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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 03/21/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 09:17:34 03/21/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Mick Foley returns!!!

    It's once again the time to hear from the First Lady of Pro-wrestling Journalism… Sheerah Fisher! Something happened on Raw that I never thought possible, Mick Foley returned! More on the news was the Rock on Saturday Night Live, but believe it or not he wasn't the best part of the show! I'll touch more on that later, right now I want to inform you that Trivia will be making it's return! I'm thinking about having it come back next week, or possibly the week after! Well, enough of that, on to the rest!

    Lets start off, as always, with Ratings new. Nitro once again got a terrible rating, this time in the form of a 2.6, they got it with a 2.9 for the first hour, and a 2.2 for the second. As we head over to Raw, we see another wonderful rating, a 6.3. They got it with a 6.1 for the first hour, and a 6.4 for the second. Ouch, I'm not sure if Nitro could ever make a comeback with those numbers as their competition. In other ratings news, WWF Superstars, as well as Livewire did a 1.8, and WCW Saturday Night drew a 1.5. Actually, now that I think about things, Nitro isn't doing that bad in the ratings. There are other shows that get worse ratings, so I guess they're not that bad. But once again, WWF Sunday Night Heat come off with a 3.2, which is still a bigger number than Nitro. More ratings news is WWF Smackdown, which officially did a 4.8, but strangely enough their overnight ratings where 7.5. I don't know what overnight ratings are, so don't even ask, all I know is what I'm told. They say Vince McMahon equals ratings, but with Smackdown ratings like that I'm not quite sure. Smackdown was a great show, heck, it had Vince in it, it was bound to be great! So why the lower ratings?

    Bad news for the Total Package and Miss Elizabeth. They were involved in a car accident on Tuesday before the Thunder tapings, while they were on their way from the airport to the arena. They were hit by a Bus, OUCH! They said that both Liz and Luger were shaken up, but are fine. They evidently weren't too shaken up, because they were at the Thunder taping. Think about it thought, a bus? I don't understand how anyone could not be hurt after being hit by a bus. Furthermore, I don't understand how anyone could be hit by a bus, and then go to a wrestling card. Well, the good thing is that they're okay.

    The XFL is getting larger and larger by the day! They just recently hired three football veterans. So far, they haven't announced what television station they plan, or want to be on. I saw that they'll end up on a CBS channel if they sign a contract with them for Raw. If they decide to stay with USA, well, who knows where they'll end up, probably on USA, or a USA channel. Also, more in XFL news, if you'd like to be one of the lucky player for it, go to this address: there you'll find a nice questionnaire to fill out.

    With Eddy Guerrero getting better, he seems to be making others worse. Amy Dumas, you know Essa Rio's lacky, was injured when Guerrero gave her a powerbomb. I'm extremely overjoyed that Eddy is getting better, in fact, he is supposed to be set to be with his fellow Radicals at Wrestlemania, as they take on Grandmaster Sex-ay, Scottie Too Hottie, and Chyna. Well, he seems to be doing attacks on women, first Essa's lacky, followed by Chyna, but who knows what storyline or gimmick they have in store for Eddy. I just hope whatever they have planned with work with the infamous Eddy Guerrero attitude.

    I just recently saw The Rock on Saturday Night Live, and I must say it was a great performance! I was very surprised to see Mick Foley there, especially with short hair! But he is as funny as always, especially in the segment where the Rock sang an Elvis song. Rocky was great in everything he was in, he showed that he is a nice well-rounded actor. The Monkey segment was amazingly funny. One thing that I enjoyed was something that had nothing to do with Dwane Johnson, it was a guy playing a guitar and singing to the tunes of some of the hottest hits. That was very funny stuff. Alas, the Rock wasn't the best part of the show. There was one person, who stole the show every time the camera was on them. Yes, I was just as surprised as you are now. The real star wasn't Rocky, oh no, it was (are you ready for this?)… The BIG SHOW! He pulled a wonderful performance, and it even took my eyes off of Triple H, and you know how hard that is to do. His little dance he did during the Rock singing "Are you lonesome tonight" was priceless, as well as everything else he did on the show. The Rock may have been the special guest star, and did a great job at it, but in my opinion Paul Wight stole the show.

    WCW a sinking ship? I know I've been saying this for about four months now, but it's still not entirely true. Okay, compared to WWF, they are a sinking ship, but compare them to anything else and they're not that bad. Look at it in the ratings perspective, they get killed in the ratings by the WWF, but they are beating other shows. They beat Walker Texas Ranger, ECW, Farmclub, they beat a lot of shows. My point is, if all of those shows are still on the air, there is no point why WCW should go off. They are almost at the bottom of the wrestling ladder, but they're still at the top of the television world. However, I don't know what things are like internally for WCW, so who knows how they're really doing. My guess is not too good, because they supposedly had thirty lay-off in one day, and they've been telling their employees to go to other parts of Time Warner, because WCW is a sinking ship. Then there's the fact that they're still considering selling World Championship Wrestling. This time, some Motorsports company wants to get their hands on WCW. I'm telling you, what is wrong is the leadership. Okay, Eric Bischoff was known for being a terrible leader, but he was one of the head booker, and President, and they got killer ratings, and the company constantly climbed the corporate ladder. Even when they were losing the ratings war, they didn't pull numbers this bad! Unfortunately, there is no way Easy E will come back to rule the WCW domain.

