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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 03/14/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 11:21:49 03/14/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Vince Returns!!!

    Sheerah, here to give you the view of the wrestling world through my eyes. A lot of stuff happened this week, including the WWF canceling their contract with USA, as well as Vince McMahon making his return! Not only that, there was one segment that I actually enjoyed on Nitro! Wow! That hasn't happened in a LONG time! Enough of this, I'll get on to the rest of my column.

    Ratings time! Did came up with a nice 6.4, which is only a .1 down from last week. They got this with a 5.8 for the first hour, and a 6.9 for the second. They didn't do as good on the first our as they usually do, maybe Nitro put on a good show. Then again, maybe not. Because they got a 2.8 composite, with a 3.0 for the first hour, and a 2.5 for the second. So Raw obviously didn't suffer in their first hour because of Nitro. Who knows, maybe there was some special monster truck show on TNN that get the public eye. Still, 6.4 is a great rating, and I won't put it down. In other ratings news, USA show Walker Texas Ranger joined Nitro with a 2.8 rating, which is sad. Even I'll admit that Nitro is more interesting than that show. Some more interesting news in the ratings is the show after Raw, which is called Farmclub, and it got a 1.8. Hey, this did better than Nitro! But, how can one network go from a 6.9, to a 1.8? That's really freaky.

    The WCW/Steiner mess is just getting bigger. Now they're looking at having Steiner take a 30 day unpaid suspension, without him being threatened to be fired. WCW, you know, you could probably just fire him after the comments he made about you on TV. If they wanted to find a reason to fire Steiner, they will. Although, Scotty would probably find a reason to sue them for firing him.

    Here we go with some WWF News! They're actually cancelled their contract with USA Network! They're now going to be off the air with them sometimes in September of 2000! This gives them time to discuss contracts with other networks, such as CBS and TNN. For some reason though, I don't think the WWF belongs on a station that calles themselves The Nashville Network. Goodness, it sounds like a hick channel! But, canceling the contract also leaves them free to negotiate with USA again. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I don't think changing networks is a good idea. CBS is offering TNN, not their best channel they have. Although they do come into most of the homes that USA already has, and probably more. Of course, Vince also has to look after the XFL too, not just the WWF anymore. Changing network would probably be good for the new football league, but I still think it's a bad idea. Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens!

    Lets go for some random WWF News. For one, The Big Show will be shooting a new Chef Boyardee commercial next week in the City of Angel… Los Angeles! They say that Paul Wight's new commercials will be even better than the Rock. Can you believe it, they're even saying that they'll be better than Mick Foley's commercials! All I have to say is they must be pretty good if they're going to outdo good 'ole Mickey's. Although, the Rocks were pretty good too. I must say, Big Show did do a good commercial for the WWF action figures, so I'm sue he'll do the same for Chef Boyardee.

    WWF Aggression, doesn't that sound like the name of a perfume? Well, it's not, it's the WWF's new CD! This isn't like the normal WWF CDs, because they're having rappers do the songs. I'm not too thrilled about this one coming out, but WWF The Music Volume 5 is coming out in the summer, so that should make up for it. For WWF Aggressions, they're going to have different versions of Austin's Theme, The Rock's, Undertaker's, Triple H's, Vinnie Mac's, The Godfather, Big Show, Kane, New Age Outlaws, Gangrel, DX and Mankind. But how exactly do you rap to a song that has no words, as in Kane's, Mankind, and Austins. Actually, most of them don't have words. Well, I must say, it will be interesting to hear the Big Show's theme in a rap version. Heck, it'd be interesting to hear Mankind's, and Vince McMahon's too!

    No Slammy Awards this year. Lets see, I believe the last time they had them was in '97! Wasn't this supposed to be a yearly thing? Well, if it isn't, it should be! I found the Slammies to be entertaining. After all, they're more ostentatious then the Oscars, Grander than the Grammys, these are the Slammies! This is supposedly the New Millennium, so why not start them out with the Y2J edition of the Slammy Awards!

    It's PPV time, this time the PPV is a WCW one. Oh, goodie, I bet everyone will be buying this one! Yes, by the way, I was being sarcastic there. For those of you who are actually interesting in the PPV, I'll give you my predictions. First, Jeff Jarrett vs. Sid Vicious, my pick is Jarrett. He can't go on and on with title shots, and not win any. So he'll either win this one, or won't get another title shot again for a long, long time. Hogan vs. Flair in a Yapapie Indian Strap Match, my pick is Flair! After all, he knows how to walk that isle, and style, and profile! Next on the list is the MaMalukes vs. the Harris Brothers in a Tag Team Title match. I'll go for the Mamalukes, after all, they have the Disco Inferno on their side! Sting vs. Leg Luger, or should I say, "The Total Package". I say Sting wins this one, because, well, he's Sting! He deserves to win because he rules WCW… it is HIS domain! The New Harlem Heat vs. Booker and Kidman, this is a tuffy, but I'll have to go with the New Harlem Heat. Because of that fact that J Biggs is on their side, and the fact that I think Torrie is going to turn on Kidman! Well, Torrie is bound to turn on him sooner or later, why not humiliate him on a PPV! Terry Funk vs. Dustin Runnels, or Rhodes, or whatever they call him these days. My pick for this one is, well, I really don't care who wins. But for the heck of it I'll say Terry Funk. Vampiro vs. Fit Finlay, I must say my pick is Vampiro. I like Vampy, he's a very good wrestler. Of course, Finlay is too, but he's no Vampiro. Last but not least, the Hardcore title match, Gauntlet style! It consists of Brian Knobbs vs. 3 Count! I personally hope that 3 Count wins, because they're totally awesome. Well, that it for the PPV, on to bigger and better things!

