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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 05/23/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 06:05:55 05/23/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Ric Flair: Requiem of a career

    Hello there, Sharpshooter fans! It's great to be back after my vacation in Massachusetts! So ready to go for this week's Sheerah's Sharpshooter! One thing though, why does all the good stuff happened my I'm away? I mean, Shawn Michaels returned! Judgement Day happened! I think this is starting to turn into a fad or something. Anyway, I'll start with Trivia! The winner to last week's trivia was….


    The correct answer was Classy Freddie Blassy. This week I'm going to have off from trivia (sorry), but have no fear, because it'll be back next week!

    Ratings news! This is the rating of last week's show. I was going to do them for the last two weeks, but I didn't think anyone would even want to know about ratings from two weeks ago. Not only that, I don't particularly want to write about something that happened two weeks ago. So, on to last week's ratings. Nitro did a 3.1 composite, with a 3.4 for the first hour, and a 2.9 for the last. This actually is a pretty good rating, from my point of view anyway. Raw got a 6.2 composite, with a 6.0 for the first hour, and a 6.3 for the last. All that means is that WWF has twice the ratings that WCW does! Hey, it's better than what they were doing a couple months ago. For weekend ratings, WWF Live Wire got a 1.5, Superstars received a 1.4, and Sunday Night Head drew a 2.9. Once again, Nitro beat SNH in the ratings! That's always a good thing! Last, and least, WCW Saturday Night drew a 1.3.

    Big news this week, and Raven is the reason for it! Paul Heyman authorized an unconditional release for Raven, and ECW is hoping he'll accept it. From what is reported, Raven made it clear that he's only spending time in ECW to kill the time before he can go to the WWF. I think Raven would make a great edition to the WWF, although I think he would work perfectly in WCW. After all, they have this big Hardcore Terry Funky angle going on, and they need some new blood to bring that title back. Raven is a great hardcore wrestler, and hopefully he'll think about heading over there since Vince Russo has been added to the creative team. Then you go over to the WWF, and he would be great there too. But right now they do have a pretty full roster, and have most of the best athletes in this sport. In other words, WWF has run into the same problem WCW did a couple years ago, which is a gigantic roster. I personally would like to see Raven over in WCW, I think Russo would use his talent very well.

    This week, was a rather interesting week for me. You see, I was rather mad that Shawn Michaels would make a return the week I was on vacation, and unable to write about the entire thing. So since I couldn't do a tribute to Shawn Michaels in my column, I had to find some other way. I got my chance at a Youth Group function my church had, where my friend Jessie Schneider, and I went around singing "Sexy Boy". It was at a bowling ally, so this statement just somehow popped out of my mouth, "Hey, why don't we go sing it to the bowling shoe guy!". That statement started it all, because we then went up to Mr. Bowling Show Guy and somehow, someway, got a microphone! Who says that only the Rock and Triple H can make WWF history? Well, I'm pretty sure I did because I sang "Sexy Boy" to the entire bowling ally of Hyde Park! Of course, I would like to dedicate that to all of my weekly readers!

    Some people still just don't get it, and probably never will. I've been getting e-mail from people complaining that WCW isn't doing anything original. Now, think about it a second, who is doing most of the booking? Yes, that's right, Vince Russo. Now, when Russo was in the WWF, who did the booking? Once again, the answer is Vince Russo. So tell me, how can Vinnie Ru steal his own ideas? Russo is just booking that way he knows how, and he is not stealing anything from the WWF. In fact, from what I've heard, the WWF plans everything six months ahead of time. So, if that were true, that would mean they could still be using Russo's ideas. As for the Perfect One idea, which is a rip-off of Mr. Perfect, and for Platinum (who may be the next personality we see in WCW), which would be a copy of Goldust. You may say the WWF never did anything like that, but they did! How could you so quickly forget about Gillberg? Or what about the late Owen Hart?

    DMX did a great job when they performed DX's new theme, "Kings". It took me a while to get used to it, but it's finally grown on me! I still can't make out half of the words, but nonetheless it is still good. One thing that seemed to lack was the music video they had for it. The concept of it was good and all, but they didn't use Triple H, Stephanie, and Torie very well. If you saw it, you know what I'm talking about, if you didn't, I'll explain. They didn't get any head shots of them, which makes it seem like they just got DX look-a-likes to be in the movie. But that wasn't the case, Triple H, Stephanie, and Torie were indeed in the video! That was the only thing I didn't particularly like about it. But what is really cool is DX's website (, because they have behind the scenes pictures of the gang. They also have some good ones from Triple H's Metaform commercial.

