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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 06/06/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 12:33:33 06/06/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Haha! The Rock has hit Rock Bottom!

    It's time! It's time! It's Sharpshooter Time! And I'm your hostess, with the most-ess, Sheerah L. Fisher! Whooow! And the crowd goes wild! This week you'll be finding many things in Sheerah's Sharpshooter. Lets see, I've got some interesting news on Sting, and as usual I have my opinions on what happened on this week's Raw and Nitro! Not only that, this is a WCW PPV week, so I'll put in my predictions for that as well! But before I go on to all of that, I'll have trivia! There was no trivia the last two weeks, due to, well, a lot of things, but it's bad this week! So here it is!

    What two people made up the team the "Mega Powers"?
    1)Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan
    2)Hulk Hogan and Junk Yard Dog
    3)Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase
    4)Ric Flair and Randy Savage
    5)None of the above
    (Note: Please send all answers to

    As always, the first subject I'm going to address is the ratings! This week the people who reported them at least got Nitro's ratings right, so that's a pretty good start! WCW's Nitro did a 3.0 composite, with a 3.2 for the first hour, and a 2.7 for the second. That's not that bad of a rating, considering the fact they did a 3.03 last week and they were totally unopposed. WWF's Raw once again came out with a great rating. This time in the form of a 6.4 composite, from the 5.8 for the first hour, and 6.9 for the last. Head to head, WWF beat Nitro 5.8 to 2.7. Pretty good ratings for both show, and both of the shows themselves were pretty good as well. What would give WCW a total edge would be if they changed their timeslot to an hour before, so they'd be totally unopposed. But, as the news says, WCW has shot down that rumor, and said they don't indent on doing that. Of course, if they did do that, the Ratings War would be out, but the fans of both federations would be a lot happier.

    Kurt Angle, our Olympic Hero, now tells how he's done it all! Well, sort of. In Mike Mooneymoon's column in the Charleston and Post Courier, he interviewed the one, and only Kurt Angle (how come I never get the good interviews?). He specifically asked about his current gimmick. Here is what our North-American Hero had to say: "I was looking to be just the opposite. But they had a plan for me. They said, 'Be yourself. Be America's Olympic hero, and turn it up a thousand degrees. Have a ball and smile all the time. These people love you, even though they don't.' And it worked. From the first minute on it was amazing the reaction I got.". That's the WWF for you! They really knew what to do with Kurt Angle, and now he's one of the most talented, and definitely one of the most entertaining stars they have!

    If you're a Hardcore Sting fan, than this paragraph is for you! I know that I for one like Sting. Hey, he's got a killer theme, what's not to like? But did you know that he is a born again Christian? Yessiree Roger he is (man, I love that saying!). Not only that, but Sting is the cover story for the New Man Magazine May/June 200 issue. I have yet to get it, but from what I've heard he talk about how he became a Christian, and he thanks Ted DiBiase, Marc Mero, and Buff Bagwell for leading him to Christ. He also talk about how some people give him a bit of a hard time for turning his life to Christ. To me, it sounds like an interesting read, but I don't know about all of you.

    Will the PTC ever get it? They're still trying to get the WWF off of the air, and this time they're working on MCI. They went to a shareholders meeting, and said they have to pull their advertising from WWF television. The PTC said that they had one week to stop their advertising, or they will mount an aggressive campaign against them, and tell the world that they share the same beliefs and morals as the WWF. So far, MCI has denied any responsibility for the content of the WWF's shows, and continues to advertise. Go MCI! Stand up to those degenerate blackmailers! I dread saying this, but I'm starting to strongly dislike the PTC. As I've said many a time before, what they're doing isn't constitutional! Since I'm stating things that I'm dreading, I might as well continue. I strongly suggest that any wrestling fan go to the PTC website (, and visit their anti-WWF section. When you get there, read the "threatening" letter Vince McMahon sent to the PTC! The PTC calls it "threatening", but I find it downright funny!

    It looks like there is a bit more news on Andre the Giant. It seems that his illegitimate daughter, with the help of her mother, is writing a book about him. The news that I read said that Andre ignored her, which I find hard to believe. From what I saw on his biography, he wanted to get to know her, but her mother wouldn't let him. But that's just what I recall about what it stated on that subject. The book should be interesting, but I wouldn't take it as the total 100% truth. I mean, I'm not saying she's going to lie about anything, I'm just saying that it will be told from one point of view, and one point of view only. I know this may sound odd, but the thing I'm interested in is what his daughter looks like. Did she take after her Pops in the height category? Well, as I said before, this should be interesting.

    I think it about time that I gave a couple notes on Smackdown. First, Kurt Angle has to be the funniest person alive. Well, actually, I think Mick Foley has the title, so that would make our North-American Hero second funniest person alive. Another thing I'd like to note on Smackdown was the arm wrestling match between the Kat and Terri! I can't say I liked what they were wearing, but I can say they had an interesting match. Terri has to be one of the funniest women of wrestling that there is. Another thing to take note on is how quickly, and easily she won the match! The little Shedevil used her brain to come out on top! But one thing that has me stumped is this, what is up with the Kat's hair?

