Best Wrestler: The Rock! He seemed the be the Fan Favorite in many of the categories, but he stole the show with this one! Coming in a close second is Triple H, and then Chris Jericho! Best Champ: Triple H! Coming close in second and third, with a tie is The Rock and Austin! This was a head to head battle all the way, but Triple H came out the victor!

Best Mic Worker: The winner is the one, the only, The Rock! I've never seen so many people vote for one person in my life for this category! Mankind comes in at a far second (sorry, Mick!), then Jericho and Rock Flair tie for third!Best Tag Team: And the winnner is… The Hardy Boys! I gotta tell ya, they definitely deserve it! Another far second are the Acolytes, and for third the New Age Outlaws.

Most Improved Wrestler: This was a hard category, especially considering most of the wrestlers improved greatly over this past year. There is a winner! The lady guy is Test in first! With Chris Benoit a close second, and Kane a close third!Best Manage/Valet: It's the one, the only, Terri! With Miss Kitty in second, and then Sunny AKA Tammy Lynn Synth in Third!

Best Federation: There is NO contest here, there can only be one winner. That is, the WWF! Yes, once again they have come in first! I've never seen so many votes for one federation before! In second is… ECW? Yes, that's right, ECW topped WCW. Yes, WCW came in third. This should be a message to the Bookers, they need to do something worth watching! Best Columnist: No, it's not me! I'm officially out of the race for it! YEAH! But who is the winner? Well, no one could decide, but there was a 3-way tie for first! Them being Jim Ross, Shawn Valoric, and Silverstein!

Favorite Group/Stable: Could it be anyone else? Of course, in first place is DX. The Corporation and the NWO come in a far tie for second. Best Theme Song: Now, this theme deserves to be #1 with a bullet! At least just about all of you think it does. This theme is the theme of none other than the Iatolla of Rock 'n' Rolla, mine and your paragon of virtue, Y2J himself, Chris Jericho! DX, Triple H, Sandman, and the Rock all tie for second. How that happened, I don't know, but they did.

Best Heel: This is another category that no one could touch. There was only one winner for this! That is Triple H! With the Undertaker and Big Bossman tied for second. Hey, people even voted for Vince McMahon in this category! With this category is also… Best Face: The winner is The Rock! With Mankind for second, and Bret Hart in third!

Best Website: Hate to say it, but Wrestlepalooza won this category. My ex-working area seems to be doing pretty good anymore. Well, at least came in second! Then Scoops and Wrestlezone tied for third! (Come on people… lets get some good sites in here… like TIWR, IWZ, and Wrestlenetwork!) Best Quote: The winner is, once Again, the Rock! But his winning quote is "It doesn't matter…..". Oh well, but Jericho's "Welcome to Raw is Jericho!" come in a VERY close second!

Worst Contract Signing: Well…. Well it's the Big SLOW! It's a BIG BIG SLOW tonight! Yep, Paul Wight won this, he evidently isn't making a positive impact on the WWF. Mae Young comes in second, and many people tie for third. Including people like Russo, Ferrera, and Kurt Angle. For another category….. Most likely to deserve, but never get a good Push: The winner is Chrisian! With Edge and Benoit tied for third!

Most like to run for President of the USA: There is a surprising victor here! The winner is Vince McMahon! With Hogan second!

It's Millennium Award time! First… for Wrestler of the Millennium… the winner is…. Hulk Hogan!!!!! Ric Flair and Bret Hart tied for second. Tag Team of the Millennium, the winners are the New Age Outlaws! With the Road Warriors in second!

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