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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 04/11/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 12:57:09 04/11/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    A dawning of a new era, courtesy of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo.

    It's the Dawning of a New Era for wrestling, and Sheerah is here, as always, to give you my opinion on it! As you know, this was the first week of the Bischoff/Russo regime taking the reins of Creative Control of WCW. What does the WWF do to counter it? For every action, there is a reaction! With WCW's knew action, the WWF is bound to have a reaction of their own. I'll touch of this more toward the end of my column.

    Ratings news! Unfortunately, I don't have any weekend ratings news, but I'm almost positive that WWF Sunday Night Heat once again outdid WCW's Nitro. Nitro did a 1.8 this week, off of a 2.3 for the first hour, and a 1.3 for the second. Personally, I don't think that people should put down WCW for this ratings, because of the fact that they weren't really even trying to get great ratings this week. It was only a filler until Bischoff and Russo started booking. Raw did a 6.4 composite, with a 6.4 for the first, and second hour. I think that this week's ratings should be interesting. With WCW having Bischoff and Russo doing their first show, people will obviously be interested a watch some of it. But I know the WWF will try to squash them before they get big, so both shows should be really great.

    Big news for the WWF, it seems that they're planning to start their own music recording company, entitled "RAW Records". They're supposed to be signing talent that has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling. Goodness, first the appearance of the XFL, and now RAW Records? WWF is truly becoming large. I'm not quite sure if the recording company is the best idea, but I guess time will tell. I wish them luck in it, but I think they should take one risky thing at a time. First go for the XFL, if that works, go for Raw Records. Hey, it can't hurt to wait a while, the music scene will always be big. Well, I guess being risky is in the McMahon blood. When you think about it, they wouldn't have gotten this big if it wasn't for the risk they took with taking their company in a totally different direction.

    It looks like wrestling has finally gotten popular with the female gender! Oh yeah! I'm not alone! Evidently my fellow female friends have seen the light, because the WWF is one of the top rated show among teenage girls. The specific person who reported this said it was no surprise to them, but let me say, it sure was to me! Well, actually, it is and yet it isn't a surprise. I think just as many females watch it as males, but for some reason wrestling is still stereotyped as a "guy thing". Another thing on this type of news is Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, or Chyna may be on the covers of Seventeen, or YM magazine in the near future. I guess wrestling isn't as much as a "guy thing" as everyone has thought.

    News on WWF New York! It's rumored that there are some problems between the owner of the restaurant, and owner of the WWF. Rumors have it that things are so bad, that WWF NY may be shutting down! They also said that there is no mention of WWF NY on the WWF web site. Uh-oh, this doesn't seem to be too good. It's said it may be shutting down because of extremely high rent, which I find hard to believe. Alright, the place is huge (from what I've seen in pictures anyway), and it probably does cost a pretty penny not only for the rent, but to run it as well. WWF NY, from what I hear, is a popular place though. Hopefully all the problems will be fixed, and they won't close down. Hey, what would Times Square be like with a wrestling themed restaurant?

    Martha Stewart, on RAW? What is the world coming to! It's said that she has expressed interest in coming for an appearance on Raw, but evidently Vince doesn't like her all that much. Hey, can you blame him? She's the originator of the idiotic phrase "It's a good thing", how much lamer can you get? No offence Martha, but what you do is fix up houses and bake, and I don't think WWF fans are ready for you. Actually, I don't think 75% of the population of America is. The Rock evidently appeared on her show a few months back (which unfortunately I didn't see, although maybe that is a "good thing"), and Vince was even hesitant to have him on her show, so I doubt he'd let her step into the WWF.

    Extra! Extra! Bret Hart appeared on the TV show Extra, as well as some of the other top names in the wrestling biz, but Bret was the one they really wanted to get the opinion of. It was Bret's opinion on if wrestling is presenting the wrong idea to kids, and they brought up the law suit about the twelve year old who killed a six year old while trying to do a wrestling move. They brought up the subject of Owen Hart as well. But the person I agreed most with is Sting, when they were referring to the law suit and the six year old that died. Sting said that there should be at least some responsibility on the parent's part, so the children know what is real and what isn't. My question still remains, where were the parents when that awful deed happened anyway? Back to the subject of Bret on Extra, he did a great job. It was definitely worth going through the stories about George Clooney, and the Killer Dentist, just to see it.

    It looks like Vince McMahon is quite the popular one nowadays! So popular that he has to give a test to anyone who wants to interview him! I can't blame him, you don't want anyone interviewing you who has no idea what the sport is all about. The test is supposed to be a five point WWF trivia quiz. Hey, I wonder if I could pass it. The funny part is, probably the average wrestling fan could pass it, and the people who want to interview him can't. At least now we won't see people who know nothing about wrestling interviewing Vinnie Mac, and maybe we'll even see some decent interviews!

