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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 03/28/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 12:08:11 03/28/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Shane and Stephanie, the next Generation

    It's that time of week again! It's Sharpshooter time, with the Sharpshooter done "Sheerah Style". You know, that catch phrase is starting to bug me, so I'll try something different. Okay… Diamonds are Forever and so is Sheerah's Sharpshooter! Humm, I don't like that one either, because the last time I used it was when I was the Webmaster of the UWZ… "Diamonds are Forever and so is the UWZ". The ironic part is, after using that phrase my website shut down a month later. Oh well, I'll just stick with what I've got, unless any of you have anything better, in that case I'd love to hear it! To the point of wrestling, this week was filled with twists, and turns, which I will talk about later on in my column. Especially with the McMahon feud, which gets better and better by the week!

    Ratings are in, considering it's been a week since last Monday I should hope they are. You know, there is no contest here, every week the same things happen. Raw won, with a 6.2, with a 6.0 for the first hour, and a 6.4 for the second. Mick Foley's over run drew a 7.3, wow, I guess Foley really does equal ratings. Nitro, once again, fell very short, by getting a 2.5, with a 2.9 for the first hour, and a 2.1 for the second. For Livewire and Superstars, they both did a 1.8, WCW Saturday Night did a 1.4. As usual, WWF Sunday Night Heat beat Nitro with a 3.2. These bad ratings have evidently gotten to WCW, and they decided to do something about it! But I won't write about that just yet, you'll see what I mean later on in my column.

    The Rock will be showing his great acting skills, once again. First, there was his wonderful Saturday Night Live performance. Now it looks like good 'ole Rocky will be in a major motion picture! In The Mummy 2, and will be the lead villain, The Scorpion King. I personally liked the first movie, and I think the second will be good two, after all, it has the Rock! The plot goes somewhat like this, the characters of Brendan Fraser, and Rachel Wisze are married, and are searching for their kidnapped son. I guess the last villains from the last movie could be in it, but the Rock will be top heel, or as we'd say in Lucha Libre terms, Top Rudo. While reading the newsboards, I read a very good point on the subject. The Rock will have to take off a couple month to make the movie, right? So that probably means he won't come up the victor in the match at Wrestlemania. I guess that's why there hasn't been any "The person who backs the wrestler who wins get full power" stipulations added.

    It looks like the Slammy Awards will be coming back! After last week the news was the Slammys would be a no show, well, things have changed since then. I'd personally like to think it's because of what I wrote about it last week. Hey, you never know! Until it's said that Vince decided to have them because of who knows what, just let me bask in the idea that I changed the direction of the WWF in the Slammy Award situation. You know what? I'm going to try it again! Lets see if lightning will strike twice, and my perfect idea for a Slammy Award will become reality. My idea, there should be a "Best Dumping" award, with the nominees being Stephanie dissing Test and marrying Triple H, Torie turning on Kane, and Terri turning on the Hardy Boys. Who would win? The gal with the power, Tombstone Torie, or the Shedevil?

    Smackdown was a great one indeed! There was one part that shined above everything else, and that was the Shane/Mean Steet Posse/Big Show segment! It was comedy at it's finest! What was very funny was Shane McMahon's commentary, I really liked it when he said "Big show knocked him so hard his hair fell off!", when referring to Triple H, or should I say Pete Gas. What was pretty scary was the fact that Rodney actually did look like the Rock. What scared me even more is when the people cheered for Rodney when he went to do the People's Elbow. I mean, goodness, it was Rodney! It wasn't the Rock! Quite frankly, I don't even understand why they cheer for the People's Elbow as much as they do, but when they cheered for Rodney I really didn't understand it. I mean, it's an okay move, but you really shouldn't beat people with it, that's what the Rock Bottom is for.

    Poor Eddy Guerrero, it's been said that the WWF wants him to change his finishing move. All because of that stink'n D-Lo Brown. So, they have the same move, who cares! No one likes Brown anyway, unless he's with the Godfather. Eddy does the best Frog Splash in the business. Do you know why that is his finishing move? He adopted it as his finishing move in memory on his late great tag team partner, Art Bar, the inventor of the move. Think about it, who do you think Art would want to use the move? Some weird-o that teams with a pimp, or his best friend? If this rumor is true, and he does have to change his finishing move, I hope he turns back to the BT Bomb (Black Tiger Bomb). I don't think anyone in the WWF uses it. He used to use it in Japan, and I personally always liked it. Although, I also like the Gory Special, maybe it could turn into the Eddy Special!

