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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 04/25/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 08:59:07 04/25/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Who will get the Backlash, at Backlash? My prediction and more inside this Sheerah's Sharpshooter! Plus: Are you Ready to Rumble?

    Welcome, Sharpshooter-holics to this week's edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter! This week I'm going to touch on the movie Ready to Rumble, Chyna's big screen debut, WWF's PPV, David Aquette (or should I say Mr. Courtney Cox), and a lot more! Raw had a couple twists and turns, as did Nitro! So this was a jammed packed week in the world of wrestling. Also, before I get on with my column, I will once again try to start up the trivia contest. I had planned to start it up a while ago, but I had a killer case of Trivia Memory-Block. Just to make sure that doesn't happen this time, if you have a trivia question you would like featured on a future edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter, e-mail it to me (the answer to it would be helpful too)! I'll will give full credit to whoever mails it in. Now, on to the rest of my column!

    Monday Night Ratings, I really don't get them at all this week. I've got them, but I don't get them, well, you know what I mean. Nitro didn't do as good as I had hoped, but now that I think about it, I know why. Nitro was a great show, but the WWF had an even BETTER show. It was certainly one of the better Raws of the year. Anyway, Raw pulled a HUGE 6.7 rating, off of a 6.2 for the first hour, and a 7.2 for the second. Ouch, I guess the ratings did show that the WWF had a good night. Nitro did a 2.5, with a 2.9 for the first hour, and a 2.1 for the second. Raw won head to head with a 6.2 to Nitro's 2.1. Man, 2.1, that is pretty bad, but it still could be worse. Coming off of such a terrible rating streak, it will take a while to build up to the fame they once had. Good luck, Russo and Bischoff, because it looks like it's going to be a long ride to be the top in the business again.

    It's been rumored that the McMahon family will be taken out of the spotlight sometime around, or after Summer Slam. Stephanie may even be taken out of the camera for good. I can tell you right now, I don't like this idea! I don't think I could take a Raw, or Smackdown, without the presence of Shane, Stephanie, or Vince (although, I have no problem not having Linda on TV). WWF can put on a good show without them, but they're great characters that shouldn't be gotten rid of. Stephanie is taking some time off, which I can't blame here, just as long as she comes back. You know what feud brought the WWF to the top of the sports-entertainment world? Austin vs. McMahon, that's what did it! Now what's keeping them on top is a mixture of their talent, and the McMahon family. I guess we'll have to wait and see if this really happens, and hopefully it won't.

    Chyna has official been in a movie. In my opinion, I think she did great in it! Chyna is another wrestler that I don't particularly like. It's not that she's bad or anything, I'm not quite sure what it is. But she has been starting to grow on me since she is with Latino Heat, Eddy Guerrero! That movie she was in, well, lets just say I've seen better. Don't get me wrong, she did a wonderful job, she was one of the best actors in it. But the plot of it was kind of confusing. First, there are aliens on the moon, then there's not, then there is, ETC ETC ETC. They finally decide there are aliens, then they're destructive, then they're friendly, then they go back to destructive, and then friendly, ETC ETC ETC. Even when the movie ending you didn't know if they were peaceful or not. So I've definitely seen better movies, but her part was very good. She played a part that she was a security officer, and just went around and killed people that this guy told her too. There was more to her part than that, but that's what it was all summed up. I'm assuming she was an alien, I mean, when you get a woman that built you have to cast her as a super-human, or something out of this world (well, you don't HAVE to, but the chances are that will happen). Anyway, congratulations, Chyna, on your first movie. You did a great job, and if you do another one I'm sure you'll be just as good. But next time, try to be in a good movie.

    Are you ready? Ready for what, you ask? READY TO RUMBLE! Yes, I, Sheerah L. Fisher has become one of the millions of wrestling fans who have seen this great major motion picture. Since I saw it, I'll give you a little review of it! Before I do so, I would like to thank my wonderful, talented, and under-appreciated youth group worker, Mrs. Schneider, for taking me to this movie! Without a doubt, the movie was fantastic. But, it really is only geared to certain taste, I don't think everyone will like it (trust me, I know, Mrs. S., her daughter and I were the only ones laughing most of the time). It was made very well, and the acting is good too. What I loved about it was the underlying disses towards the WWF. One of the ones you notice first, is the name of the character Oliver Platt played, Jeremy King. Jeremy King? Yes, that's right, Jeremy, NOT Jerry. With that name, you may think of Jerry "The King" Lawler. Hey, I could be wrong, but I think it's an awful strange coincidence. Aside from some of the cursing, and this one part with Scott Caan (lets just put it this way, you can tell he has a tanů but not everywhere), it was a really great movie. I enjoyed it very much, and I think many of you would too.

    Psychosis mustn't like WCW management, because he's been skipping WCW events to work shows in Mexico. The rumors have it that he doesn't care if he's fired. I'd hate to see him leave WCW, but he is a great talent. If he left, he'd probably end up in Mexico, or maybe the WWF would pick him up. When you think about it, he would make a great edition to the WWF lightweight division. Then again, he would also be a great edition to ECW. Face it, he'd be great anywhere. I hope WCW gets him under control, because they can't afford to lose anymore talented Cruiser Weights.