    ECW news! I'm not that big on ECW, which is the reason why I don't really report on it much, but this news is too good not to report on! "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam will be appearing in an episode of "The X-Files"! They taped it on April 7th, and April 10th. So far there is no date (that I know of) as to when the episode will air. I'm liking this because of the fact is mixes one of my favorite TV shows, with wrestling! Jesse Ventura made an appearance on the show a while back, and it was a great show. I may even go as far to say one of the best. Hey, it was my favorite! Hopefully Rob will be just as good, and put on a great show!

    A dawning of a new era in WCW, that's what we've been told for a couple weeks now. But I don't think I ever expected something like this. What do you do when an experiment goes totally wrong? I get rid of everything, and start from the beginning. That was evidently the idea Bischoff and Russo had, and I must say, I think it is a great one! It was great to see Bischoff back in power, he has a lot of ideas that will save WCW, and so does Russo. I have a couple ideas that I think will make the female wrestling fans a bit happier. For one, Eric Bischoff should dye his hair dark brown again. Two, Vince Russo should really get rid of the beard, the go-tee is okay, but the beard should go. Back to the whole angle thing, I'm very happy that Bichoff admitted that Hogan was a mistake! Although, there are some things that I don't think work. DDP should not be with the old guys, he may be an established star, but he's not old. Also, I don't think that anyone ever pushed Scott Hall so much that it made you sick. Hall has always been a great under rated wrestler.

    Eric Bischoff turned on Hulk Hogan. I can't say I was all that surprised, because this was supposed to be the dawning of a new era. So I didn't think that Bischoff would go back to the same thing that he's done for the last couple of year. But I do have two things to say about the chair shot. Easy E, you really need to work on your chair shots if you plan to continue doing them. Also, did you see Hogan slicing himself open? It was rather funny, it looked like he was just wiping sweat off, but from another angle you can see that he was trying to juice, and he cut himself with something. Oh well, it's not every day that you juice, so I'll consider it ring rust.

    Even with the great Nitro (so far anyway), I still am watching the WWF. I wasn't all that impressed with the beginning interview. I mean, Triple H wasn't really even in it! Vince did a good job though. One thing Vince said did make sense, because the Rock does like to talk about the derriere area of the body. But just because Vince was being a good boss and pointed that out to him, I don't think that calls for Rocky to hit Vinnie Mac! Well, I just got done watching that interview, and I'm hoping that later on I'm going to see Triple H do one of his grade "A" interviews.

    I KNEW IT!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!! I said, week, after week, after week, that Eric Bischoff was the one who drove that stink'n hummer! Did anyone believe me? NO! Unfortunately, I don't have my column archived that I did say he was the driver, which makes me a bit ticked off. BUT, I do have it when I pointed out the fact that he was shown driving on numerous occasions, a hum-vey! I'm just so happy that the speculation was put to rest, and WCW actually followed through with a storyline! Not only that, I'm happy that they followed it up with my choice for who truly drove the military vehicle.

    The Big Show has got to be one of the funniest guys in the WWF! I thought that the WWF would lack in the humor department with Mick Foley retiring, I was evidently wrong! Big Show did another great performance, this time in the form of Val Venis mockery. He did great, and the worst part was he did so good it was actually kind of scary. One thing though, Big Show, pink is just not your color, and I'd stick with short hair if I were you. I think this new Big Show thing is doing a good job lightening up his character, and for the first time I actually look forward to seeing him! Choke Slams and Power Slam do get boring after a while, and with is new gimmick came new moves. Goodness, I can't help but remember his drop kick! He has to be defying gravity when he does that, because as the announcers said, a 7'2", 500+ Lbs man DO NOT drop kick!

    WOW! WCW, for the first time in about a year, but on a great show! I enjoyed it very much, and I even missed some of the WWF to watch it, which is a first in a long time. Ratings should be very interesting this week. With WCW's great show, don't expect them to pull anything too large, they can't be the competition in one week. Besides that, the WWF put on a great show of their own! The Game vs. Taka Michinoko, I know it was pretty much a nothing match, but I found it funny anyway. Their Main Event was pretty good, but I was surprised when I saw that the Rock mystery opponent wasn't the Undertaker. I don't know Vince's reason for not using 'Taker, but I hope it's a good one. Because the Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanon are certainly not Main Event Materiel. Even with all that, the WWF put on a great show, as always, and WCW did as well! So, my column ends this week, but before I take my leave I'll have my Closing Remarks!

    ~Wow! New Nitro set! Great Turner Tron too!

    ~Sorry, Tank Abbott, but Mother Teresa is dead.


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