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    Sheerah's Sharpshooter 12/07/1999
    Reported by Sheerah Fisher on 1/16/100
    Sheerah's Sharpshooter
    Don't ya-all just love Triple H?

    Welcome to this week's edition of Sheerah's Sharpshooter! As always, I'll open up with last week's trivia winner!


    Well, I'd love to continue Trivia, but I can't at this time (sorry about that). Because of the Year-end awards that is. I takes a lot to keep track of all the voting, and writing it down and all. I'll try to bring it back next week though, with a harder question too!

    Well, the Sheerah's Sharpshooter Year of Wrestling Awards started last week! If you didn't enter, you still have time! Remember, the cut-off date IS January 1st! Well, here is the form to fill out in case you didn't get to! Oh, yes, and by the way, any votes for me in the columnist position WON'T BE COUNTED.

    Your Name:

    Best Wrestler of '99:

    Who was the best champ of '99:

    Best Mic Worker:

    Best Tag Team:

    Most improved Wrestler:

    Best Valet/Manager:

    Favorite group:

    Favorite Federation:

    Favorite Columnist:

    Best Theme Song:

    Favorite Web Site:

    Biggest Heel:

    Biggest Face:

    Best quote:

    Worst signing to a contract:

    Most likely to deserve, but never get a good push:

    Most likely to run for President of the United States:

    Now, this is where things will get a little different, all of those categories were just for '99, but not for the NEW Millennium Ones! Remember, don't base these of just this past year, but the entire Millennium! Here goes:

    Best Wrestler of the Millennium:

    Best Tag Team of the Millennium:

    This is amazing, I just saw the top 15 Nielson ratings for November 14-21, and WCW wasn't in it! Even better yet, WCW scored lower than Nickelodeon's Rugrats! This is truly amazing! Sam Jerry made a very good point in one of his past columns, WCW can't beat the WWF at it's own game. Russo and Ferrera better come up with a different game plan, and do it quickly! One thing that would improve it is not jobbing Jushin "Thunder" Liger!!!!

    You would not believe all of the fuss these little unknown small-town newspapers are having over the WWF's content. It's amazing, a program tones down and then they jump all over them! They showed some stupid thing that people in some college watched 100 hours of the WWF and came up with certain things. Like there was something like 48 shows of Satanism, 45 drug usage. Well, don't quote me on that, but it's something like that. Then there were larger number, like 445 in bad language, and 1,000 and some for the DX chop. This was really stupid. This person who wrote the article probably hasn't watched more than one episode of wrestling. The certain news paper I'm referring to is the Daily Freeman. Get this, did they put the article in the sports section? No! They put it in the business section! How stupid can you get?

    Russo and Ferrera are getting rid of the Cruiser Weight Division? This is terrible! This can't happen! That division is the best around! Why must they put their poisoned venom on every single thing in WCW? WHY! Just look at the people in the division: Eddy Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Misterio, Disco Inferno, and even Jushin "Thunder" Liger! I don't think these two will ever get it. This is not the WWF, WCW fans LIKE this division, if Vince and Eddie like it or not! Here's another thing I've heard, they're thinking about bringing in the Canada vs. US thing with Bret Hart again! It didn't work in the WWF, why would it work in WCW? Vinnie, Eddie, STOP BOOKING LIKE YOU'RE IN THE WWF!!! Okay, I'm going straight to the true source, Ted Turner, fire these bookers!

    NOOOOOO!!!! Mick Foley can't retire! Well, okay, he can, but he can't! He's one of the best in the WWF, and with Austin gone someone needs to pick the WWF up! Poor Mick, it's not like he's too old. Just think about it, Ric Flair still wrestles and he's 50! I don't know what his reasons are, I bet it would help if I listened to Off the Record. I think I'll just wait for the transcript, Mick Foley is definitely worth hearing, but transcripts are better in my opinion. Now, the question is, how did I get on the subject of transcripts when I started talking about Mankind's retirement?

