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 06/20/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 08:15:03 06/20/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Who will be this years King of the Ring?

    FINALLY! The Sharpshooter, has come back to your computer screen! And I do mean… FINALLY! Alas, last week I was unable to send out my column, due to circumstances out of my control. But wait, that's not it, folks! Not only that, but I didn't get to see wrestling! Which means that this week I'm totally uninformed about any new storylines that have been created, or even the champions. So just imagine my surprise when I flipped on WCW to see Big Vito as Hardcore champion, or to see Crash Holly back as WWF Hardcore champion. Well, I will go getting on to the rest of my column now! First, I will start with TRIVIA! I must say, I don't think I ever got such a large response to my trivia before. But, as always, there is only one winner! This week's winner is….

    Paul Andrew Barsauskas!!!

    Congratulations to the winner! Now on to this week's trivia!

    Who was the first person to lose a WWF World Title match on a WWF Raw?
    1)Psycho Sid
    2)Shawn Michaels
    4)Bret Hart
    5)None of the above
    (Note: Send all answers to )

    Ratings! Ratings! Ratings! Extra! Extra! Read all about it! There really wasn't anything spectacular about the ratings this week. In fact, the only reason I'm going through them is because I do it every week, and for all I know someone out there is counting on me for giving them their ratings news. So, WWF Raw did a 6.8 composite rating, off of a 6.3 for the first hour, and a 7.3 for the second. Actually, I guess something somewhat interesting happened in the ratings. Because last week Raw got a 5.9 composite, go figure. On to Nitro, which did a 3.0 composite, off of a 3.2 for the first hour, and a 2.8 for the second. So, Nitro is up from last week as well, which is pretty good. I think that Nitro is putting on great show, but the ratings don't seem to be telling the same story. They've been pulling strong ratings for a while now (no more 2.1's, thanks God!), but haven't gone up much. Hopefully that will change in the weeks to come!

    Court is now in session for the WWF/USA/Viacom case. "Tense" was the word to describe, but it is also said that "tense" isn't a strong enough word to describe the first day of the case. What I heard from a bit of the news is that USA Network, in my point of view, was going to give the WWF a great chance! They were evidently planning on starting a new digital cable channel that was going to feature the WWF, and XFL football games. Think about it, a channel filled with stuff from WWFE, you can't beat that! Of course, since WWF planned to go to Viacom, who knows what they're doing with that idea now. I personally would've loved to see that channel come into reality. I'm still surprised that Vinnie Mac chose Viacom over USA, but I guess he has his reasons. A bit more news is that the executive that negotiated with USA's last deal with the WWF is in a bit of trouble. They are evidently upset that they allowed this stipulation to happen.

    What are the WCW wrestlers talking about these days? Well, from a report I've recently read, their talk doesn't seem to be very, well, flattering towards Vince Russo. They're saying that he's talking two different stories. He says managers are obsolete, but he uses actors to help create story lines. Personally, I see a big difference between an actor that's there for a couple weeks, and a steady manager. They're saying that the focus is off of wrestling now. Big news, fellas, IT'S ALWAYS BEEN! Take a look at the WWF, they push wrestling, but always have an angle to promote it. It's survival of the fittest out there, and Russo is just doing his part! Another point I found amusing is that in the news report, it said that Sting used a stuntman at the Great American Bash, so the fans would believe that he was on fire. Gee, what did you want him to do? Catch on fire himself? I think not! There also are the ratings problems they've been having. But you can't win a ratings war overnight, it takes time. If WCW would learn to just be a little more patient, maybe things would turn out better.

    Speaking of Vince Russo, he's gone! From what I've been told, he's taking a week off, and thinking about handing in his resignation (or something along those lines). Which means that this week WCW will be written by Ed Ferrera, Bill Banks, Terry Taylor, and a couple of other people. In other words, my prediction for Nitro and Thunder is that it will stink! However, the writers have been told not to sway from the original story lines that Russo has made, with the hopes that Vinnie Ru will come back next week and start where he left off. Like virtually everything in wrestling, this could be a work. I'm hoping it is, because I would hate to see Russo leave, he actually made WCW fun again!

    It's that time again! It's time for yet another beautiful WWF Pay-per-view! Well, I can honestly say, I don't think I've ever given prediction for King of the Ring before, because I don't remember how I predicted a tournament. In other words, I don't remember if I did it match-by-match, or who I thought would win the whole enchilada. So, I guess I'll just wing it! My prediction is that, in the first bracket, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Crash Holly, and Bull Buchanon will win the first round. Alas, in the second round I fear that Angle will lose to Jericho, and Holly will beat Bull. Which would leave Jericho and Holly to duke it out, with Jericho becoming victor. Personally, I would like Kurt Angle to make it to the end, but I doubt that would happen just yet. For the second bracket, I believe Rikishi, Chris Benoit, Val Venis, and Eddy Guerrero will win the first set of matches. For the next set of matches, I predict Benoit beats Rikishi, and Eddy beat Venis. That leaves Benoit vs. Eddy, and my prediction for that match is none other than, the Crippler, Chris Benoit! Hence, Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit in the last King of the Ring match-up. If I'm correct, and those two do face off, I'm torn between the two. I would rather see Benoit win it, but I have this sinking feeling that Jericho will come out on top. Then, for the Main Event! Triple H, Vince and Shane McMahon vs. The Rock, Undertaker, and KANE! When you think about it talent wise, it's obvious that the Rock'Take'Kane team will win. But, you have to remember that the WWF is mostly driven by angles, therefore I think that Triple H's team will be victorious. After all, if I am right and Jericho does win the Tournament, then it would be Triple H vs. Jericho at the next PPV, which is a pretty good headliner (since they already have heat between each other since Jericho's Stephanie remarks).

