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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 04/18/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 12:40:00 04/18/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Bret Hart pledges his allegiance, but to where?

    WHOOOOOOOOW! A week is past, but the Sharpshooter is here to last! This week, WCW had their Spring Stampede PPV, and it was no disappointment! WWF held a Raw, but how did they stand up to WCW, which just came off of a PPV, and has started with a clean slate? Also, Bret Hart pledges his allegiance, but to who? All these and more in this week's Sheerah's Sharpshooter!

    It's ratings time, once again! I thought this week's ratings would be interesting. Although WCW didn't pull as great a rating as I had hoped, but they did pretty good. Nitro was up from a half of a point from the last show that Sullivan did. They drew a 3.1, with a 3.6 for the first hour, and a 2.6 for the second. I must say, I don't think they drew as good a rating as they deserved. Especially since WWF's Raw wasn't all that great, and I found parts of it to be a bit boring. Raw did, however get a 6.2 in the ratings, with a 5.7 for the first hour, and a 6.6 for the last. WCW did score higher than they did in a while since Sullivan's booking days. I think Bischoff and Russo are doing a great job so far. If they continue to put on good show, it will only be a matter of time until it starts to show in the ratings.

    Eric Bischoff evidently hasn't spoken with Scott Hal, or his agent. But somehow he does know that Hall suffered a neck injury, and did have surgery on it. I hope that when Hall does come back, he'll play a major role in the Millionaire Club vs. Young Blood feud. The thing with Hall is that he probably is a millionaire, but everyone in the Millionaire Club has been pushed so much that it makes you sick to your stomach. Scott Hall, on the other hand, never got that large push like every else has, and never even won a World Title, which he deserved to win on many occasions. So it should be interesting to see where he fits in. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if Bischoff and Russo did put him in the Millionaire Club.

    Well, it looks like Ric Flair is one of the people that are happy in WCW at the moment. He's apparently very please with the new creative control in WCW, which is a very good thing. I didn't know if he'd be all that thrilled, considering he is in a feud with Shane Douglas. Can somebody please tell me, why do they hate each other? I've asked me father, who has been a wrestling fan since before I was born, and he doesn't even know! From what I understand they really don't like each other, and I'm surprised that they worked so well together. They're evidently very good at what they do, if they can put personal problems aside like that, and put on a show.

    A & E is hitting the wrestling world once again. This time they're going a biography on Hulk Hogan. So far, it is scheduled to be on June 6th, which is a Tuesday night. If it is anything like their past biographies, it should be good! Hey, they even made a Jesse Ventura biography seem interesting, so I'm sure they can do one about Hogan. He is a big star in the business, and will most likely be remembered as one of it's biggest stars. Him and Andre the Giant were the biggest stars in the 80's, and that's when wrestling really took off. I know I don't really give Hogan the credit he deserves, but he does deserve a lot. He may not be the best at his game now, but back then he was obviously good. If he weren't good, he never would've achieved the stardom that he has now. But that still doesn't make him my favorite wrestler, or even close to one of my favorites.

    Here's a nice little story, that includes the Jerry Springer show. I decided to watch the Jerry Springer show on Monday. Actually, my dad decided to watch the Jerry Springer show, and I decided to join him. In Springer fashion, the name of the show was "I'm a pregnant prostitute". At the end, the audience got to ask the guest questions. This guy in the front row politely asked some pimp what his name was. Then, cutting him off in mid-name, he said "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!". It was a very interesting show, if I do say so myself. Even though I only saw ten minutes of it, but it was enough to hear one of the most over-used sayings in the wrestling world today.

    The WWF has won an award! I bet they feel so proud! They received it by some people from the American for more Civility, and two men name Alan Gibson and Glen Dromgoole gave the WWF the "un-civie" award. They said that wrestlers represent the bottom of the cultural barrel. Gee, such nice things to say to people who are just trying to get a stink'n paycheck! I really don't like those types of people who think that they are better than everyone else, just like those people who gave the WWF the bogus award. People like that need to learn a lesson in humility, and little do they know, but they are really the ones who are at the bottom of the cultural barrel.

    I can't believe it, the WWF is being sued by USA! Not only that, but USA is also suing CBS, and Viacom! It's all because of some sort of agreement the WWF made. From what I understand, USA came back with a counter offer for the WWF, which was better than CBS', and they have to take it because of some contractual thing. Alright, I could be wrong about that, but that's what it sounds like to me anyway. This should be interesting to follow. I still think that changing from USA to CBS is a bad idea, but evidently Vince doesn't think the same as I do.

    It looks like it was a good PPV for WCW's Young blood! From what I read from the results, Spring Stampede seemed to be a very good PPV all together! Although, I truly wish that DDP had won the world title, and not Jarrett. Oh well, I'll just look on the bright side of things. Jarrett has cool hair, and DDP doesn't. I know that's not much of a bright side, but that's all I can think of at the moment. What should be interesting on Nitro is the fact that Kimberly joined the Young Blood! Hey, she even join them for Bischoff by the looks of it! That would be interesting, Kimberly turns on DDP for Bischoff, but I doubt that will be the case. It will probably end up somehow with Buff Bagwell being the reason why she left DDP. Even with that, it should give DDP a reason to hate Bischoff and Russo even more!