    Well, I was excited all week because I heard the rumor of Diamond Dallas Page coming to the WWF. Of course, DDP says it was one big rumor and it made his laugh. I wish he would consider it though. Because with Russo and Ferrera on board, WCW is a sinking ship. I would love to see him come to the WWF, he would probably get a nice well deserved push! Well, guess I'll just have to hope at the end of his contract he'll jump ship. Unless of course a miracle happens and Russo and Ferrera start to book good.

    I know you've all heard the rumors of "Easy E" Eric Bischoff coming to the WWF. I hope it is true! Of course, DDP's rumors of jumping weren't true, but it would be nice. Just think, the Eric Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon feud would truly heat up! They were battling in separate federations, which is pretty hard to do. Just imagine and actually match between the two! That would be something else! I think it would be a true Ratings spiker if there ever was one. Well, if Vinnie Mac never thought about bringing Uncle Eric in before, he certainly will now. Vince, while thinking this whole thing through, just remember one word, "ratings". Want some? Come get some!

    Mick Foley and Al Snow make a tremendous team! The WWF's Greatest Hits was okay, but Mick and Al made it better! I enjoyed the Austin/McMahon part, it made me take a drive down memory lane! Although, still, the best part was the Mick and Al interaction! They work so good together, it's amazing. I especially liked Al's remark about Wal-mart. All in all, the little spots on the WWF's Greatest Moments were okay, Al and Mick really were the people that made the show!

    It's yet again time to tall about ratings! Last Monday's Raw got a composite of 6.5! With 6.3 the first hour, and 6.7 the second! WOW! I guess Stephanie's wedding was rather popular that night! That is one monster ratings, especially compared to WCW Nitro's which got a 3.1 composite, with a 3.8 the first hour, 2.8 the second, and yet again 2.8 for the third. As I keep saying, WCW is getting worse, while the WWF is getting better.

    WOW! Smackdown was totally different this week than it was in the past. Less cursing, and stuff like that. I personally think they still put on a great show, and didn't have all of that "pushing the envelope" garbage. Of course, there was some writer who said it wasn't all that great a clean-up for the show. I don't recall where he wrote his little article, if I did I would tell you. But he didn't like the Stephanie McMahon angle, the DX t-shirt, ETC. Those are angles you're never going to get rid of for crying out loud! It's not like it's real! Oh, I don't think I'll ever get these anti-wrestling people.

    Okay, I've thought about it, and thought about it some more. What is the big deal with Stephanie marrying Triple H? It's not like he's not a nice guy! Even on Smackdown he said "Honey, I'm home!". See, he called her honey! He can't be that bad. Personally, I would consider it an honor to be married to one of the best wrestling performers in the world! Hummm, you know, Sheerah Lise Levesque doesn't sound all that bad! Too bad Stephanie got to him first!

    It's time for my WWF Armageddon PPV predictions! Let see here….for Steve Blackman vs. the Ever Popular Kurt Angle, my pick has to be Angle. They're giving him a major push, so it only makes sense. Kane vs. X-pac, it's gotta be Kane! Kane by DQ that is! They can't make Kane lose to a little punk like X-pac. Then there's the Tag Team battle royal, which I must say Too Cool has to win! Rakishi/Viscera vs. The Holly's, my pick-o is the Holly Cousins! Val Venis vs. the Bulldog… I hope Bulldog kills him (not literally). The Rock 'n' Sock Connection vs. the New Age Outlaws, my pick is the Rock and Mankind! They rule! Next in the long line of the card is Chris Jericho vs. Chyna. I hope and pray Jericho wins! They can't ruin him and make him lose to Chyna twice! The 4-way Evening Gown match, I hope it's Ivory, although it'll probably be Miss Kitty, actually, I hope it's Miss Kitty because I don't think anyone in their right mind wants to see her, well, in her birthday suit (notice I said people in their right mind). Big Boss Man vs. Big Show, I hope, well, I hope Shawn Michaels wins it (in other words, I really don't care). Now, for the big one, the No Holds Barred match between Triple H and Vince McMahon. I think it's about time for a Stephanie Heel Turn! So I say Triple H wins with the help of his new wife….Stephanie!