    PPV is in the air! Can't ya just smell it? WCW's Great American Bash is this week, and how can I not give you my predictions for it? First, I will start off with the BIG match! Yes, the WCW championship match, Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash. My pick for this is Jeff Jarrett, maybe with the help of Scott Hall (I still think he should be a New Blood). Father vs. Son, Ric vs. David Flair, if David wins, his father will retire from wrestling FOREVER! Of course, it doesn't say anything about if David loses that he'll retire, so my guess is that Ric will win this one. Now, for yet another stipulation match, Hulk Hogan vs. Billy Kidman with Horace as special guest referee. If Hogan wins, he gets a World Title shot at Bash at the Beach in July, but if he loses it will be his last match in WCW! Hey, I would have no problem with Hogan hanging up his wrestling boots, but I don't see that happening. So I'll go with Hogan on this one, with the help of his nephew (God knows he can't win a match on his own). For the Human Torch Match, Sting vs. Vampiro, the winning is the one who sets his opponent on fire. Ouch, now that's got to hurt. My pick has to be Sting, because, well, he's Sting. Mike Awersome vs. Diamond Dallas Page, my pick is DDP, or should I say DD ME! The Table Match, the Wall vs. The Franchise Shane Dougles, I really don't care who wins this one, but I'll go for Shane because he has Sunny (Tammy) on his side. The Asylum match, Tank Abbott vs. Scott Steiner for the US title, my pick is Steiner. Now, for the stupidest match ever created, G.I. Bro vs. Shawn Stasiak in a Boot Camp match, and my pick is Stasiak, after all, he's the next Curt Hennig! Overall, I think this should be a good PPV, if not just for the weirdo matches, but for the stipulations as well!

    Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo do make a nice evil team. They don't have anything against Vince McMahon in the "evil boss" area, but they still do pretty well. As you all know I'm a big fan of Bischoff, and how can someone not be a big fan of Russo with his NY accent (NY4life, baby!). For the first time in a while I feel proud to be a New Yorker! I personally think that they are doing a good job behind the scenes as well. But their on-camera talent is what I started talking about, and I'm going to finish with that. I think that the character Russo is creating is very good. I mean, New Yorker are known for their "I'm better than you" attitude (although, I have yet to meet someone like that, and I live in the state!), and he's doing a good job. Although, it's almost like the Bret Hart anti-American angle, but 100% better.

    Eric Bischoff has done it! He is now the undisputed WCW Hardcore Champion! The match was rather boring at the beginning, and then they went into the back and things started heating up! Not the match, but what happened in the ring. Miss Hancock came and made her presence known, and then my heroin, Kimberly came out to the ring and stopped Hancock and her bar room table dance. As I said before, Kimberly rules! But when Miss Hancock came back her "fat butt" comment, which was pretty good. Just think about it, she hurt Kimberly right where it hurts. Then, she went even farther, and with her match Missy Hancock got the services of DDP. Just think about how much Kimberly must be hurting! I mean, DDP ignored her, and only thought about himself, and then when she stood up for herself, he went crazy and the girl had to get a restraining order against him!

    Oh my goodness, the WWF put on a twenty-three minute interview with Triple H and company. It was very good though, and their little internal feud within the McMahon-Helmsley faction is very interesting. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if it were all one big plan. After all, the McMahons are the sneakiest family in wrestling, so it could be! That little slapping incident with Stephanie was amusing as well, Stephanie is lethal with that right hand of hers! My prediction is that Linda McMahon will be coming on camera again to have her say in this. After all, a lot of it is partially her fault. She was the one who stacked the deck against the McMahon-Helmsley faction over, and over again. Remember when she signed the Undertaker, or any of the other nasty things she's done to her family?

    Raw was great! Nitro was great! Of course, every time I say things like that I'm conveniently forgetting about the boring parts (AKA anything to do with Goldberg, or anything that comes out of the Rock's mouth). But since I'm such a nice 'gal, I'll talk about the nice points, for now anyway. Triple H proved once again, that he is the Game! Poor Rock seems to have hit Rock Bottom since he lost the title. Then again, in my opinion he always was at the bottom (no offence to Rocky fans, he's just not my favorite). Nitro put on a good show, especially with the Main Event. Even if we were forced to see Russo without his shirt on (the thought gives me shivers), it was still a good match. But on Raw something finally happened that I thought would never come about. The WWF will FINALLY have a #1 contender to the women's belt! I can't wait for Smackdown just to see who Stephanie will face. Well, with that note, I will end this week's edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter, so here are my Closing Remarks!

    ~Bring Bobby Heenan back to NITRO!!!

    ~Worst gimmick of the week: MIA and G.I. Bro

    ~NOOOO!!!! Hollywood Hogan can't be back!

    ~Come on, Chyan, Eddy can't help that females adore him all over the country!

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