    Beyond the Mat has been doing pretty good in the Theatres! Even despite Vince McMahon's bad reviews of the movie. I think it would probably do better if Vinnie Mac gave it a good review, but even without that they're doing good. I would love to see the documentary, but I doubt I'll get to with my busy schedule. So I guess that why they made the video tape! I just hope that they decide to have it out in the video stores. Since wrestling is really big now, I don't think many people would have a problem with that.

    Well, I hate to bring this up AGAIN, but on to Saturday Night Live, and ratings. It looks like I'm not the only one who thought it was a great show, because they pulled a 8.2 ratings. Wow, now that's a nice, strong rating! It's reported that it was the highest rating of the season, and the highest since the "infamous" Monica Lewinsky appearance. It's sad that Monica got a high rating too, I mean, what has she done for the good of mankind, or what has she done for entertainment value? At least the Rock is known for something good!

    Scott Steiner is back, oh goodie. I wish that WCW just fired him or something. Tell me, does anyone even like him? I don't think anyone does. If you like him, e-mail me so I have reason not to say that everyone hates him. Any Steiner fans out there, I don't mean to offend you, but this is just my opinion. He's an okay wrestler, he doesn't particularly wrestle the style that I prefer to watch. But his interviews are terrible! I still don't understand how WCW can keep him after what he said about them, but I guess I'll never understand most of the things they do, especially when they booted Bischoff out of the power seat. Okay, booting him was all fine and dandy, but couldn't they find a better person to replace him with?

    You know the one person that deserves a push more than anyone else in WCW? I'll just come right out and say it… La Parka! He's a good wrestler, even though I think he has a little bit too much blubber to be a Cruiserweight. At least they're giving him some sort of angle, which is half of the battle. The Chairman of WCW is getting more spotlight, but why not give him a spotlight where he wins every once and a while. Hey, he is a fan favorite, give the people what they want!

    Wow, Triple H vs. Big Show vs. The Rock on Raw! One problem though, that means that there is no Main Event for Wrestlemania. They can't have the biggest event of the year with no Main Event. This could be a way to free that up for the return of Mick Foley! After all, rumor has it that he's going to come back, and headline Wrestlemania for his last match. Well, I must say though, the 3-way McMahon interview at the beginning was another classic. Once again to the match, keep in mind I'm writing this right after the interview, so I don't know who wins yet. The thing is with this match, you don't know who will win. It's an awful tall order for Triple H, especially since no one has to pin him to win the title.

    I can predict that Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit will be a great match. I'll hope that Chris Jericho turns to be a nice heel, and join Benoit, but I doubt that will happen. There are no signs of him turning, so I will just keep hoping. But think about it, if he joined the Radicals, then he could be a tag team with Eddy Guerrero! Those two always made the best team. Back to the match though, it will be a great one. If it were just Benoit and Jericho, it would've been a wonderful match, but then you add Kurt Angle in there, and you know it will be something to remember.

    I enjoyed the large Tag Team competition. It had some of the best tag teams in it. Actually, I must say, all of the teams in the competition were great teams, too bad that some of them were eliminated. Like the Radicals, Road Dogg and X-pac, and the Acolytes. What I didn't enjoy was the Battle Royal. It was a great one, until the Dudley Boys decided to come out of the rock they came from, and ruin the match. For one, who are the number one contenders? I hope it's not another three way match, because they already have one, and for all we know the Main Event will be one too.

    MICK FOLEY RETURNS!!!! After his last match, I thought it was going to be the last time we saw him, but it looks like we're going to get a couple more weeks of Foley! Even with all of the rumors flying around that him, and Linda were going to be at Raw, I still couldn't believe that it actually happened. Alas, he's probably just coming out of retirement for this one match. Mick, welcome back! We've missed you!

    Well, Raw was a great show, Nitro was okay. I didn't even watch Nitro from the 9-10 o'clock hour, therefore I don't know what happened. But I'll take a guess that Jeff Jarrett won the title, or the match, or whatever the stipulation was. Raw was great, as always! I still can't believe that Mick came back! Now I'm really confused as to who to cheer for at Wrestlemania, but I've pretty much ruled out the Rock entirely. Think about it, does the Rock really need my backup support? I think he has enough from the Millions of Rock fans. Well, that's all for this week, but I couldn't leave without giving you my Closing Remarks!

    ~I'm very tired of this… but bygolly… I'm going to make a point! BRING BACK BOBBY HEENAN TO NITRO!

    ~Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever seen anyone run faster than Shane when the Rock was chasing him!

    ~Welcome back, Mick!

    ~T&A, Test and Albert… my question is, whatever happened to Stephanie and Test? They're acting like WCW by just dropping an angle like that.

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