    WOW! I watched MTV! Of course, the only reason is because of the WWF replays of specials they were doing, but I still did! Every time Triple H was on it I thought it was funny. Of course, Mick Foley was REALLY funny in the WWF Rocks part of it. I can't quite remember all the things he did, but he made some funny comments about Korn. I can't really think about anything else to comment on it, besides I liked the Wanna be a WWF Super Star thing. I would've loved to be in it… of course…. I couldn't wrestle, but I could get some nice heat from the crowd!

    Okay, I've made a new section of Sheerah's Sharpshooter. I'll call it the "Russo and Ferrera Stupid Gimmick of the Week"! This week's winner is Mike Tenay vs. Jeff Jarrett! I love Jarrett, don't get me wrong, but anything with Tenay in it has a curse. Although, I found it funny when Vincent said his new gimmick was going to be "Shane". That I found funny, but stupid. Anyway, what will the Russo and Ferrera Stupid Gimmick of the week be next time? Read and find out!

    FINALLY! Liger got his title back! I can't believe what theme they gave him, it totally stinks. His Japanese theme is so much better, they really should've used it. Okay, all the words are in Japanese, but it would add to the culture of Liger! Hopefully Jushin will get a nice big push, and team up with Benoit, which is what he originally wanted to do. I would like it if he had air time as well. If I'm correct, he does speak English so it would be great!

    I just love Al Snow! This gimmick is a great thing Vinnie Mac came up with! I think it's very good. With the Rock, Mick and Al Snow, this will be a very funny thing. Of course, Mick really did make some funny jokes about Al Snow (as far as I've read anyway). So it's a great thing to work the feud around the book, that way it pushes the book as well! The thing that will make this even better is the fact the one and only Y2J is in it! Go Jericho!

    Rowdy Piper is officially as funny as Mick Foley and Al Snow. He really takes advantage of his position, that for sure! I think this angle will be a very successful one. I always did like Piper, he was one funny fella! Especially his wrestling action figure commercial on Royal Rumble '92 (I think that's the one, it's where Ric Flair won).

    This Stephanie and Triple H thing is very good. I truly don't see why someone wouldn't like it! Just X-pac laughing during the "Triple H, please sign this" scene was great! Even Stephanie had a smile on her face. Then the new provisions for the PPV match interview was just as great! Stephanie gave classic McMahon looks, and Triple H sounded very convincing! I loved how he "sealed the deal".

    WCW really doesn't have good tag teams. Okay, the WWF has the Rock 'n' Sock connection, Too Cool, the Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian. Who does WCW? Wow, creative control and Harlem Heat. Wow, such great talent in WCW. Wait, what am I saying? They stink! The Outsiders were great, but the "Powers that Be" evidently don't want them used as a tag team. Speaking of the Outsiders, it's very good that Jeff Jarrett joined! But that's totally beside the point. The point is, WCW should bring, or make some quality tag teams so the tag titles won't die.

    Well, this week my column comes to an end with the hopes of the PPV ahead, and Y2J being with Al Snow. I'll leave you this week with my Closing ReMARKs!

    ~Come on, Vince, lets get Bischoff in the WWF!

    ~Worst Schiavone quote of the week "Welcome to Nitro from Miwaki Wisconsin! At the Miwaki Wisconsin arena!"

    ~I love David Flair! He rules! I guess Russo and Ferrera can do something good!

    ~I can't figure it out, what does the Sharpshooter hurt exactly?

    Sheerah Fisher, column writer and webmaster of UWZ-Ultimo Wrestling Zone
    The Official Online Home of Sheerah Fisher