About Me

Well, heres a bunch of information about me! I took one of those survey things you get in e-mail all the time that you fill out so you know more about people. Hope you like it!

Name: Sheerah L. Fisher

Nickname: Jet-Ski Queen, Paragon of Purple

Birthday: Feb. 10, 83

School: I'm Homeschooled!

Religion: Christian

Do you drink? Alcohol?: Yes, I drink Coke, Pepsi, but not Alcohol

Favorite color: Purple, because I am the Paragon of Purple!

Best friends: Yeah, I have them.

Favorite place to be: Church, and, of course, a wrestling arena.

Favorite movie: The Mummy, The Matrix, among others

Hobbies/habits: Watching wrestling, working on my website, 
reading Mick's Foley autobiography.

Dream car: BMW Z3

Car you drive: I will be driving a Le Sabre

Word or phrase you overuse: Hey yo! Oh my Word! Don't forget to 
bring my ear in the plastic bag

Favorite food: My Mac and Cheese

Boyfriend: That title is vacant at the moment

Favorite ice cream: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Favorite soda: Coke, Cherry Coke

Favorite song at the moment: Amish Paradise, Smells like 
Nirvana (both by Weird Al), and Orion (intrumental)

Favorite subject in school: Science, of course

Least favorite subject: Literature

Favorite sport to watch: Wrestling, what else?

Person who annoys you: I could answer that with a lot of names, 
but I will refrain from doing so.

Most humiliating moment: So many.....so little time

Coolest things in your room: My wrestling posters, computer, and TV were I

play my Mel Gibson, Jean-Claud Van Damme, and X-files movies.

Favorite Wrestlers: Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, 
Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon

Favorite Actor: I don't know, thats a hard one.

Favorite Actress: Why, me of course

Favorite Singer: Weird Al Yankovic

Favorite Music Group: Petra

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