Favorite Wrestlers

Favorite Wrestlers

As I said before, I'm a wrestling fan! Here is a list of some of my favorite wrestlers! And wrestling personalities!

Bret "Hitman" Hart

Yep, he's my fave! Bret Hart has proved he is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. Not only has he won the WWF's IC, and Tag belts, he's also a 5 time, get that, 5 TIME World Champion! In recient history, he worked for the WWF, Vince McMahon seemed to fall on "hard times" because WCW kept beating them in the ratings, it seemed he had to let Bret go. The plan was at Survivor Series Bret was going to beat Shawn Michaels in a title match (Bret has the title), but McMahon had another plans. Michaels but Bret in his own finishing move, the Sharpshooter, and McMahon made the ref ring the bell saying Bret submitted to it (WHICH HE DID NOT!). Bret was double crossed, McMahon proved that the whole McMahon family ARE IDIOTS! But Bret went to WCW, and got involved in the nWo angle, got the US belt, and fueded with the best of them.

Eddy Guerrero

Gosh, theres so much to say about Eddy, after all, I did do a 10 page report about him, but I'll make this shorter. Eddie comes from a wrestling family, his father was a wrestler, and so are his brothers. He started off in Mexico, he teamed up with the late Art Barr and formed a team known as Los Gringos Locos. Then, came the first Lucha Libre (wrestling) PPV, Eddie and Art were going against El Hijo Del Santo and Octagon in a double mask vs. double hair match This gave Eddie and Art world wide exposure. Unfortunatly, they lost, but everybody saw that they were great athletes Then, out of no where, Art Barr died of unknown causes. Eddie wreslted in AAA for a while, but then went to ECW. WCW got ahold of him, and he quickly became a popular mid carder. Eddie has held the WCW Cruiser Weight Title, along with the US title, and many more in mexico and ECW. He is currently playing the heel AKA bad guy role. One of his favorite sayings is "Cheat to Win"

Chris Jericho

He's the man of 1,004 holds, he the one who took Quasi Juice's mask, it's the Conspiracy Victim himself, Chris Jericho! Anything Chris Jericho has ever done, is remember by everybody. While trying to get in the wrestling business, he had gimmick, lots of them. But nobody like them so he wasn't hired. He came up with things like "The Parasite" and many other things. He finally just became himself (with a different last name). WCW found him while he was wrestling in ECW, took him in, and showed everyone this talented wonder. His fued were the most memorable. He's fueded with Juventud Guerrero AKA Juvi Juice, or Quasi Juice as we Jericho-holics like to call him. Dean Malenko was another, along with Prince Iaukea, and many more. Jericho reciently sign a contract with the WWF, basically turning on the backs on WCW, the federation that made him famous. (as you can tell, I'm not a big WWF fan).

Spel Delphin

It's a bird, no, it's a plane, its, its Super Dolphin! Spel Delphin is a Japanese wrestler, but you can't say he's not entertaining! He has a wide spread of moves with include the Tornado DDT, Delphin Clutch, and the wonderful Spel Delphin fake (if you could call that a move)! Spel has always been a fan favorite if he was heel (bad guy), or face (good guy). He teamed up with Gran Naniwa AKA the Grand Crab to form the Lovable Sea Creatures. Although he one of the smaller wrestlers standing at 5'8" and weighing in at 198 pounds, that doesn't stop him. His hometown is Izumi City, Osaka, Japan. First Delphin wrestled with no mask, and called himself Monkey Magic Wakita. He then wrestled in Mexico, and called himself Momotaro. He then went back to Japan, and became the wonderful Super Dolphin we know today, Spel Delphin!

Jushin "Thunder" Liger

Yet another Japanese wrestler. Jushin is so popular in Japan, they have a Saturday Morning cartoon show of him! His real name is Keiichi Yamada, and he is even smaller than Spel Delphin! In Height that is, he stands 5'7", and he is 207 pounds. Jushin was the star of his Amature Wrestling in high school. He also has a wide spread of moves with include the Liger Bomb, Runing Liger Bomb, Geri Geri, Diving Headbutt, and many more! He has also fueded with the best, including American wrestler Chris Benoit. He defeated Benoit in a mask vs. mask match. Liger has held many belts. Liger was also involved in the WCW vs. Japan Starcade PPV in 1995. This was where New Japan Pro-wrestling took their stars, and tried it out against WCW talent. Once again, Benoit was a victim of Liger. One of the most freaky time in his career was when he wrestled the Great Muta, tables, chair, ice picks, everything was used in this match. But the strange part was what happened to Jushin, Muta took off his mask, and Liger was wearing face paint, and then soon sprayed green mist in Muta's face. This was a mark of a heel turn, he was now Chosin Liger. But was it? During the match Liger went under the ring, then he came up as was unmasked. Now if this was really Jushin Liger who was unmasked is unknown. Today ge currently plays a face role as Jushin Liger.

