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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 3/7/00
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 10:49:26 03/07/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Finally, the Rock has come back to the Playstation!

    Finally… The Sharpshooter has come back , to your computer screen! Yet another edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter is finished, and sent to you. This week things heated up for Wrestlemania, and WCW puts on another show… the sad part is that's the nicest thing I can say about them. Enough of that, and lets get on to the rest of my column!

    It's ratings time… again. This week Raw did a 6.5 with a getting a 6.5 and another 6.5 for both hours. You know, I don't think that's ever happened before. Well, I'm sure it has, just not since I've been reporting on it. Nitro a did 2.6, it seems that things just keep getting worst and worse for them! They got with this a 3.0 for the first hour, and a 2.2 for the second. They went down a .2 from last week… and just think… last week that got a terrible rating. Head to Head Raw won (of course) with a 6.5 to a 2.2. For other ratings, WCW Saturday Night did a 1.3, Superstars did a 1.7, and once again, for the killer of them all, Sunday Night Heat did a 3.2. Once again, Heat, their Sunday Night program, does better than WCW Nitro.

    First, we hear that Scott Steiner is being hit with a huge fine, with the hopes that he'll be signing his release. Now it's reported that he had a meeting with WCW officials last week, and they're expecting to bring with back with WCW full time very shortly. Why, WCW, why? I don't think anyone likes Steiner! Well, I'm sure some people do, but is he really worth all the trouble you'll be going through? I hope that Scott has realized he can't do what he's been doing anymore. Because quite frankly, no one wants to hire him. I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason he's coming back to WCW is because he didn't sign his release. But then, looky hear, there's another rumor saying that he's going to go for other opportunities in other federations, will someone make up their mind!

    WWF Smackdown for the Playstation is finally out! Okay, I'm writing this the day before it comes out, but by the time you read this it'll probably been out for at least 5 days. This game should be THE BEST American wrestling game to hit the market. Well, half of my last statement was false, but oh well. This technically isn't an American wrestling game, because it's patterned after Japan's Toukon Retsuden 4, which is a totally awesome game. So, Smackdown should be a great game as well! They just don't seem to make American wrestling games all that good, I guess that's why THQ went to the nice country of Japan to make their debut WWF Playstation game. Anyhow, hopefully next week I'll rent (or buy) the game and give you a review on it!

    The documentary Beyond the Mat has a web site! While writing this, I'm currently downloading one of the video clips from the movie. So far, what I'm seeing of it is pretty good, and if you plan on going to the theatre to take a look at this documentary, I'd check out the web site. The address for it is Hey, it's even got Mick Foley in it, so if you're just a fan of him you should check it out anyway!

    It's been said that there is form friction between Triple H and the Rock backstage. It's not physical fight or anything, and they're friendly backstage, but Triple H is threatened by the Rock's success. My question is, how do they know this? If they're friendly backstage, evidently, Triple H doesn't talk about it. So the only way they'd know what Triple H feels "threatened" by the Rock's success is if someone they got into Triple H's head. I personally wouldn't think much of this rumor, because Triple H has no reason to fear Rocky's success. The Rock is a needed face, and Triple H is the top heel, they feed off each other. One doesn't steal the other's spot light. Now, if Triple H has someone to fear, it's someone else in the Heel division, like The Big Show or Shane McMahon.

    Time for Wrestlemania 2000 rumors. It is said that Mick Foley will make one last appearance, but as I've said before, I doubt it. Evidently there is going to be either a Triple H vs. Big Show match, or a Triple H vs. Big Show vs. The Rock match. Other rumored matches are Angle vs. Jericho vs. Benoit for the IC title. In my opinion, I don't think Benoit will be in the match, I think it will be Perry Saturn, because they seem to be building up a feud with him and Jericho. The next is Kane vs. X-pac in some sort of gimmick match. My guess is an Inferno match. Next Rikiski vs. Big Show, which I doubt because he's in the World Title scene. Although, if he loses his shot, Shane will probably turn on him and be with Triple H, which will draw Vince McMahon out of hiding. Other's are The Hardys vs. The Acolytes, Edge and Christian vs. The Dudleys. Keep in mind, these are all mostly RUMORED matches.

    Smackdown was interesting last week. People either raves about it, or said it wasn't all that good. Personally, I liked it. The entire thing that made the show good for me, was Steve Blackman's mystery date! I have to congratulate Vince McMahon on getting Steve over with the crowd, because he did a good job of it. Although, I think the only reason he is over is because of Al Snow… and his new girlfriend. The entire date scene was hilarious! When Al Snow started singing the "Personality" song, that was a moment I don't think I'll be forgetting anytime too soon. The guppy talk was very interesting as well, although I don't know why Steve-o left his date. Oh well, I think her and Al make a better couple. Then again, I think that her and Shane McMahon make a better couple, consider that was his real-life wife.

    Another interesting thing on Smackdown was the end, where there seemed to be the first power struggle since Shane came back! This may be the start of many more to come, unless they do make an alliance, which is what I'm hoping for. The McMahon-Helmsley-McMahon era, that has an interesting ring to it. Since I'm writing this before Raw, I'll make a little prediction, I say that there will be a large power struggle for Raw. If this does happen, Raw will be a big one, and will kill Nitro in the ratings. Of course, it does that every week. I swear, they could put on the worse show in the world and they'd STILL win!

