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    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Reported by Sheerah L Fisher on 13:01:34 02/22/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Firing, releases… will this ever stop?

    It's time… once again… for everybody to come aboard the… Sharpshooter Train! Ack, I almost quoted the Godfather, something must be wrong here. First, before I go on with this week's Sheerah's Sharpshooter, I want to say one thing. I did not get to see Raw last week, nor did I see Smackdown. So don't expect any comments about them. Well, I saw the last twenty minutes of Smackdown, but that was it. Thanks to taping the wrong channel last Monday, I also didn't see Raw. With that, lets move on!

    Ratings, such a bothersome subject. Nitro is doing very bad, because they did a 3.6 with a 3.1 for the first hour, and a 4.1 for the second. It's a LOT better than they have done in the past, which I thank God for, but it's still a terrible rating. Now we mosey on over to Raw, which did a 4.4 rating, with a 4.6 for the first hour, and a 4.2 for the second. This isn't the best rating for them either, but give them a break, they had THE WORST time slot! 11-1 in the morning really is a terrible thing to deal with. With all that, they still did good, which is more than I can say for Nitro. Because the West-something-or-other dog show got a 3.9 in the rating, and BEAT Nitro! As I said last week, evidently dogs are more interesting than Nitro.

    Well, good 'ole Chris "Champagne" Kanyon wants out of WCW, and was politely denied. WCW really can't afford losing anymore of their talent, this is starting to get a little silly. The WWF may make Superstars, but right now WCW is in panic and will make a star out of anyone they can get their hands on. Then again, Kanyon does have a stupid gimmick, and he'll have to change it if he wants to actually get somewhere in the business. The World Wrestling Federation really doesn't need anymore talent, as of right now they have anyone with any shred of talent. Not that Kanyon or anyone else in WCW isn't talented, they're just not, well, given enough spotlight to display their talent.

    Now on to some WWF talent that has recently been discarded. Luna has been thrown out. I can't say I like their idea to get rid of Luna. She's a Woman's Wrestling legend! Although, their grounds for firing her is because of an incident with a TV producer that happened back stage. Come on, can't we all just get along? I wish there would be some details let out about this, because I'm very curious. Well, at least we have her hubby, Gangrel still in the WWF. I thought they made a nice, strange, and wack-o couple. Of course, with LuLu being gone, this will effect the Woman's Division because as of right now they only have one talented athlete, Ivory.

    Since I'm on the subject of wrestlers being "let go", lets blend that subject, with WCW, and Tony Maranara. I've never seen him wrestle before, but from what I've heard he was supposed to be in the Cruiser Weight division. Their grounds for firing him is because of his concussions he continually has. I really can't blame them for letting him go because of those reasons, but have they ever heard of something called an "investment"? I'm sure sticking with Tony through his concussion times would pay off, and he would be a great edition to the cruiser weight division. Because it seems every time they let someone go because of injury reasons, the WWF gets a hold of them and they become a huge star. When making these decisions, they have to start thinking not only what the talent can do to them, but what they talent would do to them if the lost them.

    The WWF's latest videos, "It's Our Time" featuring Triple H and Chyna has been bought by… moi! So, as always, I'll give you a nice little review. All in all, it was pretty good. There were a couple things that bugged me major. First off, they did a horrible job talking about Triple H's past, when he was the snob Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Second, the cursing was terrible. All the of the things they did that they bleeped out of Raw they didn't bleep. Which made it bad because the bleeping was the only funny part. The other part was, they could not make up their minds with being in, or out of character, which made it very confusing. One minute they're totally out of character, the next, they're totally in. Besides those things, it was pretty good. I enjoyed it just because of the fact Triple H is in it, and he's almost bumped Bret off of my #1 favorite (Keyword: ALMOST), so that's the reason I liked it. Although, it was ruined when Chyna was in it, but I guess you can't please everyone.

    Eric Bischoff is still with WCW, he might come back in power, he might go to the WWF, Blah blah blah, yada yada yada. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm tired of hearing Bischoff rumors! Goodness, bring him back, or don't bring him back. Fire him and let him go to the WWF or Fox federation, or keep him. Just, please, make a decision! Or, just stop leaking the information, because it's getting really, really old. Just think about this for a second, all of this is coming from an avid Eric Bischoff fan. So if I'm saying this, it must be pretty bad.

    It seems that terrible things have come out of Super Brawl. For one, the new Cruiser Weight Champion, but I'm not going to touch on that just yet. Right now I'm going to discuss Scott Hall. He seems to have suffered some neck and back injury from the Main Event. Poor Hall, he really didn't need that. I hope this doesn't take him out of wrestling perminately, because not only is he a great talent, but I don't want to see that happen to him. Goodness, he has a drinking problem, he doesn't need a back problem on top of that.

