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  • Sheerah's Sharpshooter 02/08/2000
    Reported by Sheerah L. Fisher on 12:33:16 02/14/00
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    The XFL? What is the world coming to.

    It's time, once again, for the Sharpshooter done "Sheerah Style"! This was a rather interesting week, especially with the announcement of the XFL, then on top of that all there was Nitro and Raw!
    It's ratings time again! Nothing much happened, as usual. Raw got a 6.6 composite, from a 6.1 for the first hour, and a 7.0 for the last. Nitro's ratings went down even from last week's! They got a 2.8 composite, from a 3.3 for the first hour, and a 2.3 for the second. Hey, I thought that getting rid of the third hour was supposed to get them better ratings! Their ratings were better when they had three! That's pretty bad. I'm assuming it was Raw wonderful show that put them down so much. They did have a strong show, with the "Radicals" coming in and invading Raw.
    Poor Eddy, he signs a contract with the WWF, and what does he get? He gets injured! As I've said, he is one of the best in the sport. Hopefully this won't keep him out long. I guess all of his ring rust has gotten to him. Even with his injury, I think he'll probably still be on TV. Right now he's participating in a role that you just can't get rid of too easily. This may set him back a little bit, but I still think it was great for him to sign with the WWF, and the evidence of that hopefully will be clearer soon.
    WWF Raw moving to a CBS station? Wow, that would be something else! WWF has a contract with USA for another year and a half, but what happens when that runs out? Will they renew their contract? In my opinion, USA is the place to stay. Besides, I believe that CBS is offering to put the WWF on their TNN (The Nashville Network), which really isn't all that great of a station. Think about it, ECW is on it! If they would offer them the actual CBS station, it might not be too bad of an idea. Then there's the idea that Fox is interested in them. I've always like the Fox stations (after all, they have the X-files), so that would be a good idea. Still, I think staying where they are is the best idea.
    Late breaking news, Eddy Guerrero suffered torn ligaments, which I even know isn't good. The boards say he'll be out for about six weeks. I still can't believe that he got injured so soon after signing his contract. Well, until he comes back Cactus Jack will be taking his place in matches, and of course they'll be playing it as an angle. That's pretty much the only way I can figure how they'd handle this situation. So, that's probably why they're playing it that way.
    Sting to get a new gimmick? Well, change is always good. Although, they've played it that he's going to come back as the Crow, and get into a feud with Lex Luger. Personally, I really want to see him come back as the Surfer Dude Sting, which he originally was. Okay, the black and white face is cool, his Crow gimmick is cool, but I'd like to see a change in his character. Alright, the old Hulkamania came back, so why not the old Sting?
    Is DDP trying to get out of his contract? The first time they reported this, DDP stated clearly on Nitro that he's not. I remember him making some wack-o analogy about leaving the party with who you came to the dance with. I'm assuming he was saying WCW made him, and he's not going to turn his back on their until retirement. I think that's a premature statement. I think that going to the WWF would be good for his career, but a terrible thing for WCW. They can't afford to lose anymore talent than they already have. If Diamond Dallas Page truly is thinking about leaving, WCW better do something about this. Because they can't afford to lose anymore talent after the "Radicals" went to the WWF.
    WCW's movie, Ready to Rumble now has a website! Right now, it's not much, but it is worth taking five minutes to check it out. It has some nice bios of the actors, which I found interesting. Especially since I just saw Lake Placid, and the name Oliver Platt was driving me insane, because I've heard it somewhere, I just didn't know where. Well, now I know! Here is the address: .
    XFL? I can't believe the WWF is starting a football league. I've looked at the website, and I'm still trying to make sense of it. Why would a sports-entertainment company make a football league? Okay, football is big money, and probably always will be. But it will be stereotyped as a "WWF Thing" so all of the snobs out there won't take their time to watch it. All the reports keeps saying "It's football with a twist" and things like that. They're evidently changing some of the rules. They're probably also going to do it WWF style, which means they're going to put on a show, and not just have muscle-bound guys in tights beat up each other. I was thinking they'd add storylines, and gimmicks and such, but that would really give the WWF a bad name. Well, you never know, they could play it fair and not have fixed ending.
    Want to work for ECW? Well, I'm pretty sure I'm going to try out for it! It's been said that Extreme Championship Wrestling is looking for people to hand out flyers at local malls, school ETC for their shows! Of course, I'm near one of the ECW hot spots, so I'm certainly going to go for this. That is, if this news is legit. Not only that, from what I've read, the people could have access to free tickets! This sounds like ECW heaven to me, so I wouldn't pass this offer up if I were you. Go to and get more details!
    I hope and pray that the WWF is serious about bringing back the WWF Lightweight division. Anything to do with lightweights is a great thing! Although, it does seem to classify people too much. See, it gives the wrestler a chance to shine, but it also holds them back because they're stereotyped as "Little Guys", and that pretty much scratches any chance they have of one day becoming a Heavyweight Champion of the WOOOORLD! Although, I could be wrong. After all, Chris Benoit won the world title a couple weeks ago, and he was one of the stereotypes "Little Guys". Although, he did get the belt when he ditched the Cruiser Weight division, so who knows.
