Things I like to do

Things things things. Things I like to do. I always seem to be doing something all the time, so heres some of the stuff I do!

Watching Wrestling Of course, I'm a wrestling fan. I used to watch a lot of WCW, but now I watch more WWF. Probably because WCW has gone down in the entertainment factor tremendously. That and the fact that all of my favorite wrestlers jumped shiped to the WWF. But I'll probably be watching more WCW since Eric Bischoff is coming back! WHOOOW!

Going to Church I'm an avid church goer. I go every Sunday, and Wednesday. And I go to the Teen Functions.

Web Page I like to improve on this web site. Updating it, getting better designs, you know, stuff like that. Luckily, I have a lot of help because my Dad is a genius in the computer area (although, I must say I am better at HTML than he is. Sorry, Dad, but this is my website not yours. You can blast me on yours if you want!).

Music I also like to listen to music. I like a lot of Weird Al stuff, I mean, he's just so funny! I just recently discovered Metallica, which I like a little of. Mainly what I like is Christian, and, get ready for this, Wrestling Themes. Especially WWF ones! Also, in the music category, I do enjoy playing the Piano, but most wouldn't know that because I play it when no ones around. Hey, I even wrote a 1 and 1/2 songs! Maybe someday I'll put a wav, or Real Audio file of it on here!

Writing Sheerah's Sharpshooter I write a weekloy column (as some of you might know), and it's one of my favorite things to do. Every once in a while it does become a bit boring to do, especially in a slow wrestling week. But for those fast moving weeks, I love it! Since I'm so stink'n opinionated, I seem to become a "heel" columnist. Well, actually, I'm just hated by every Hogan fan in the US (and occasionally abroad).

More to come soon!

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