    It's almost time! It's almost time for Wrestlemania to make it's way back to your television! Alas, it won't be making its way to mine, but that's another story entirely. So, anyway, I have predictions for the PPV! What surprised me was, when I looked at the card on and they only had a couple matches for the PPV. Come on, this is the biggest one of the year! I mean, it's the Super Bowl of wrestling! You need a good card! So far, there is a good one, but what surprises me if the fact that there is only one, one on one match. Well, anyway, on to my predictions! For the Terri vs. The Kat match, I really have no prediction because I don't care about it. But I have a feeling that there will be nudity in it. Goodness, does the WWF ever stop? For Kane and Rikishi vs. X-pac and Road Dogg, I have to go with Kane and Rikishi, because they have the brute force! Although, Xey and Dogg have the brains. For Hardys vs. Edge and Christian vs the Dudley Boyz, my pick is Edge and Christian, I've been very impressed with them as of late. With Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle, I'm not quite sure, but Jericho and Benoit will probably each come out with a title. Now, for the Main Event, The Rock vs. Big Show vs. Mick Foley vs. Triple H, my pick is Mick Foley. Think about it a second, the Rock really can't win it because he has to take time off to film the Mummy 2, Triple H has held it for a really long time, and needs to drop it. That leaves it to Big Show, and Mick, and as I said before, my pick is Mick. If they didn't plan on having Mick win, they wouldn't have had that big thing on what they're going to do if he wins.

    Well, I want to give Triple H his props. He's been being praise backstage for his work on becoming a heel, and somehow staying a heel. It is a pretty hard job, considering he has to stay heel, with other great heels around like Shane McMahon and the Big Show. He still is the top heel, and doing a great job at it! I guess he's had a lot of practice doing it though, since when he was the Snobby Triple H and he was ALWAYS heel. Actually, Stephanie seems to be doing a very good job at being heel too. These two really do make a great team.

    ERIC BISCHOFF IS BAAAAAAAACK!!!!! Finally, after terrible ratings and all of the other stuff that WCW has been going through, they've finally come back to their senses. As I've said before, with Bischoff they never got ratings this bad before, and everything was better. I hope that Easy E will be able to bring WCW back to it's fame that it used to have. I'm sure he'll do a great job at it, after all, he did before! I've heard parts some of the stuff that he's planning on doing, and it sounds really good. I guess Eric is a genius is disguise!

    Well, it looks like now the entire state of New Jersey is against the wrestling world. They want to regulate wrestling in their state. How can they do that? You pay your taxes, you have the right to watch whatever the heck you want! I don't think that this law will be passed, because it's clearly unconstitutional. But still, you should call, or write all of the people who had this crazy idea in their heads! Lets not just hope that this doesn't happen, lets take action! And as I've said before, if you do talk to these people, please do not use name calling, or curse, because that will just prove the point that they're trying to make.

    Michael Modest? Who's ever heard of him? Goodness, I thought I knew all of the WCW jobbers, I guess not. I actually did enjoy the match, probably because of all of the action going on outside of the ring. Too bad it wasn't for the Cruiserweight title, then that really would've been the greatest upset in the Cruiserweight division! It would have reminded me of when Fit Finlay, out of no where, won the Television title. Of course, it was in the middle of the Benoit/Booker T. feud, and Benoit cost Booker the title.

    Hogan and the Wall, and I thought I had seen everything. I can't believe that Eric Bischoff is pushing the Wall. Of course, you can just stop pushing someone, you have to slowly take them out of the spotlight. Now that I think about it, I guess the Wall is okay, he looked pretty good fifteen stories high, but he would've looked even better if he had jumped! I don't like Hogan, and I don't like the Wall. I just hope this angle is temporary, until they get into this big old vs. new thing. As I said before, when they first started that angle, it was great. The only problem was is that they didn't give it enough time to become a real ratings grabber.

    I officially love the Jung Dragons! Their nice little dancing thing that they did was captivating! It looks like Three Count has some competition now, in the music scene that is. Wrestling wise, well, they have competition too, but the Dragons are great! Heck, they even sing pretty good! The guy that was on the left (I forgot his name…) was a great dancer! I mean, I thought Shannon was good, this guy is even better! I will now forever more be a Jung Dragon fan!

    The McMahons have done it again, and came up with a great feud. I believe I said a while ago that the Offspring vs. the Parents would be a good feud. But what they have here is even better! I'm not quite sure what it is though. Shane and Stephanie seem to be together, but Shane is a Mama's boy, and Stephanie pretty much couldn't care less about her parents at all. So this should be a good thing, because they're pretty much taking sides, but they're still all feuding. This should get even better as the weeks go by! Although, it seems like they're stealing WCW's old main angle, remember, the old vs. new? No matter how much I like Vince, Shane and Stephanie are the next generation! They've already shown that they can be better heels, and they could also probably be better faces if they tried.

    Well, Monday comes to an end, and so does my column. WCW seemed be a bit better this week, but not by that much. But still, they were better! But I guess we'll just have to wait until the ratings to come out to see if the rest of the wrestling world thought that they were better. Their Main Event lacked, but it always does. The WWF's Main Event ruled, as always. But why do they keep jobbing Shane? He really is a good wrestler, and is a pretty good high flyer. My question is, when will Stephanie take on the McMahon tradition, and step into the ring? Well, she did once before, but that was with Test in a handicap match against the British Bulldog (I believe anyway). Well, that's it for this week, but I won't leave without my Closing Remarks!

    ~Oh my goodness, Linda McMahon has the Wrestlemania 3 theme.

    ~I live vicariously through Stephanie.

    ~Is it just me, or was Schiavone plugging the WWF when he talked about Russo?

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