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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 04/04/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L Fisher on 13:37:08 04/04/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    The Game Triumphs Again!

    It's time… It's time… It's Sharpshooter Time! And I'm your Hostess, with the mostess, Sheerah! This week, MANY things happen, but most of them only circled around the WWF. WCW didn't have the best news week, but since last week's talk was all about then, I guess it makes a bit of sense. WCW held a Best of Nitro show this week, so I won't be reporting too much on that, since I didn't watch a lot of it from the 9-11 o'clock hours. Enough of this, I'll get on to the rest of my column!

    First up, it's ratings news! I'm currently in a good mood while writing this part, but I doubt I'll be after I see Nitro's rating. First off, Raw did a 6.6, with a 6.5 for the first hour, and a 6.7 for the second. They pulled a VERY good rating last week, so lets go over and see what WCW Nitro did! They got a 2.6 composite, from a 3.1 for the first hour, and a 2.1 for the second. I won't blast WCW like I do almost every week, because I personally like their show last week, even though it did have the Wall in it. They pulled a good, solid rating, even though it makes them look small compared to the WWF, but since they're in this big "ratings war", you can't help but compare the two! Anyway, WCW is pulling a pretty good rating, and they will get even better when Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo take over the booking. In other ratings new, WWF Livewire pulled a 1.3, WWF Superstars did a 1.6. WCW Saturday Night drew a 1.3, and for the killer of them all, WWF Sunday Night Heat drew a 2.8. The reason for the low rating this week is because of the Oscars, which is what I'm assuming anyway. But nonetheless, Sunday Night Heat still beat Nitro.

    RUMOR KILLER! Well, halfway of a rumor killer anyway. Bobby Heenan was rumored to have been fired from WCW! BIG MISTAKE! First they take him off Nitro, which one another big mistake, and then they made an even BIGGER mistake by firing him? Well, for now this rumor has been killed because good 'ole Bobby was at the Thunder tapings last week, which took place on a Tuesday. That doesn't mean that he wasn't fired since then, but at least we can hold on to the hope that he's still with WCW! If they did decide to fire him, I don't think it would go over with the fans that well. People are already unhappy that they took him off of Nitro, and replaced him with the wack-o Mark Madden. Nothing against Mark, he's good, but he's no Heenan. If WCW were to fire him, I think that there would be a lot of unhappy fans out there.

    New Jersey passing a law to regulate wrestling, and the WWF is happy about it?!?!?! That's what appears to be happening. I reported on this last week, when the news just came out. BUT, not all of the details were not out at the time. This law is specifically for Backyard/Hardcore type of wrestling. I think New Jersey is doing a great job by trying to pass a law to regulate that. I can't think of any major wrestling promotion that promotes, or agrees with Backyard wrestling. It took the stars of the WWF, and WCW a lot of training, and people STILL get hurt! There is no way that anyone without the needed training can get away without hurting them, or hurting someone else. Bret Hart went as far as to say (if I'm quoting him right), that people who do those things are cowards. Now, I'm not quite sure if it was indeed Bret who said that, but I'm pretty sure it was, it was either him or another one of the major stars in wrestling. When you think about it, it really is. In fact, it actually shows a bit of laziness in some cases. If you want to become a big star, you don't do it by being a backyard wrestler, who ever gets discovered by that? The only way is through hard work, and dedication, and training! Back to the subject of the New Jersey law, good going New Jersey! I hope it gets past!

    Can lightning strike twice? Let me tell a little story, a long, long time ago (two weeks), I wrote in my column about the Slammy awards not being held this year, and I was not happy about it. A while later (a week later), I found that the WWF all of a sudden decided to change that, and have them sometime in the Spring. In that same column, I wrote that I thought Stephanie should take on the McMahon tradition, and step into the ring for a match. Now, this is a KILLER! What happens on the next Smackdown (the lastest Smackdown), Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley steps into the ring, and wins the Woman's Championship! Okay, she didn't really wrestle, and she technically would've lost the match if the referee turns and looked into the ring, but still, she wrestled! Could this just be one strange coincidence, or could it be more? Okay, it's probably a strange coincidence, but let me bask in the thought that I changed the wrestling world, again. Hey, Vince, if you're really out there, and really reading, as I said last week, go with the award for "Best Dumping". With the nominees being Stephanie dumping Test, the Hardy being dissed, and dismissed by Terri, or Kane being heartbroken by Tori!

    Bret Lives! Well, he's always lived, but it was rumored last week that Bret Hart was retiring. Un-ha, I don't think so! It was evidently all a huge, sick, April Fools joke. It was reported on, which I must say, it a pretty good site for news, but this time they were wrong. I'm sure all of the Hitman fans didn't think this joke was funny. I actually think it was quite stupid, but oh well. Although Bret hasn't announced retirement, that doesn't mean that he's not thinking about it. I hope that he isn't, but you never know. Hopefully our Hitman will come back to WCW, and show us some of his classic wrestling once again!

