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    Sheerah's Sharpshooter 02/29/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 09:39:31 03/01/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Cactus Jack… we'll miss you!

    This week I have a lot to write about. With Shane McMahon returning at the PPV, as well as Cactus Jack retiring. Then you have all of the normal twists and turns every Monday takes, so I guess I'll get started!

    Well, Raw did pretty good in the ratings, after last time being moved to that stupid time spot. They got a 5.9 with a 8.9 share. The first hour did a 5.6, and the second did a 6.1! Yo! 6.1 seems to be a lot. Well, in my opinion anyway, because then we go over and look at the Nitro ratings, which got a 2.8 with a 4.0 share. Not as good as last week, but last week they didn't have any competition. They got this terrible rating with a 3.2 for the first our (not too bad), and a 2.3 for the second (ouch!). With all of this rating junk, I have one simple question. What is a share? Ratings I understand, shares I don't. Anyway, I'll give a little review of the weekend ratings this week. WCW Saturday night got a 1.5, I guess Nitro is doing better than other wrestling shows. Then WWF Livewire did a 1.4, WWF Superstars did a 1.6. Now, for the killer of them all, WWF Sunday Night Heat did a 3.5, which is better than Nitro ratings!

    WCW evidently wants Scott Steiner out of WCW. I can't blame them. Didn't I write about this last week though? I believe I did so you already know how much I dislike Steiner, so I won't go through that again. I'll just give you the current news! WCW is hitting him with a large fine. It's something like $130,000! Ouch! That's… that's gotta hurt. The reason for this huge fine is because of his language on Nitro a few weeks back. I hope, and pray that Steiner signs his release. Although, when you think about it, he has no place to go if he signs it. WWF doesn't want, WCW sure as heck wouldn't hire him again. I guess there is a motive to his madness, but as my Pastor, who happens to be an ex-Navy Man would say, "Shape up, or ship out".

    Scott Hall has been released from the hospital. Wait ago Hall (for getting out that is)! He is said to have spinal bruises. I can't believe it, he just comes back and gets injured again! He'll be out of action for a while. Some people are saying this is some sort of work to stall management, so who knows. I haven't seen the power bomb that supposedly did the deed, so I really can't say.

    More in the injury news is Stevie Richards is still out of action, and will be for 2-4 more weeks. Get Well soon, Stevie! Stevie Richards really is a wonderful entertainer, and hopefully he'll be given his chance to shine when he gets back on Raw! Of course, Stevie Richards seems to be accident prone. Don't get my wrong, I love the guy, but I don't think any other human being would still be wrestling after the neck, and various other injuries he has had.

    Now, I want to congratulate Chris and Nancy Benoit on the birth of their son! Donald Christopher Benoit! It's nice to know we may have a little Benoit to carry on the wrestling tradition. I can remember it wasn't all that long ago Shawn Michaels was graced will little Cameron Cade Hickenbottom. Of course, I can also remember when Benoit's fellow radical, Dean Malenko, had a daughter of his own.

    Shawn Michaels now has an official web site! Okay, it's more of an official web site for his wrestling alliance he's made. He writes columns for it, and he seems to write them quite often too. The address for HBK's web site is:

    Also, while reading one of his columns he exposed The webmaster at says he knows Shawn, and knows his address and phone number. Of course, Shawn says he doesn't know him at all. So, before dishing out that $1,700 (or something like that) to this guy to buy his web domain and HBK's address, I'd think twice about it. HBK just came right out and said it was a scam, and I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about.

    It looks like the Radicals past workings for WCW is already coming back to haunt them. They had to edit some of the stuff said by Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn in WWF Magazine, because it could be considered as breaking the terms of their releases. Because they're not allowed to publicly say anything "disparagingly" about WCW. Which, in other words means they can't say anything negative about WCW. I'm not an expert on contract releases, but how can you say that someone else can't speak their mind about something? It's probably one of those legal loop-holes, or maybe not.

    Here's some of the current news on Davey Boy Smith, the British Bulldog. He has checked into a drug rehab to straighten out his life. The reporter said that some say he is as bad as Brian Pillman was. I haven't heard anything about David Smith having a drug problem, of course I haven't heard of Steven Regal having one either, and they said he went to the same center. If this is true, best of luck to you, Davey, on you endeavor to straighten things out. If this isn't true… well… I have nothing to say then.

    I've seen the results from the PPV. First off, Cactus Jack… Mankind… Dude Love… Mick Foley, we'll miss you! Some say this might not be it, and he's going to be back for Wrestlemania, but I doubt it. It's a terrible thing that Mick is retiring, but at the same time it's a good thing. He deserves to take a break from wrestling. With all of the stuff his body went through, it's amazing. I've seen some of his Death Matches he's participated in, and they're truly amazing. Every time I see them, I think "How can one human live through that?". I think we can say that Mick's last match, was truly a great one!

    I've just read Shawn Michael's latest column, and once again he clears stuff up! He seems to be pretty open about everything in his columns. Of course, I heard something I don't think other wrestling fans, as well as myself, wanted to hear. We probably won't be seeing anymore of Shawn Michaels on WWF television. I'm not going to go into detail as to what he said, because it's pretty long. What he said made a lot of sense though. Read it for yourself at his web site and find out what good 'ole HBK has to say.