    Now that I've talked about the worst part of Super Brawl, I'll go on to the second worst. That being our new Cruiser Weight Champion. Okay, Prince Nakomaki, or whatever his name is, is pretty good. I don't want to take anything away from him, but his gimmick came from the lonely town of Suck-ville. Now, he is a good wrestler, but he's not the best in the division. Then again, WCW lost most of their good cruiser weights to the WWF, so he probably is up there with the best. I would say 3 Count, Psycosis, Juventud, and even Lash LeRoux are the best they currently have.

    Good-bye Scott Steiner! I'm so happy WCW is giving his release and booting him out the door. In my opinion, they should've done that a long time ago. Since joining the NWO he's true character seems to be mimicing his television character, and that's not good. Of course, he seemed to be that way even when he was the "model" Scott Steiner. Even with all that, WCW has grounds for firing for just what he said about them on TV. Tell me this, he made WCW look bad, they give him his release, and he won't sign it! Whats up with that? I'm guessing Steiner isn't the smartest guy in the world, because if he were that wouldn't be saying much for the stupidest person in the world.

    There is one word to describe Hogan, and that is lame. Then again, maybe I shouldn't say that after hearing his latest interview. He seems to have come in at least a little bit more into the times of wrestling. The cage for his match was a nice touch, I'll say that much. I like the way WCW is using him, but I still wish that he'd take more of a back seat, there's so much talent out there, and WCW could use them.

    Jeff Jarrett, I like him, but he's becoming rather annoying. He ALWAYS gets the title shot. That kind of stuff is interesting for a while, but then it starts to get old fast. Then again, everything gets old in WCW fast, so why should the World Title shots be any different?

    I'm not sure where WCW is going with this Buff Bagwell thing, but I find it interesting. I guess Buff really isn't the "stuff" if even Symphony turned him down. Buff is so vein, he probably couldn't understand why someone would tell him to get lost. This could turn into an interesting feud with the Maestro, or just a Buff heel turn. I'm going for the Buff heel turn, because it's about time he changed. He's very good at acting like, well, Buff. Because he is the stuff, and we can not get enough, of Buff, who is the Stuff… and I'm going to stop that right there because I could go on and on forever with that.

    I'm impressed with Disco, but not so much with the Mamalukes. Is Disco Inferno injured or something? He doesn't wrestle anymore, well, at least he doesn't wrestle on any program I get to watch. I always liked his wrestling, but his personality is really what makes him the Disco Inferno. Speaking of disco, whats happened to his gimmick? Disco used to have a, disco gimmick. Now he's just some guy who manages people related to the Godfather or something. What happened to the dancing? I miss that! If you're going to get rid of the disco gimmick, don't keep calling him the Disco Inferno.

    Who'da'thunk that Madusa would've dressed like La Parka! Well, I'm sure you all did, because Parka seemed to have dropped a few hundred pounds. It was creative on Madusa's part, although I still wish that 'Parka had won the Cruiser Weight title. Heck, I even hope that Madusa would win the stink'n title! As I said, Prince is okay, but not worthy of the title. Back to Madusa, you know, I'm sure that Oklahoma would let her wrestle. But first she has to go through a lot of surgery to undo what they did. Or, he could be nice and make a "Simulated Women's Division", but not many women would be in it. With the exceptions of Sable and Britney Spears, the only other person in it would be Madusa.

    Go, Headcheese! Alright, I still say Black-Head is the best name for them, but Headcheese is pretty amusing. I loved their dancing moves, especially Blackman's little moonwalk, it was priceless! True, it did make them lose their match, but at least they lost in "style"! I really don't like the fact that they were put against a fan favorite. I love Too Cool, I love Headcheese, and it was so hard to chose between the two. But in the end I did root for Headcheese! They're just so lovable!

    YES! Eddy Guerrero is back in action… in a matter of speaking. Watching the replay of his match on Raw really made me want to see last weeks Smackdown, but oh well, I'll just have to live with the fact I missed it. It was a rather creative way to win, you have to admit that. Then, there was his creative was to lose. Even with being out of action, Eddy hasn't lost his mic skills! He's still as "Eddy" as ever!

    WWF No Way Out, normally I'd give my predictions, but I have no clue as to what the card is (the worst part is, I might be getting it, and I don't know the card). All I have to say is this may be the last time we see Cactus Jack. He's wanted to retire, which I'm not looking forward to. He may retire after Wrestlemania, but at No Way Out Cactus Jack's dream of headlining a Wrestlemania may be crushed. I guess we'll just have to wait until Sunday to see whats going to happen.

    Nitro put on a pretty good show, I guess. As always, Raw put on a great one. I especially like the Main Event, even though Triple H and Stephanie were the ones take'n a ride on the DX Express. This Sunday's PPV should be very interesting, then again, so should this week's Smackdown. There really isn't much to say about Nitro that I haven't already said. So, with that, I'll end my column with my Closing Remarks.

    ~I'm not going to stop until it's done… BRING BOBBY HEENAN BACK TO NITRO!

    ~Poor La Parka, he never gets his spotlight!

    ~Who would've thought that Steve Blackman could dance!

    ~Is it just me… or when Eddy Guerrero is a heel, he gets MAJOR heel heat, but when he's a face, he get MAJOR face heat.