    The WWF may be getting another Law Suit, and The Rock may be testifying! Because of a 6 year old, who accidentally killed a 3 year old, after trying to do a Stone Cold Stunner. This is a terrible accident, but I still don't think the WWF is to blame for it. These people want the Rock to testify, for some reason, and the law suit may be directly towards the WWF. If they do decide to sue the WWF, I can already tell you what way the Lawyers will try to win it. It's as simple as this: Where were the parents when it happened? They will probably get by with accusing the parents of negligence. I personally don't see the reason for sueing anyone, it was a terrible incident, why make it worse by making a lawsuit?

    Scott Hall is still suffering from a bruised spine. It is STILL said that it's a work, or Hall was really injured, but waited until the match to sell it. Goodness, where do these people get this stuff from? When you hurt your back like that, you can't wrestle a stink'n match! Come on people, use that things that your skull protects… use your brain! Back on the subject of Scotty, he is expected to get some form of discipline once he is healed up. What he needs to be disciplined for, I don't remember. So evidently it took place a long time ago, whatever it was.

    The WWF strikes again with nudity on a PPV. Can't they just stop? Okay, they don't show it and put some black box over the person, but what about the poor people who are witnessing it? This has got to stop, because it's ruining the WWF's reputation! Goodness, I didn't think it could get much worse either. Next they want Terri to do the deed, and then Jacki! The news said nothing is etched in stone yet, so hopefully this won't happen. Come on, Vince, do you want more problems with the PTC? You know they have fits not only for your television shows, but also for the PPVs!

    Who'da'thunk'it, The Rock is on the 100 highest paid celebrities list! Hey, he's even higher than Cindy Margoles! There are wrestlers who get paid just as much as him, or a tad lower, but they weren't on there, I wonder why. Well, to check out the Rock's salary, go to: The Rock is number 83! They even have a miniature bio of him. You can compare his salary, web site hits, magazine covers, magazine clipping, and radio appearances to some of the greatest celebrities!

    I would have to say that one of the best matches I've seen on a Monday Night in a long time, just took place. Would you believe it, it was on a WCW Nitro! Alright, I know they have stupid, idiotic angles, but they have some of the top wrestlers. The great match I'm talking about is 3 Count vs. Jung Dragons. Man, those Dragons really know how to make a match! Of course, they're Japanese, and they ALWAYS have THE best match in Japan. I guess they decided to bring over their wrestling techniques and brighten up American wrestling! Then, 3 Count are great wrestlers within themselves. The point of this is, well, I don't know. I guess just to give them their well deserved praise, and say that I actually enjoyed a segment on WCW.

    It looks like they're trying to hype up the match between Jarrett and Vicious at Uncensored. But, I must say, does anybody really care? I think people are getting sick of Jarrett, at least I know I am. You can't keep pushing just one athlete like that. Someone else deserves a title shot at a PPV, why not Vampiro, since they're hyping him so much. Even better, Scott Hall when his wounds heal! He would be a great champion, and he deserves it after being in the biz so long, not to mention being one of the best interviewers! Which is kind of amazing, because his only catch phrase is "Hey yo", and even when he was heel, he never got heel heat!

    Raw has to be the best show going on these days! First off, I'll talk about their opening interview, like I do every week. Once again, they put on a great one! Brining out the Twin Towers was rather amusing, and I'm sure many people enjoyed it. Personally, I would've liked to see the Rock go against the Twin Towers in an Evening Gown Midget on a Poll match. Then Rock had to go and make the challenge to Big Show to be the Number One contender again. I'm writing this right after the interview, so I have yet to see if the Rock wins the match, but my prediction is that he will. That would stir things up with Shane and Stephanie, because Shane wants to back a champion, remember? Well, I guess I'll wait and find out!

    Vince Returns! I never thought it would be this soon, although when Shane came out as the referee I knew something big was going to happen. When we saw the limo, I first thought Vince, but later changed my mind to Linda. Thank God I was wrong, and Vinnie Mac came to save the day! He's not on the side I'm rooting for, but it's great to see him back! There is definitely going to be a large power struggle on Smackdown. Notice how he put down Triple H, and then his son? He didn't touch his daughter though, I wonder why. I mean, he hit his son over the head with a chair, and the only thing he might of done to Stephanie was give her "The Look".

    That's all for this week's edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter! I finish my column with great pleasure in the Main Event on Raw. Heck, I was pleased with the entire show! Nitro had one good point, which I already talk about. That being 3 Count vs. Jung Dragons. My advice to everyone, if you don't want Smackdown because it's taped and you can just read the results, watch it anyway. This will be a Smackdown to remember. With that, I'll end my column with my Closing Remarks!

    ~Now this is where the power struggle begins! But one thing… Vince only has Ľ of the company, but with Shane and Stephanie together they have ˝!

    ~I thought Nitro's ratings were bad now, but now they're really going to suffer with Vince back.

    ~I'll try this again…. BRING BACK HEENAN TO NITRO!

    ~Why must Steve Blackman resist all of the great gimmick Al Snow gives him?

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