    Goodness, does the PTC ever stop? Now they're on the WWF's case, ONCE AGAIN. Please, get a life! I don't want people telling what I can watch, isn't that against the constitution or something? If you don't like it, don't watch it. YOU CAN'T MAKE PEOPLE DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO! I wish that the PTC would drop it for good, because, hopefully, they'll never get what they want. As I've said, I still think what they're doing is unconstitutional. To me, what they're doing is telling us what we can watch. They're not taking legal action, but they're still doing what they can to bring ruin to the WWF. Lets see, that means they're promoting just what they're trying to stop. They think the WWF is bringing America to ruin, while the PTC is trying to bring ruin on the WWF. Thats something called Hypocritical.
    Well, it's time for the Sheerah's Sharpshooter movie of the week! It's called: Runaway Bride! Yes, I know, you're thinking it's a "girlie" movie. Believe it or not, it isn't. It's a very funny comedy about the bride leaving her grooms at the alter. I found it very funny, so, hey, who knows, maybe you will too!
    Want to be in an internet e-fed? Well, come over to the WFWF! This is THE place to be! After all, I should know, I'm Co-President! Just come up with an ORIGINAL wrestler, and come join the e-fed! It's really cool. Who knows, maybe your wrestler will be the new WFWF World Champion! The address for it is:
    THEY CAN'T DO IT! I can't believe it, WCW is thinking about taking Bobby Heenan and putting him on Thunder ONLY! Yes, that means no more Bobby on Nitro. Alright, I like Mark Madden, he's okay, but he's no Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Bobbys too good to be on Thunder! He's the best Color Commentator in the business! Put Mark Madden on Thunder, not Heenan! Come on, lets get some feedback on about this, we can't let them take Heenan from us!
    Here's a Reality Check for Schiavone, I'm a wrestling fan and I like music. In fact, I LIKE 3 COUNT! It's a terrible thing that Norman ruined their song, because it truly is a great one! Then, of course, he had a cheap win over the singing trio! What would be interesting is the 3 on 1 match that Norman Smiley challenged 3 Count to. I'm root'n for 3 Count all the way!
    Hogan came back? NOOOO!!! He can't! Hogan stinks! He's old! He can't wrestle! He doesn't have hair! And… and… HE'S OLD! Well, actually, I guess it's not too bad he's back. He doesn't seem to be in the Main spotlight, which gives the younger stars at chance at, well, stardom. So, that why is doesn't eliminate him from wrestling, but he's not he Main Character. I guess that's why I never liked Hogan that much. Because he's past his prime, and there are all these talented wrestler waiting to come to the top, and stopped by Hogan.
    Time to comment on the NWO multiple interview thing they always do. For one, it was too long. Second, they should leave out anything Scott Steiner has to say because no matter what it is, it always seems to make me mad. Jeff Jarrett truly is the chosen one. I like him, even though the rest of you don't. But what I was really unhappy about was the fact Scott Hall didn't say anything. I was here, on the edge of my seat, just about to hang on every word Scotty had to say, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he got booked in a Main Event. Poor Scotty didn't even know anything about it.
    I really don't get the big deal about Tank Abbott. Okay, I know absolutely nothing about his Ultimate Fighting career, maybe he was a big deal back there, but I don't see the big deal in WCW. All I see is a guy with a beer belly, a large go-tee that makes him look like an idiot, and even what he wears to the ring makes him look weird. Although, I have yet to see his "magnificent" punch, I guess I've blinked too many times. My father saw it, and said there is nothing special about it, so whats the big deal? Well, next week hopefully I'll see this "punch" of his and make an educated decision.
    YES! Monday has some meaning! The Radicals turned on Cactus Jack! It was a rather clever way to give them their contracts, and I enjoyed very much. Besides, Eddy is a heel now! He's always been a great heel, and so have the rest of them. Of course, most people are good at being heels, but these guys are the greatest at it! Therefore, I'm very happy. Although, what has me worried in the Main Event at No Way Out. One way Triple H loses the title, the other way Cactus Jack retires.
    I can't believe it! Jeff Jarrett turned on Scott Hall! That's just, just, not right! I'm thinking about recalling all of the wonderful things I've said about the "Chosen One". Goodness, Scott Hall is, and always will be one of my faves, and Jarrett is annoying with his terrible finishing move. Now, I'm confused and I'll end this subject right here until the end.
    Well, my column comes to an end, and I hate what WCW is doing. It looks like they're building up for an NWO split. Poor Hall is the victim of it. Hey, maybe they'll give him a push as the leader of the second NWO. Then for Raw, which I was surprised at. I never thought that I would see Too Cool and Rikishi come down to help out Cactus Jack. Although, I don't know why I didn't because Rikishi has been sticking is large butt in Main Event business for a while now. But Triple H still won! HaHaHaHa! This is the end of my column, and here are my Closing ReMarks!

    ~HaHaHa! Booker got arrested!

    ~Get well, Eddy!

    ~Poor Madusa… I guess the secret is out. Although I think we already knew it.

    ~Al Snow, Head-Cheese is very good, very good indeed. But I still think Black-Head rises above all other names!

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