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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 05/09/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 09:22:32 05/09/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    The GAME will truly begin at Judgement Day.

    Hey, Sharpshooter fans! I hate to say it, but I'm greeting you with bad news. No, I'm not talking about Jeff Jarrett becoming WCW champion again (although I will later), this bad news is strictly with Sheerah's Sharpshooter. Okay, it's not that bad, all it is, is that there is not going to be an issue of Sheerah's Sharpshooter next week, due to a vacation, and I won't be here to write it. But don't worry, Sheerah's Sharpshooter will be back the next week, in full blast! Now, last week I brought Trivia back, and got huge responses from it! But, there is only one winner, and the winner is…!!!!!

    Congratulations to the winner! Now for this week's trivia!

    Who was the second bleached blonde in pro-wrestling?
    1)Gorgeous George
    2)Classy Feddie Blassy
    3)California Sun
    4)Ric Flair
    5)None of the above
    (Note: Send all answers to

    Well, that's it for now, so on to the rest of my column!

    Within two weeks, the ratings have changed dramatically. Nitro went from a good 3.7, to a 2.5. How exactly could that happen? I personally liked their show (I liked it better than the Sullivan booking anyway). They got this rating with a 2.6 for the first hour, and a 2.3 for the second. I guess Nitro wasn't as good as it has been before, but I don't care what the ratings say, I still liked it! WWF's Raw did great, as always, and I liked their show as well. They did a 7.4 composite, off of a 6.6 for the first hour, and a 8.1 for the second! Wow, 8.1 is REALLY high. Head to head, Nitro last pretty badly with a 2.3 to Raw's 6.6. I find ratings to be pretty interesting these days. WWF is getting the highest ratings I've seen in a long time, and Nitro's aren't steady. As you can see, one week they get a good 3.7, and the next they're down to 2.5.

    WCW put out an official biography video on Disco Inferno? This is news to me! Well, I'm sure it's news to all of you, because I don't believe it has been released on video. But, it was played as a PPV on Time Warner cable. The amazing part is, one of the show times actually went with my hectic schedule, so I was able to get it! The biography was, interesting to say the least. I would recommend it for entertainment value, but not for information. I guess it was good. But you have to remember, this isn't a biography about someone who has done everything in wrestling and has a story to tell. This is about someone who's still relatively new to the business, and has a lot farther to go. Between the video history of Disco Inferno, they showed him doing an interview about his wrestling career (in character), and even showed him going shopping for his signature Disco Inferno threads! It was very entertaining in that sense (especially when the sales clerk tried to sell him transparent pants). The entire thing ended on a close-up of Disco untying his boots (how thrilling!). I'm not sure how I'd rate this. It wasn't the best I have seen, because Disco hasn't done as much as people like Flair, Hogan, and DDP have. But I think they did a good job with what they had to work with.

    It looks like there are more wrestling autobiographies on the way in the literary world! This time Gary Michael Cappeta, who has been a ring announcer for WCW and WWF for over twenty years, is writing down his experience in the wrestling business. He's supposed to not hold anything back, and expose a lot of the garbage in the business. It will be called Blodylams! Memoirs of a wrestling pitchman. So far, this is due out in November. I've also heard that Terry Funk has been either thinking , or is in the process of writing his autobiography. This really must be the "In" thing for wrestling these days. I guess it probably all started when Mick Foley's book hit #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List. Then came the Rock, then DDP, followed by Bret Hart. Although, I don't think DDP and Bret Hart's have been doing quite as well as the guys from the WWF, but they still are selling good.

    It's amazing what type of news you can find on Newsboard. Evidently, WCW's Daphne's real name is Shannon Spruill, but she won't be that for long. Because she is getting married to her boyfriend, a Stuck Mojo Guitarist, Rich Ward. He proposed to her at one of their showed in Chattanooga, TN, and the wedding is set for October 7th. Congratulations, Daphne and Rich Ward! You know, I've found that newsboards do have a lot of this type of information. Some of them are pure gossip hot spots (not all, but I have seen some). After all, where did we hear about Chyna and Triple H's break up? Well, we heard it in an interview with Chyna, but where did we read it? A newsboard! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that newsboards are of the devil or anything, I personally like them. I just find that some of the things they put on them amusing is all.

    Poor Big Show! I can't believe that one Smackdown, Shane McMahon told Show that he's been acting terrible. Okay, he did let him down at Wrestlemania, and it was kind of embarrassing, I will admit that. But the past is past, and now Big Show isn't a disappointment! He's truly entertaining! Although, I will say it was funny when Mr. Wight looked like he was going to cry. But I was also upset when he got his revenge on Shane. Hey, I love the Show, but I'm a loyal follower of the McMahon-Helmsley regime, remember? But, as always, it's that big "good vs. bad" thing, and I guess Paul is on the side of good for this battle.

    NOOOO!!!! It hasn't happened again! But it has, and every WCW fan has to live with it. Yes, I am referring to Mr. J-E- Double F, J-A-Double R-E-Double T, Jeff Jarret has won the WCW championship, again. I hate to say it, but Russo and Bischoff are making a bad move. Okay, it's not a bad move per say, but if they continue with this is will be. No matter how much I like, or hate Jeff Jarrett, it's kind of boring having him hold the title so long. With Triple H is wasn't that bad, because he constantly defended it. But in Jarrett's case, he pretty much only does that sort of thing at PPVs. I was oh so looking forward to seeing DDP become WCW champion once again, because he's one of the only member of the Millionaire's Club that actually has talent. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to hope for the next PPV.