    Good news ya-all! What I've been promising for a while now has happened! My web site is now totally redesigned! It's not totally finished yet, but it's pretty much more than half-way there. It will get better as the weeks go by, but you can check it out now! Tell me what you think of it! The address is:

    NOOO!!! Not again! I thought we were safe. I thought the world would be a better place for our children, and our children's children. No, I was wrong, and thanks to the WCW bookers the world has turned crooked. Yes, wrestling fans, I'm talking about the return of Riki Rachman. As Bobby Heenan said, the geek look went out a LOOOONG time ago. No offence Rachman, but you really need to get a life, or a gimmick.

    I love Buff Bagwell's new angle. It's so… so… different. He may be Buff, and the Stuff, in which we cannot get enough, of Buff. But Liz evidently didn't think he even held a candle to the flame which is Flexy Lexy Luger. I wonder who'd going to turn him down next week. Paisley? Sky… or… Miss Hancock? I'd say Torie, but she's evidently behind the steeling of the Kid Kam, and the Kid Kam is what always catches Buff while getting shot down by one of the ladies of wrestling. Possibly Madusa? Spice? Nah, I think that Buff has a bit better taste than that.

    I love Flair! I like the fact he's with Lex, I especially like the fact that he's with the First Lady of Pro-wrestling (Miss Liz). Of course, I just like him because of that fact that he's Flair. I truly did love his interview on Monday, it was great. What scared me was when Lex decided to talk, and he said that Buff should hit on a lady with 4% body fat that is 6'4" ETC ETC ETC. Does that mean Lex was putting him in the same category as women? That was pretty… weird to say the least. But Flair and even Curt Hennig saved that interview. No one can cut an interview quite like Flair!

    How rude! I can't believe that Tony Schiavone decided to get on the phone during the Nitro broadcast. He claims it was so people could tell him that Sting was going to be on TV, but I say that's just a cover up. What could he really have been talking about? Maybe he's in the Buff Bagwell conspiracy with the Kid Kam! Humm… you know, maybe Torie and Schiavone have some sort of diabolical conspiracy going on against Buffy. Then again, maybe Torie has something going on with Charles Robinson. He did seem to be pretty concerned when she was hurt.

    It's finally happened! 3 Count got what they deserved! A title! Although, which one has the title? It's probably going to be one of those Jericho/Chyna deals, and all three of them have it. Now, all they need is a music video. I hope that they don't start singing "hardcore" music, because that would not be good. I like the 3 Count pretty boys just the way they are, nice high flyers, nice dancers, and great singers. But they would look good in a nice music video.

    Wow, that was some interview at the beginning of Raw. First, I almost died of shock when Triple H almost seemed to miss Mick Foley when he started talking about how much he respected him. Then I was very amused when I saw the video tape that Triple H but together for all of us to see. What surprised me is that fact that Shane McMahon came back at the PPV, and even made an appearance on Raw! I guess Vince won't be back for a while. The strange part is, he's a heel, Stephanie's a heel, which is rather confusing. Why can't they just be heels together? Well, I shouldn't speak too soon, because I haven't seen the end of Raw as of yet, so who knows what happens. I just think that Shane and Stephanie should take their rightful place as rulers of the WWF, and join together and make the ultimate heel empire.

    Terri actually turned her back on the Hardy Boys? I like the Hardy Boys a whole let better than Edge and Christian, but she could've picked worse people to back up. Like the Godfather and D'lo Brown. Actually, Edge and Christian are my second favorite tag team. Wait a second, why should I care what Terri does? I don't even like her!

    Poor Kurt Angle, he came face to cheek with Rikishi large butt. Although I felt extremely sorry for Kurt Angle, I was very happy when Chris Jericho and Chyna decided to join in with Too Cool's dance! That was a time I will NEVER…. EEEEEEEEEEEVER forget! Now it seems that Jericho and Saturn are going to have a nice feud. JR said there must be some sort of history between them. The only thing I can think of is their nice little Loser Wears a Dress Match. Yes, that's where Saturn turned into a drag queen for a couple of months.

    Now I must sum up all of the wrestling incidences of the past week. For one, Nitro's Main Event was a disappointment. Well, maybe I shouldn't really say that, considering the fact I didn't see much of it. Lets just say anything with Tank Abbott and Sid Vicious is bound to be a disappointment, in my opinion anyway. Raw didn't have the best Main Event though. We all knew that The Rock couldn't have won the #1 contender spot, just yet anyway. But, I will say this, with the WWF booking there always is a benefit of a doubt. If it happened in WCW, I wouldn't have bothered to watch it because they're so predictable, but the WWF isn't predictable in the least. One question is in my mind though, what was with the DX/Billy Gunn segment? It just came out of no where, and didn't make much sense. I'm sure that'll be cleared up in the weeks to came. Before I close my column, here are my Closing Remarks!


    ~Was Vampiro talking to his therapist during his interview or something?

    ~Why exactly did DX beat up Billy Gunn?