    Why, Kimberly, why? As I'm sure you've now heard, Kimberly has left WCW. It is said that they couldn't see eye to eye on how to develop her character, but I've heard other things too. I've also heard that the reason is that Playboy approached WCW about having Kimberly posing in their magazine, again. WCW turned it down, without asking Kimberly, and she evidently wanted to do it. Well, I'm not quite sure if that one is true, but I'm pretty sure that if Playboy did approach WCW and ask that, that they would turn them down. People are saying that Kim just wanted to prove that she could cut an interview, and put her character over, which she did. I hope that she comes back, because she really did have a great character, and she could cut a great interview. Well, you never know, maybe she'll head on over to the WWF. Of course, who knows how the WWF would use her.

    Here is some rather funny news! The WWF and WCW were both at a licensing fair, and Goldberg made a scene! He walked up to about twenty feet from where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were standing, and started yelling at them. Of course, Triple H knew he couldn't act in such a way in public, so he just casually said "Wassup". Stephanie was in disbelief, which I can't blame her. If someone came twenty feet away from me, who had a neck the size of my waist, I'd be freaked out too. Goldberg is evidently still upset from when Triple H made the statement that he thought Goldberg was faking his injury, so he could be off of TV while WCW has having the worst ratings ever.

    As I have said before, I haven't seen any wrestling in an entire week. And also as I have said before, I didn't enjoy it. But what's amazing is that if you miss even one show, everything changes! Since when is Horace Hogan on the side of his cousin? And I saw a little clip from Nitro last week, and Scott Hudson didn't have a shirt! Thank God he had one this week, or else I may not of watched wrestling ever again. Nitro didn't start off all that bad. With the exception that Horace talked. The Cat did a good job making the matches, even though it was really the works of Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner. Hey, you can't say he doesn't consider other people's ideas!

    The three Spice Girls? Well, the Cat certainly came up with an interesting name to call 3 Count. I don't know if it was Russo's idea to bring them back, or the new bookers, but whoever did it, I love them! They do manage to get some nice heat from the crowd, especially with their "Triple D", AKA the 3D. I will be looking forward to seeing their new single on Thunder, I'm sure it will be just as… unique as the first! But they're not just good at doing their characters, they're also great athletes. Another great athlete that made his way to the ring was none other than Lance Storm! It looks like there is a big ECW reunion in WCW nowadays.

    No! Linda has reared her ugly head in the WWF again. Well, actually, we never did she her face, but a fax can be an amazing thing. It was kind of obvious that the match at King of the Ring was going to be for the title. The Faction did make some strong statements, of course, that was before Vince made those announcements for Kane, Rock, and 'Taker. I must say, I've missed hearing Triple H's interviews the last week. They always seem to be so great and well done. Of course, I've missed Shane, Stephanie and Vince as well. Back to the point though of this paragraph, I think that Vince set up a good Raw right before the PPV. Everyone knows that Kane, Rock, and 'Taker will win their matches, but they're still high profile matches, and will probably gain large ratings.

    Chyna just recently proved that she just can't resist Eddy's LATINO HEAT! Actually, both of them put on a very good match on Raw, I was rather surprised. I guess I shouldn't say that, because Eddy is a great wrestler, one of my favorites as a matter of fact. Chyna, well, she's not quite as good, but she's five times as better than Hogan, or Goldberg. The match ended, and then the greatest part came! I just love how Eddy just so happened to have flowers, candy, and even a puppy there. That was a rather amusing segment, especially when Eddy gave her chocolate and Chyna replied "I'm on a diet". Chyna, it will be a while before you get to be the Queen on the Ring. However, I wouldn't be surprised that if sometime in the future she did.

    It's now time for my usual end-of-the-column Sum-up. I was surprised, the new booking team for WCW actually did a good job. No titles changed place, because that would be altering a storyline. There were no run-ins on any of the matches, and the show was all around a great one to watch. They even put together some good matches! I especially liked the way the David Flair angle went with Daphne and Miss Handock. Now, we travel on over to the WWF, which I did on a good show, but nothing spectacular. It's pretty much been the same thing week after week, but this Raw was a bit different with what Linda McMahon did. They need to move on to something new, or else they'll end up like WCW. WCW just constantly pushed one angle, and one person (NWO and Hollywood Hogan), and look where they ended up! I personally still like their shows, but I'm probably a bit bias since Triple H is my second favorite wrestler (right behind Bret… if he ever comes back anyway.). Well, that will be it for this week, so now I'll go on to my Closing ReMarks!

    ~YAY! Hudson was wearing a shirt!

    ~Big Vito is the WCW Hardcore champion? WHAT DID I MISS?

    ~Positively Kanyon: Best Seller World-Wide!

    ~I think the Daffney/Miss Handock/David Flair angle is going to go far!

    ~Why doesn't the Rock always win with the People's Elbow? THAT IS NOT A MOVE YOU WIN A MATCH WITH!

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