    It's WWF PPV time, once again! Which means I will carry on the tradition by giving you my picks and predictions for the upcoming PPV, Backlash! First, I'll start with Kurt Angle vs. Big Show. I think it will be a fairly good match, but I'm torn between my pick for the win. Kurt Angle is great, but he has Stephanie McMahon on his side (after all, she does have a supposed "crush" on him), but Big Show is, well, big and would be tuff to beat. So, I'll just say it ends up in a DQ. The Dudley Boys vs. T & A, my pick for this is T & A, but I wouldn't be surprised if Trish Stratus had an impact after the match, maybe in the form of being driven through a table. X-pac & Road Dogg vs. Edge & Christian, I sincerely hope that DX doesn't win the belts. They always have the tag titles, and it's about time someone else kept them for a while, and I think Edge and Christian should be the wrestlers to do that! Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit in an Intercontinental Championship Match, this will be a great match, that's for sure! Sorry, Jericho, I don't think it's your time to hold the IC title. Y2J is good, but if he's going to have a main event push, he can't bring IC gold with him. Now, for the Main Event, The Rock vs. Triple H, with Vince McMahon in Triple H's corner, and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the corner of the Rock. A long time ago it was rumored before Austin was going to turn heel, but then he got injured and it never happened, so why not finish that part now? I think that SCSA will turn on the Rock, and Triple H will retain the gold once again. Hey, maybe Linda will even see the light and be on the side of the rest of her family!

    Vote early, vote often! The People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People has started up once again! Last year, Ric Flair made 3rd, lets see if we do better! But this time, the memo is not to vote for Ric Flair, but Mick Foley! Okay, I would call Foley "Beautiful", but heck, I'll vote for him anyway! So don't forget to show your appreciation for pro-wrestling, and Mick Foley, and vote for good 'ole Mickey! The address for voting is:

    I was right! Bret Hart didn't hit Bischoff, but he hit Hogan! Why did he hit him? Well, I have a theory, but it's not all that great. Bret has always wanted to go one on one with Hogan, and he never did like him all that much either. I guess having two legends collide in the ring would be a good idea. I wouldn't consider Bret Hart to be New Blood, and as one of the announcers pointed out, he's more towards the millionaire end. I guess all these questions will be answered on Thunder. I think that in the Thunder interview that Bret will turn out to be a heel. Maybe he'll be a New Blood sympathizer, like Pillman was to the Hart Foundation.

    Welcome back, Tammy! Even though I'm not one of the males that admire her so, I'm still glad to see her. Although, her voice sounds a whole lot different that it did in the WWF. I guess it's from taking too many hits in ECW or something. That or she was just talking the way Russo and Bischoff told her to. She still is pretty good at the mic, which is good. I think having a feud with her and Kimberly would be pretty interesting, but that won't happen as long as Tammy keeps backing her husband. Unless Candido all of a sudden feud with the New Blood, or Bischoff, but I don't see that happening anytime soon (after all, he is part of the NB).

    Eric Bischoff vs. David Aquette, match of the century! I enjoyed it very much, and even missed part of the Triple H interview to see it, and you know how much I look forward to what the Game has to say! One thing that I noticed (again) is that Bischoff really needs to work out. He's arms, he can get away with them, but he needs to work on his stomach region. Other than that, the match stunk from an actually wrestling point of view, but it totally ruled from the entertainment factor.

    Wow, Triple H and Shane McMahon vs. Chris Jericho and the Rock! This should be a match that won't disappoint! Jericho really doesn't deserve a title shot when you look at it Triple H's way, goodness, doesn't he know that Stephanie has feelings? If you prick her, does she not bleed? If you diss her, does she not cry? But after you look at it from Triple H's point of view, you have to look at it from the Creative Team's point of view, and see that the crowd loves Jericho, therefore they'd like to see Jericho win the World Title.

    Edge and Christian have to be some of the funniest heels. I loved their commentary during the Road Dogg vs. Chris Benoit match. Especially when one of the announcers asked why they were there, and they said they were there to "run-in", and it's called that because "it's derived from the fact that you run-in". I must say, they are very funny, and are well-worth misses Chronic vs. Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell just to listen to their commentary.

    Here ends my extremely long Sheerah's Sharpshooter for this week! I was quite surprised that DDP won the World Title, but happy at the same time. I may like the team of Bischoff and Russo, but I can't stand having the Chosen One with the World Title. Then we travel on over to the WWF, which put on another great show. After seeing Vince McMahon's interview, I'm kind of skeptical as to if Austin will turn on the Rock. But I will leave my prediction as it stands, and the Rock will lose via Austin. If not, the Rock would lose because he's filming the Mummy 2 in May and June. Another theory would be that Triple H would feel the Backlash (from his loving father-in-law, or wife), but I'm hoping that won't happen. Triple H is a good champion, he's not afraid to give some of the mid-carders a title shot, or to put them over. Well, that's it for now, so here are my Closing Remarks!

    ~Vampiro, you need help, badly.


    ~Un-oh! Tori Wilson did a Chyna low blow!

    ~Edge and Christianů keep up the good work!

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