    THE GAME HAS DONE IT! With the help of the Undertaker that is. I can't believe that 'Taker finally came back. I also can't believe he helped Triple H. Yes, from my point of view, he helped out Hunter. Hey, if it wasn't for him Tombstoning him, he never wouldn't gotten the DQ win! That is how I rationalize it anyway. Of course, if the Undie Taker gets into Triple H's business one more time, then he will be put on the same level as the Rock in my eyes. But wouldn't it be something if he keeps interfering in the matches, and causing Triple H to win by DQ? If that happens, 'Taker is obviously in cahoots with D-generation X.

    Another thing that happened in the main event of Judgement Day is the Rock getting injured. The news says he hyper-extended his knee, OUCH! Trust me, if anyone knows about knee pain, it is I. Hey, I may not like the Rock, but he has my sympathy on this one! He probably won't be wrestling for about a week. Another injury that came from Judgement Day was the Big Show. Although, Show was already injured when he went into the match, which is why through a nice speaker on Wight's leg, so it would explain why he's going to be out of action for a while.

    I can't believe that WCW actually did it again. Yes, I talking about Ric Flair. I can remember a long time ago (well, not that long), when Ric was doing an interview, and then held his shoulder and fell to the mat, and then they claimed that he had a heart attack. Now, Ric Flair breaks down on a Thunder taping, and they show it, and make it an angle! How does poor Flair always get into these situations? Not only that, why does WCW always turn it into an angle? Why don't they ever actually tell what really happened. Hopefully Flair doesn't mind it. Actually, I don't think they'd do it if he was totally against it.

    Terry Funk is not retiring! Well, not retiring yet anyway. I tell you, I really did like his special announcement that he made. Hey, if your Grandfather went out and told the world that I was born, wouldn't you be happy? Now we know a bit of his life, that he has a 9 pound 1 once grandson. Oh, yeah, then there was the announcement that WCW extended his contract. I really do like Terry Funk, he is still a pretty good wrestler for an old guy. He has more talent right now than Hogan ever had. Think about it, who else would fight in a Hardcore match armed with uncooked chicken? Terry, if you really did sign extend your contract, and this isn't some freaky angle, good luck! You're a hardcore legend, and you don't seem to be ready to hang up the boots just yet.

    I've already talked about how WCW constantly makes angles when something happens to Ric Flair on one of their shows. Well, unlike the last time, this was a rather interesting one! I loved the burial they had for Ric's career. Although, technically, it wasn't a burial, it was a Requiem. Too bad Kevin Nash had to come out and ruin the entire thing! Does he have no heart! They were trying to bury Flair's career, so it can rest in piece. I guess Big Sexy coming and ruining the thing wasn't so bad, compared to the commentating about it anyway. "Kevin Nash has risen from the grave!", how much lamer can you get? Now that I think about the entire thing though, I guess we now know why Liz was laughing when they were bringing the casket to the ring. She obviously knew about Big Kev's little plan.

    Not only do we have a new WWF champion, but we also have a new WCW champion, in the form of Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has the right idea, one person should hold the belt more than just a week, it'll give the belt more value. WWF has been doing it, so it's obviously a good idea! Triple H held the belt for a while, and even the Rock held it for a while, and I personally think it is good for the title. It has lost its prestige since just anyone can win the title, and not hold it for that long. So, for the good of the belt, I hope Jarrett has a long glorious reign, until he loses it to David Flair! Well, hopefully he'll lose it to David.

    I've decided, I like T&A. Not because of the fact that they have turned into good wrestlers, not because of the fact that Trish is getting mic skills, but because of the fact that they worked for the McMahon-Helmsley Faction! Then there is the fact that they are heel, and I totally envy Trish. No, I'm not one of those weirdo girls who wishes they looked like her. Instead, I'm one of those weirdo girls who wishes they could find coats like she has! Come on, those long jackets are da bomb!

    Raw was great! Well, so was Nitro, but it wasn't quite as good as Raw in my opinion, or last week for that matter. For the WWF, the Rock came out on top once the night was over. Of course, I'm not too happy about that, considering I'm a die-hard Triple H fan. But Vince has to keep the Rocky fans happy too, so I'll live with it (hey, I said that almost as if I could've down something about it!). I was very impressed with Shane McMahon's little poem about how he defeated the Big Show. For WCW, I still think the best parts of that show are when Russo or Bischoff are out! Or anytime Crowbar, Daphne, or David Flair are on TV! Well, that will bring me to the end of my column, but before I go, here are my Closing Remarks!

    ~Welcome back, 'Taker, I hope you've worked on your sit-ups while you were gone.

    ~Trish Stratus getting Mic Skills? What is the world coming to!

    ~Don't forget:

    ~No, Shane! You have to call yourself "Little Sexy, the Giant Killer"… if you're going to mock Kevin Nash, do it the right way!

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