    I have reached the lowest point in my life. I actually took the time to visit the official Trish Tratus website. When I went to I was greeted with a terrible web site, and a terrible message. The message was that Trish was planning on stripping down to her birthday suit on Raw. Right now, I'm writing this about an hour and a half before Raw, so I'll make a little prediction saying that this won't happen. Sure, she'll try, but someone will conveniently come out and stop her, or at least I hope someone will stop her. For one, they can't show that kind of stuff on cable TV. Second, it will totally ruin their new and improved "toned down" image. Not only that, but what about the poor people in the crowd? Okay, the usual perverts will enjoy it, but gals like me will find it horrible. Doesn't she have any dignity? Well, I'll stop writing about this now, unless she actually does it. In that case, well, who knows what I'll do.

    I just turned on WCW, and what do I see? THE DX EXPRESS!!!! YAY!!!! But wait, DX doesn't come out. No, instead the Millionaire's Club comes out. Boy, talk about a rip off. Thank God that they didn't do an interview at the beginning, and instead the Young Blood did. In the interview I learned something I didn't notice in the PPV report, and that is the fact that David Aquette turn on DDP. Wow, go David! Hey, I know I'm having a fit that Jarrett in champion, but at least Aquette is a heel now (and probably won't be for long. Hey, how long can he stay away from Hollywood?). Of course, then Jarrett had to ruin the interview, and it was ruined even more when Mike Awesome decided to speak. At least Bischoff, Aquette, and Kimberly made it good. It was obvious that DDP was going to stop the interview ( it helped that they showed him getting out of his car and heading to the ring). One thing I noticed with the entire thing is that Sting has a really cool entrance!

    Slamboree was the day for comebacks, because not only did Ralphus return, but David Flair did as well! It's great to see David back, I for one have missed him greatly. His interview on Nitro was something I probably won't forget for a long time. Especially when Ric Flair said he was going to call Vince McMahon, and Russo looked all worried! David hitting his father with the Statue of Liberty is an interesting thing. I mean, who would ever think of that? It does go with the NY theme though, but what would really go with it is the NY theme song! I LOVE NEW YORK!

    I've officially decided I'm never going to trust a clock again. While watching the Shawn Stasiak vs. Sargent Hugh Morrus (or whatever he's called), and watching the clock intently, I missed some of Raw. Okay, I normally wouldn't have cared, but I missed some of the Edge and Christian interview! Okay, I turned Raw on at 9.01, so I did see a good bit of it. Edge and Christian are so funny, and it's good that they're getting some of the spotlight they deserve! I mean, how can you not like the "Now, we're going to pose for 6 seconds" thing? It's so funny!

    Wow, Vince McMahon set up some great matches for Raw! Not only that, Triple H made a killer match for Judgement Day. An Iron Man Match between him and the Rock shouldn't disappoint, and I think you all know who I'll be rooting for. Hey, it's so good, I might even get the PPV! Back to Vinnie Mac, or should I say Big Mac. I don't really understand why he put Pat Patterson again Rikishi, and I REALLY don't understand why he put Gerald Brisco against the Dudley Boyz in a table match. I'm sure there is has some plan behind it, but I have no clue what it is.

    I can't believe it, The First Lady of Pro-wrestling, Miss Elizabeth has participated in her very first wrestling match! And she won! She didn't win her freedom, in fact, the only reason she did win was by DQ. I had a feeling Madusa might have been on Russo's side. But I think she may fit better in the Millionaire Club, only because she's up there in age with the rest. I mean, she certainly isn't New Blood. I think if they have a Madusa and Mona feud, it would be a good one. Because they both did some pretty good wrestling moved in their unsanctioned match.

    Nitro and Raw have come to an end, and it's time for this week's column to end as well. Nitro put on an "okay" show. It wasn't the best, it certainly wasn't the worst. Raw once again put on a great one. I must say, the WWF is certainly on a roll! I'm extremely happy with the Main Event for Judgement Day, heck, I was even happy with the main event for Raw! Don't get me wrong, I love Jericho, but he lost his match in a rather amusing way, via Triple H/Stephanie. I love how she conveniently came out when Benoit was in the Walls of Jericho. You know, during the entire night I noticed so many stupid things. For one, Jericho's finisher, the Walls of Jericho was created by Chris Benoit, and was originally called the Crippler Crab (you know… I could've saved that for trivia), and Benoit tapped out to his own move. Well, I'm done rambling, so until the week after next, this is Sheerah, signing off… but not before my Closing Remarks!

    ~Awwwe… Bischoff mentioned the Internet geeks in his interview!

    ~Have you ever noticed that Jerry Flynn is in all Spree commercials?

    ~Welcome back, Ralphus, we've missed you!

    ~Wow, WCW changed the ring… NJPW style!

    ~Come on… give Kurt Angle a title!

    ~I'm really starting to tire of JR's comments on Pat Patterson.

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