    People are saying Vince McMahon will be coming back soon. I have several theories on this. One, Vince won't come back until he is needed. I think that Shane and Stephanie will team up and make the ultimate heel empire (with Triple H). That's when Vince will be needed, that's when the people will want him the most. So I don't think we'll be seeing him before Wrestlemania. More like after, or around Backlash. Just think, Shane wants to be on the side of a true champion, and the Rock will probably somehow win the right to be the #1 contender at Wrestlemania (or it will be a 3-way dance). Since he's a heel, and so is his Sis, he might as well go with them. After a couple of weeks of them terrorizing the WWF stars, Vince will come back. It's kind of like the Sting thing where he was out for about a year, the NWO terrorized WCW, and then Sting came back as the hero. Remember, that was back when WCW killed Raw in the ratings. That's just my opinion, if you have some of your own on Vinnie Mac, e-mail them to me! I'd love to hear about them, maybe I'll even include them in next week's Sharpshooter!

    XFL… Game, or Lame? AOL Teens has currently made a poll asking that question. The answer surprised me, I'm guessing there are either a lot of hungry football fans out there, or WWF fans, or both. Because 48.8% say it will be "Lame", as 51.2% said it will be "Game". Pretty close poll there. As I'm sure you know, I put "Game" because of the fact I'm a die-hard wrestling fan. The total people who voted in it was 2,775 (from the last time I checked). Which means, 1,421 say it will be "Game", and 1,354 say it will be "Lame". I guess the XFL is already making it's mark and it hasn't even started yet. Considering the fact that they're making polls for it already, and all the media coverage it's getting.

    Psycosis, will WCW ever realize his true talent? Well, it looks like they may be putting him in an angle, even though they totally jobbed him to Kaz Hayashi. I especially like the fact he's with Juventud.. or should I say… "The Juice". He does a great impersonation of the Rock. I mean, the Rock is so easy to mock, because he has so many catch phrases. So you really can't blame "The Juice" for bringing in some comedy to WCW. If you smell what the Juice is cook'n! After all, Finally, the Juice has come back to… to… here!

    Happy Birthday, David Flair! Wow, he's just 21, and he already made it into the big time with wrestling. Well, if you could consider WCW the "big time". But I'm sure it does have something to do with his father, who is, Ric Flair of course. Although, it could have something to do with the gimmick he was given, because it really is a great one! What amazed me is they give him an injury on his birthday! Goodness gracious! I hope it's not a real injury, because David rules! I doubt it was, because they played it like it wasn't.

    Jeff Jarrett and the Wall? After what the Wall did to David Flair! That's not right! I've decided, I don't like the NWO. WCW has really gone down in the pits. Bringing back the NWO isn't a good idea, and pushing people like the Wall isn't either! So why do they insist on taking this rout with these angles and pushes when it gets them NO WHERE. I hope that someday they'll get a clue, and come up with a good leading angle.

    I turned off a Ric Flair match to see what was great interview. The family feud is getting bigger, and I think that slap made Shane a bit… ticked. I'm currently writing this during the Big Show vs. Kane match, and I must say, I think that today's Raw will be great! Normally when they start off like this, they get better, and better. I still say that Shane and Stephanie should get together, but for now this angle is a great one. I must say, I hope there are more slaps from Stephanie!

    Bob Backland has made his return. I'm sure you all know good 'ole Bobby from his last feud with Bret Hart, but for those who don't, I'll give you some info. Well… his last feud was with Bret Hart. He is a former World Champion, and my father says that he held the belt a LONG time. He's also probably older than Ric Flair. I didn't think it could be possible for a wrestler to be older than him, and still wrestle, but I guess it has happened. That's pretty much the only thing I know about him. Besides the fact that I don't particularly like him, and he has more hair since his last feud. Plus, he seems to age pretty good.

    Lets review the night. Nitro put on another "show" as they like to call it, and Raw ruled, as usual. Although, WWF's Main Event had something missing. It pushed the angle, which was good, that match was all-round good, but I think they need to do something with Benoit. In fact, they need to do something with the rest of the Radicals as well. They bring them in with a great angle, then seem to drop it. Doesn't that sound like something WCW would do? Well, I guess they're just going through that period where they just came in and will get PPV quality match-ups, but not the angles. I'm still looking forward to Eddy making his re-debut since his injury. Back to the Main Event, it was 100 times more interesting than Nitro's, even my Dad didn't care about WCW's. Well, that'll be it for this week, here are my Closing Remarks!

    ~Cheese Sandwiches? Whats with the Vito Guy and Cheese Sandwiches? If they mean to say something about Headcheese… I don't get it.

    ~Speaking of Headcheese, why did Steve-o drop his gimmick? It ruled!

    ~Here I go again…. BRING BOBBY HEENAN BACK TO NITRO!!!

    ~Stephanie vs. Shane… that would be the match of the century.

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