I started my tour of active duty in the Navy when I reported to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. My brother in law drove my wife and I to Brooklyn in the Corvette. Not a lot of room in a two seater. I did have my duffel bag and that filled the small trunk. We arrived around midnight. I reported in and they assigned me a bed. Many people from my reserve unit reported to the Brooklyn Navy Yard that day. Of course the first thing next morning was a physical. That evening they put 4 of us in a truck and took us to the airport. There was an ambassador and his family visiting from India. Our task was to take all the luggage and deliver it to Gracie Mansion. Gracie Mansion is the home of the Mayor of New York. I don't remember seeing the ambassador or any of his family.

The next day I received orders to report to Norfolk VA. for assignment to the USS Nitro. Many of us from my reserve unit received the same orders. My friend Alan Wisk was assigned to the destroyer USS Charles H. Roan. I did not see Alan again until we were released from active duty.

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