    I went down stairs, got myself a Diet Sam's Choice cola, and a nice Betterfinger Nestegg, and came up just in time to watch NITRO! I must tell you, WCW is finally realizing how to put on a show. Actually, WCW never got it, but they brought in someone who did (Russo), and put someone back in power who did (Bischoff). I did figure out that the security around the ring was obviously some of the members of the Millionaire's Club. One thing about Kimberly, she does have somewhat good mic skills. She totally stunk in the beginning, but she finally got the hang of it, and got better. Another thing, Kim, if you're supposed to be Bischoff's girl, don't stand three yards away from him. I just loved the entire interview, and Vince Russo has also grown on me. Hey, he's from New York, he's not that bad! One thing he said was quite true. It was about Terry Funk, he's not a millionaire, and he's not young blood, he's just too old!

    Shawn Stasiak? The Perfect One? How in the world did Stasiack get the old gimmick Curt Hennig had in the WWF? I don't know if it's supposed to be a direct hit towards the WWF, or just something to start a feud between him and Hennig. I must say, I did like Hennig's Mr. Perfect gimmick. I think WCW should take Hennig more seriously though, because he is a good athlete. I think I'll be on the side of Curt with this one, because I don't think Stasiack can fill the boots of Perfection. Of course, he did pick a good person to have as a role model! Hmm… speaking of a model…. Will anyone take the gimmick of Rick Martel?

    Hulk Hogan, what a hot head. Or at least that's what Russo and Bischoff wanted him to be tonight. What was funny was when he was going the wrong way, and someone told him so. That's when they conveniently decided to get a nice crowd view. Alright, Hogan, I'm going to be a critic, isn't Hogan getting old? Yes, he is. Hogan did make a good point by saying that everyone else is getting up in years too though. Does Hogan have anything left to give to the wrestling business? It depends on Hogan if he can offer more to the business. He definitely don't help it any if he keeps his Hulkamaniac thing. But I will say, I like the way they're currently using him.

    What a way to squash the competition! Triple H defended the World title belt in the first match, and actually lost it! Not only that, he lost it to the little punk Chris Jericho! I like Jericho, but I like The Game a heck of a lot better than him. I think we all knew that Jericho wasn't going to keep the title though. I mean, Chris Jericho vs. The Rock isn't a very good PPV headliner. The way Triple H got it back was a very interesting, and wonderful way. Telling Earl Hebner that he'll never lay a hand on him as long as he's a WWF referee, and then firing him the minute he reverses the decision. I just love heels, they're just so, so, so lovable!

    LATINO HEAT!!! I love Eddy's gimmick, it's just so him! Good 'Ole JR may say that Eddy is "whipped", come on! Eddy is a great wrestler, and as Jerry Lawler once said, behind every great man is a good woman. I think that there are better women out there to back Eddy up, but Eddy doesn't need anyone! He's great by himself! As I've always said, I like Eddy. He is a great talent, and works the crowd wonderfully. To be a little off the subject, on to the Eddy's car, which he calls the Love Machine. He obviously named it after his late tag team partner, Art Barr.

    Stephanie goes to hit Linda, but Linda hits Stephanie. Stephanie tells Triple H to hit Linda, he does and Shane hits Triple H. Triple H hits Shane. Shane tells Linda to go away. Shane hits Triple H. Stephanie slaps Triple H, Stephanie slaps Shane. Doesn't this sound like something you'd see on Jerry Springer? Okay, I could be wrong. But nonetheless, the segment was great. As is anything with Triple H.

    Wow, Nitro and Raw both had great endings! First, I'll touch on Nitro. Hogans there, just about choking Bischoff, and who comes out of the back? Vince Russo, followed by Bret Hart (who just so happens to have a chair). Just when Bret is about to hit "someone" with the chair, Nitro fades to black. Such a beautiful sight, even though it did make me quite irate. Yesterday Bret Hart pledges his allegiance, but to who? My guess is to the New Blood! Because of the fact that Hart hates Hogan, and there's also the fact that when he was setting up to hit someone with the chair, he looked right at the Hulkster. WWF put on a great show, and I enjoyed it immensely. One thing that caught my eyes was that Big Show wasn't his unusual happy go lucky self. Hopefully that's just temporary, because Big Show's funny side is not something to be hidden. The Main Event was a very good one, but the highlight of the night was when Triple H got his belt back! Well, that's all this week, but before I go I'll leave you with my Closing Remarks.

    ~HaHa! Jericho didn't even have the title!

    ~Welcome to WCW, Tammy, it's nice to finally see ya!

    ~Bischoff + Russo evidently does = ratings!

    ~David Flair, Daffney, Crowbar… where did you go?


    ~Since they have a New Blood/Millionaire club feud with wrestlers, why not do it with the announcers?

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