    WWF AND NBC!!! WHOOOOW! For those of you who don't know, the WWF has signed a deal with NBC to show the XFL. This is really great for the WWF, unfortunately this probably means that Raw will be moving to TNN, but I guess I'll just have to live with that fact. But with the NBC deal, came NBC buying 50% of the WWF's stock! Once again, another good move for business! Although, the XFL has had some problems, like with the NFL not taking them seriously. They said to wait and see the reaction they get after a while. Okay, the XFL will probably start off huge, but they obviously think it will only be temporary, and it will fade away, as will the XFL. I don't know, but I have a feeling that that won't be the case. The WWF knows how to put on a show, and I think they will keep doing that for the WWF, and will start doing it for the XFL.

    Just a bit of news of my official web site! I've officially updated it, again! This time I've added favorite wrestlers (with their mini biography), Favorite things, and the About Me page! I'm going to update the pictures soon. I'm also working on finding a place on the main page to say what I've updated, and when I updated it. Also, as always, you can find all of the latest Sheerah's Sharpshooters at my web site! For those of you who don't know the address, it is Also, stop by and sign the guest book located on the bottom of the page!

    You know, I've thought about this a little bit, and I came to the conclusion that WCW's timing for their first show with Russo and Bischoff booking is perfect. For one, it wasn't this past Monday. If it were, they still would've gotten squashed in the ratings, because the WWF will pull a great rating off of a Wrestlemania Pay-Per-View. Another good thing for WCW's timing is the shortage of Main Eventers in the WWF. Well, it might not be timing, but just pure luck. The Rock will be gone to film the Mummy, Austin is still out, as well as the Undertaker, and Foley is retired. So, they have very few Main Eventers still left, besides Triple H and the Big Show. There is no doubt that their shows will still be good, but not as good as usual. So, this is time for WCW to try their best to put on shows, while the Wrestling World will be watching them a bit more.

    What will the WWF do about this shortage of Main Event talent? Actually, I don't think they should be worried that much about it, unless WCW is REALLY good, which they might. But the WWF has such a great midcard talent, it won't be hard to push them up to main event status. Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, there are so many to name. Rikishi is good one too, because he's already participated in main event matches, and the fans seem to take to him well. Then there is Kane, and even Dean Malenko. So there will probably some wrestling talent that will get a nice main event push in the weeks to come.

    Something in the wrestling news is CoutTV which is planning to run a show entitled "Wrestling with Death". Unfortunately, it aired April 3rd, and will be over by the time you read this. But knowing all of the cable channels, they will run this show so many time it will make your head spin. It's apparently aimed towards kids who don't know wrestling is "fake", or "fixed" as I prefer to call it. It would probably be worth watching, although it may not project wrestling the way it really is. But anything that tells children not to wrestle, should be a good thing.

    TRIPLE H HAS DONE IT AGAIN! I know most of the wrestling fans are unhappy about Triple H retaining the title, because of the fact that he has been champion for a while. I personally love it, because he is a great wrestler, and deserves it not only because of that, but because of his wonderful mic skills as well. Although, I have a feeling he will be turning face, and the Rock will be turning heel. I mean, how would anyone give a woman a Rock bottom, or the People' Elbow, and especially when that woman is Stephanie! Back to the subject of Triple H, congratulation on retaining the title, you deserve it! Alas, I have a feeling he won't be having that belt for much longer.

    Go, Eddy! After having a very big upset at Wrestlemania, he came out of it, and won the European Championship! I said that if Eddy didn't win a match at this latest Raw, I was going to write about Eddy's constant Jobbing. Well, you have to admit, he has been jobbed pretty bad when he came to the WWF. But that has evidently stopped! One question, why did Chyna turn on Jericho? I hope this isn't a ploy by Chyna and Jericho. Hopefully Chyna gave into the Latino Heat! Who knows what this angle will grow into, but since it has Eddy in it, it will probably be great!

    Go Big Show! I don't know what the WWF is doing with him, but I like it! I love it! It's great! If I may barrow a saying from Curt Hennig… it is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I can remember after seeing him on Saturday Night Live, I knew he could have such a better gimmick that would get him so over with the crowd. I hope they continue with, whatever this is, and I think it will be a big success. Hey, I never liked the Big Show until I saw SNL, so maybe with this new gimmick will be a good change for him!

    This week, I end my column after seeing a great show put on by the WWF. First we saw the McMahon reunion, although I'm curious as to what Linda thinks of all of it. Then we saw Eddy end his jobbing streak, and many other great things that happened throughout the night. One great part was all of the segments on who was going to face the Rock, even the match itself was great. I found Triple H's comment when they were drawing straws and he said "a technical wizard family", I found that funny! Then the segments with Shane were good as well. But the one thing that shined above all of them was one person… THE BIG SHOW! His dancing was great, and he even got revenge on Grandmaster Sex-ay for what he said about him! Well, I'll end my column here, but I won't leave without my Closing Remarks!

    ~NEWS! Vampiro has a new website! The address is:


    ~Why does Crash Holly still carry the scale with him?

    ~WCW's Best of Nitro was good… but wait until next week when Bischoff and Russo heat things up!

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