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Famous People I've Met

Yeah, I've met or talked to a couple famous people in my life. And everytime I meet another one, I'll put on a full report of it here! Here are all the people I've met or talked to so far.

Bret Hart

Yep! I met the Hitman! It was really cool. I was there, like, 30 minutes early, and Bret at least 30 minutes late! I got my picture taken with him, I'll put it on my pic page soon. That was basically it. He was REALLY tall! LoL!

Chris Jericho

Jericho fits under the people I've talked to section. I talk to him through "And Justice for Brawl" Thats the place where you get to ask wrestler questions. I, of course, asked him if him and Eddie Guerrero would ever go for the Tag Titles.

Scott Steiner

Well, I got to Walmart (a couple minutes late, oops). Steiner was actually on time! He's the first wrestle signing tha I've been to that the star was on time! Oh, yea, they change the time of it right before it was going to happen. It changed to 1 p.m. AHH! I went there at 8 a.m., and I had to come back! Well, I stood in line for a LONG time. Well, it was only 30-45 minutes actually. Gosh, this guy is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding! his arms were the size of my waist! Of course, he wore his NWO Red and Black t-shirt. He also had some funky look'n glasses on. They're were round, and mirrored. Unlike last time I went ot s gingin (with Bret Hart), and I actually said something to the wrestler! I said "Thankyou", I said it really low so I'm surprised he heard me. Give me a brake, he's scary looking! I've never seen anyone with arms that big! He then looked up, did a smile kinda thing, and said, "Sure". Which was weird because he dind't use his TV voice, it was normal. Nothing very interesting happened. Besides I saw him drinking bottled water. Oh, yeah, he also came in a Limo. A HUGE white one. And I mean HUGE!

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