"Easy E" Eric Bischoff

The man, Eric Bischoff. Eric Bischoff is the President of WCW. When the nWo formed, he aligne himself with he. He was now a reble, and used his Presidential power for the New World Order. He isn't really a wrestler, but he has been known to wrestle on occasions. His first challenge was Larry Zbysco at Starrcade, with Bret Hart as the special ref. At that time, no one knew if Bret was on nWo side, or not. Bischoff ended up loosing that match because he cheated, although he claimed to have won. Next victim, Vince McMahon, he is the owner of the WWF, the compitition in the wrestling biz. Of course, McMahon didn't show up, so, Easy E won by count out and forfeit. Then came his tag match with Hogan, they went against Jay Leno, and DDP, which he lost thanks to outside interference. Who was next? The one and only Ric Flair. Flair and him had something to settle, and Bischoff arose the victor that time. The next monday, Flair challenge him once again, but if Flair won, he would get controle of WCW for 90 days, if Bischoff won, he got everything Flair had, Bischoff had no chance and lost. Next, was David Flair, Ric Flair's son. This was a Hair/Power match. Bischoff lost after being hit with a roll of quarters, and his hair was totally shaved off. Bischoff never did get his power back to date, because Flair beat Hogan for power 4 ever. Easy E played the face role for a while. But then he was stripped of all his power by the WCW committee. This was, and IS a bad mistake for WCW, and I think they will live to regret it. I've only seen two other people as ingenius as he was, and that was the compititon, Shane and Vince McMahon.

Shane McMahon

Alright, I've just started to watch the WWF again when Chris Jericho turned there. Surprisingly, I still enjoyed Chris' interview, but someone who caught my interest was Shane McMahon, the owner's (Vince McMahon) son. Shane McMahon is, well, a suit, but is also a pretty impressive wrestler. Not many people can do a suicide dive quite like Shane-o-Mac. He is the only person who I've seen make the Bronco Buster look like it might hurt (and thats not small task)! He was once a Eurpean Champion, which he beat X-pac to get (of course, thats not too hard). The first time Shane was introduced to television was Vince McMahon's first match-up. It was Steve Austin vs. Vince. They showed Shane McMahon trying to talk his father out of wrestling. Of course, it wasn't a big role he played, but later he became leader of the Corporate Ministry. He also kept the WWF going on TV when his father wasn't allowed in WWF Business. In my personal opinion, he wrestles better than some WWF, and WCW talent. Hogan, Goldberg, Nash, Rey Rey, and Austin to name a few. Not only can he wrestle, but he has the classic McMahon genius in him. He is the heir to the McMahon thrown, and when the torch is passed, I think the WWF will be even better with Shane at the head.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

Okay, I decided to write about these two together because they're currently doing an angle which they are married in. Not only that, this was the only half-way good picture I had of either of them. First I'll write about Triple H. Triple H started off in the WWF with the gimmick that he was a snob, and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and went under the name Hunter Heart Helmsly (which they later shortened to Triple H, or HHH). He didn't make it that big, but the crowd hated him. He was jobbed, because he was being "punished" as he said for the controversial Curtain Call (a long, long story). Later, him and "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels teamed up against the Undertaker, and Bret Hart. They then formed a bond, and Triple H, Shawn, Rick Rude, and Triple H's female bodyguard, Chyna, formed a group known as De-generation X (DX). Time went by, DX broke up, and then came back as a heel (bad guy) group, with Triple H as the leader. Hunter got involved in a feud with the Vince McMahon, which brings Stephanie in the picture. Stephanie was going to marry Andrew "Test" Martin on National television, right before the ceremony began, Triple H had a little surprise for the McMahon family. He showed that later that night he drugged Stephanie, and took her to a cheap wedding chapel in Las Vegas, and they got married. This got Vince irate, because it ruined his little girl's wedding. The next Monday, Stephanie came with divorce papers for Triple H to sign, this is where a deal was made for the WWF Pay-per-view, Armageddon. It was Triple H vs. Vince McMahon, if Triple H won, he got a shot at the WWF title. If Vince won, Triple H HAD to sign the divorce papers. With the help of Stephanie McMahon, Triple H won the match. It was later reveiled the next day, that it was a big plan by Stephanie and Triple H. She wanted to get her father back for something he did to her a year later. That was when he had her captured by the Undertaker and his lackies, just to bring up the ratings. She said the only way to get him back is to marry the one person he hated, and that was Triple H. Vince and Shane left the arena in disgust at what Stephanie did, and were not seen for a while. When Vince and Shane did come back, Shane came back as a heel, Vince as a face, and Vince's wife, Linda, came back as a face. Now we're up to date on everything, and the McMahons are currently in a huge family feud.

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